Dead Trigger Mod Apk v2.0.5 (Unlimited Money Gold, Unlimited Ammo)

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App NameDead Trigger
PublisherMADFINGER Games
Latest Version2.0.5
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated5 Day Ago


The best adventure-based horror video game among all the action games available on the internet is Dead Trigger with the optimum level of fun and adventure. The game advertises high-level graphical frightening content and the realistic sounds make the game super haunted and only the brave community of gamers may choose it to play. The Dead trigger is actually has been very popular for years and was released first for iOS and other OS android devices in 2012. The version that was released over the official play Store had a lot of in-game purchases and offers to go on with it and wasn’t much welcomed.

The mod and hack versions, however, created by the developers got millions of fan followers, and a recent survey reveals that their number reached almost one billion. Moreover, a wide sector of kids and young people love to play violent and killing games thus considering themselves more energetic. You may also like Sniper 3D Mod Apk

Dead Trigger  Mod apk Unlimited Money
Dead Trigger Mod apk

The Gameplay of the Dead Trigger Mod Apk 2023:

Background and theme:

The game starts when the main character Kyne (the role you have to play) and Julian Lasagna one of his companions, are found in a world full of Zombies. Somehow, the humans in the whole world are caught with a special type of disease that has started converting them into zombies. Since the zombies are quite blood-thirsty they need to be killed in order to maintain the whole world. 

The wonderful companion Julian Lasagna creates a special community called “the hope” with the aim of searching for the origin of the disease and soon finding out. Actually, the disease spread due to an evil-planned wealthy opposition that wants to clear up humans from the whole world. 

The zombies multiply and attack human towns in hordes but the brave character diminishes them every time. This involves the use of highly advanced weapons and ammunition and excellent creative planning to trap the zombies. The massacre on a large scale pulls the zombies down thus leading to achieving another big aim of “the Hope”. The events you will pass through while playing the game are mentioned below:

Log in/Sign up:

The very first step before you go get the game ready to play is to create a game player’s ID by logging in or signing up (in case you are installing the version for the first time). You may also choose a faster process, that is to log in via your Facebook or Instagram account so that the required data may be filled in automatically. You don’t need to provide any location or GPS for the gameplay. 

Choose the Action Center:

Next, the game will give you a way to a wide map showing you hundreds of locations worldwide affected by Zombies. You may start from a smaller level like a shop or restaurant and may devise ways to clear up them.

Participate in missions:

All you need to do is to accomplish certain missions assigned to you in the Dead Trigger Mod Apk which are the footsteps to achieve your destination. The missions may be done via the usage of weapons and slaying hordes of zombies and shifting their huge numbers to other areas.

 High-class weapons and explosives:

The weapons that are provided to you in-game are modern, highly tactical, and explosive with long ranges. These include pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and melee weapons. Most of the weapon is reality-based and boosts the gaming morals to kill the zombies as soon as possible. The explosives are grenades, bombs, and short and long-range missiles and they blow up the whole floor or building the zombies are occupying.

Game Modes:

Two basic game modes in the Dead Trigger Mod Apk are:

  1. Casino mode: playing this mode makes you win gold, money, and coins by slaying a certain number of zombies in a specific region. The three casino chips and gold, however, can also be gained as daily rewards of the game.
  2. Arena mode: in this game mode, thousands of zombies attack you in the form of a flood and you have to kill them all. It is basically survival mode in Dead Trigger Mod Apk.

Upgrade yourself:

You can upgrade yourself by shopping from the game’s shopping store in exchange

for coins. You may purchase health, life, sentry turrets, and medical kits to keep yourself energetic enough to swap away from enemies.

Win Coins and gold:

The game currency that describes your level in the game is the coins you have earned by collecting the money briefcases and completing certain missions. The gold as compared to coins is very difficult to win and a trace amount of it is added in each mission.  But if you want more, you may obviously go to the mart and purchase them.

Moreover, the number of coins makes your level upgraded and you raise yourself if you make a huge coin collection. Money is also an interconvertible currency form of coins and gold.

Mod Features of the Dead Trigger Mod Apk Latest Cheat Version 2023:

Following are the amazing game features of the Dead Trigger Mod Apk and a small comparison of the official and cracked versions of the Dead Trigger games versions:

Unlimited FREE Money, Gold, and Coins:

  The game currency of any kind in the game, which is coins, gold, or money, is free in the mod version of the Dead Trigger Mod APK. So, if you are a player who gets delighted on collecting free money must install this mod version on your device.

Unlimited FREE Bullets:

The negative remarks made in the reviews of the official gameplay, express the deficiency of bullets. Therefore, to make the game more smooth and more continuous one can avail of the mod version that offers totally free unlimited supply of bullets.

Unlimited FREE ammo supply:

The ammunition that is of prime importance, is never unlimited in the real versions of the game. But if you want an unlimited free supply of ammunition along with weapons,

go get the mod version of Dead Trigger Mod Apk.

No Reload:

The real game version involves the normal loading of the magazine in your gun, whenever you get it used, taking some of your important time. To save your time and make you kill more zombies, you can enjoy the No Reload option available only in the mod version of the Dead Trigger.

No Advertising:

The gameplay is always interrupted due to the interference of unwanted video advertisements and they also take away your real focus. To avoid such conditions, we offer the gameplay fee of any ads and you will have to never wait for an ad to end to resume your game. Here, you must remember, that everything we just listed does not demand any money or payment from your side.

Offline Mode: 

Once you download the game, you always have the opportunity to play it without an internet connection. But for the installation and download, you will definitely need an internet connection.

How to DOWNLOAD the Dead Trigger Mod Apk 2023?

The download procedure is very simple, and you only have to push the download button given on this page. The downloading process will ask for certain permissions from your device. Let them make their way and the download will begin automatically. After the downloading completes, click on the downloaded APK from the downloads in your device’s file manager. It will initialize the installation. After installing the game open it and go ahead to make your game profile.

Final Words:

Due to the highly frightening and terrifying graphic and audio content, it is referred only to youngsters of age more than 17. Talking about the genre, the game is a full mixture of thrill and amusement and makes your body create goosebumps on every survival mission. 

If you find any problem with downloading or installing, do let us know in the comment section. Your issue will be resolved asap.  Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!


Dead Trigger Mod Apk is a survival and action game with hundreds of weapon ranges and zombie combats. Moreover, the graphically clear, 3D action controls of the characters are realistic and never get you to think it is mechanical or artificial. The game has been proven to be the first successful game out of the other Dead Trigger games which are 2, and 3. Apply severe actions and violently frightening zombie clearance techniques.  The game is a fully entertaining package since the game itself rewards the player switch the game accessories like a daily spin wheel, free weaponry, and daily rewards.

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