Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk v1.8.24 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Unlimited Bullets)

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App NameDead Trigger 2
PublisherMADFINGER Games
Latest Versionv1.8.24
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Mod Menu
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated3 Day Ago

About Information

The super scary game was released in October 2012 with the title “Dead Trigger”. The popularity of the game induced developers to release another improved version of the game. And here is the Dead Trigger 2 and in October 2013, one year later, it came on the official play markets. With time the mod and crack versions are offered by the rival parties which are in fact more attractive than the real versions. The Dead Trigger 2 mod apk is one of them with outstanding mod luxuries you will enjoy on the go! You may also like Dead Trigger Mod Apk

The game Dead Trigger 2 mod apk just involves a second level of violence multiplied by a huge thrill. There you will have a big confrontation with the massive Titanic and get it killed through a number of stages. The titanic is smelling you and can reach you anytime! Run for your life and kill the zombies all the way through.

Hank and the other savior are assisting you and you have to make a big struggle to wipe out all the evil zombies. Meet saviors, and join hands with them to make astoundingly amazing efforts in assigned missions. But don’t forget the zombies and survivors may be infected!

The super-dangerous battle game needs your heart and courage big enough. The game Dead Trigger 2 mod apk demands a certain maturity level since the game is expressing massacre, violence, and killing at a great level. Search and kill and at the same time keep yourself safe from the Titan’s attacks otherwise, you will be dead. The thrill, excitement, and agitation will continue all along the journey you move across.

Dead Trigger 2 mod apk Bullets

The Gameplay of the Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk Hack Version:

The game is crossing all the limits of fear and fright to give you the scary content you want. Dead Trigger 2 mod apk involves the following events:

Sign up or Log in:

Get a user ID by entering the correct log-in detail, if you had previously played the same version. Well, if you are installing it for the first time, you will need an email address to create an account on this platform. Enter the details and your name, then get entry to the gameplay within a few minutes. 

The game will offer you another big option to log in via your social media IDs like Instagram and Facebook if you hold one. Log-in via this strategy will help you save time and you will get entry faster than the usual way. Also, if you want to make your friends join you in the games and missions, go get in through this procedure. 

Your game ID is helpful for switching the game on different devices. Only log into the game, and there you can resume the missions instead of the full restart. 

The Game Control:

The game is controlled with simple gestures and touches on the screen. But if you want to play on the bigger screens use a joystick to dictate the virtual movements. While on the phone or other touch screen you will have to tap your right thumb to view the scenes in front of you. Similarly, press the left thumb and tap to make movements. For shooting and firing just take the aim at the zombies and the shooting will start all by itself.

The arrow indicator on the top will let you know how much distance you have to cover and where to move. Also, when you are done with your task, it guides you to the green circles-the endpoints of the missions. 


Meet the Survivors:

After getting into the game, you will meet some survivors that may or may not be infected. They may ask you to bring water, food, ammo, or something other. Obliging them is a part of the mission but when you come to know that they are the zombie infected you must have to kill them. 

Participate in Deadly Missions:

All the missions in the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk usually indicate the massacre of zombies at a big level. This kill count will be done via the missions and tasks you are assigned in the game. You have to find and kill them or kill them in a wave until they attack you.  Be extra careful and attentive because you can be attacked and infected any second you go negligent.

Search the Food, Water, First Aid, and Ammo:

The major part of the game is to fulfill the needs of you and your survivor teams. Although if you had much you may go and get yourself involved with the zombie-swapping mission. Food and water are not available on the doorstep; you need real hard work to avail them. Meanwhile, there would be an equal chance of attacks from the zombies and you will meet them surprisingly at different locations.

Run for the Life:

The scariest and most panic scenes are about to come because a big zombie army is preparing to get you all down! What you have to do is to run for your life killing 40-60 zombies on the way to the final safe destination. Your ammo may run short and you may get starved since there is not much surplus food and water. But everything is okay and you have to fight this adventure with great determination.

Find the Loudspeakers and Destroy Them:

In the whale gameplay of the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk you will hear out the screams and cries emerging apparently from nowhere. They are actually from the big loudspeakers that invite the zombies toward your buildings. The zombies pull on the scary voice and mess up with you. To make this over, you will have to search for three big loudspeakers hidden in the apartments or buildings, so that you may destroy them to diminish the voice. 

Collect Money, Weapons, and Bullets:

The zombies’ killing will award you with the money you collect and also the weapons you will need the most. The weapons are useless if you don’t have bullets. But donýt worry you have other types of weapons. These are bullet-free weapons like the big blade, you will use to slaughter the zombies and the wrench you will use to hit them on the head.

Collect Money, Weapons, and Bullets:

Win the big Gold Pieces:

The kill count and the money you have collected will give the way to an even bigger reward which is the gold bars. You will have them if you complete the missions in time and collect enough money for your survival.

Mod Features of the Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk:

This mega-mod version of the game will help you to enjoy the following features free of cost:

Infinite Money and Gold:

The money collection is the main goal you achieve by slaying the zombies. Well, you can slay them for fun only because the money you need is surplus and we offer it in an infinite amount in this mod version. Get a greater amount of gold by winning free money. Install the mod version from this page if you loved the idea.

FREE unlimited Ammo, bullets, weapons, and food:

 The other major collection of the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk is actually the weapons, ammo, and food plus water. In hack version 2023, you have the full supply of unlimited ammo, bullets, weapons, and the first aid kits you need. Also, get the free food and water packages as a gift of the latest mod version of the Dead Trigger Mod Apk.

No More Reloads Needed: 

Sometimes you encounter a huge wave of zombies and you’re killed there because you had to spend a lot of time reloading guns and weapons. One solution is to use bullet-free weapons but to kill them at distance using bombs. Or go install the mod version where you will never have to reload your gun. Simply aim and the nonstop shooting will never interrupt due to the reloading.

FREE Shopping:

The weapons, energy bars, and bullet packs that you need for your survival in the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk are free in this mod version. Pick anything from the game shop and yes, it is free!

No Ads:

We assure you the game is totally free of ads, promotions, and other gaming videos that you always face in the real versions of the game. The mod version saves your time making quality play possible for as long as you want. 


You won’t have to have a full-time internet connection while playing the Dead Trigger 2 mod apk. Install it with an internet supply then, enjoy it as long as you have it on your device both online and offline.

How to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the Dead Trigger 2 Mod Apk?

 It’s super easy, follow the following main process to get the game installed on your device:

  • Get the mod apk link from this page or just click the download button.
  • Let the download begin by assigning various permissions. 
  • Install when downloaded. It will require you to open the apk and start the installation.
  • When the installation finishes, the game will open automatically.
  •  Make the game profile and proceed. 


The Dead Trigger 2 mod apk with all of its violent themes and scary gameplay will get your energy and enthusiasm to another level. The game is not suitable for kids under 17 and of course, the elder having enough potential can choose to play it. If you don’t like kills and massacres then the game is not for you.  If you find any problem regarding the download or installation process, please don’t forget to comment so that we may resolve it asap. Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!


Dead Trigger 2 with a wonderful First person Shooter game with lots of new and variable weapons. You can switch weapons and choose the best one as the conditions demand. The only issue is that you get the weapons too late. The game lacks an energy system and the story is short and not as attractive as it was expected to be. Also, the game’s graphics blow suddenly with an internet fluctuation ping. Most of the players want an even greater variety of levels in the game so that it may become prolix. Playing the game for a longer span constantly may freeze your device sometimes.

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