Darkness Rises Mod Apk Unlimited Money, Gems & God Mode

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App NameDarkness Rises
NEXON Company
Size99 MB
Latest Version1.69.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gems, High Damage
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Updated3 Day Ago

About Information

“Darkness Rises” is a fascinating gameplay with an epic graphical 3D graphical display. The game carries unending bloodshed with machine monsters and colossal opponents. Not only this person-versus-person combat but horrifying adventures and escapades make the gameplay challenging enough. Get the unmatched hellion thrill and make your gaming super fun. Get the mod version by clicking the DOWNLOAD icon and share it with friends and game partners. 

The Gameplay of the Darkness Rises Mod Apk:

The Background Story:

The gameplay of The Darkness Rises starts with a horrific scene of a fight where monsters fight with humans and as a result, huge destruction occurs. The game narrator then is ready to tell you the next story. A wide bool will open on the scene and you will get an offer to listen more.  For this, you have to press on “start story”. The narrator in a very graphical way tells you the whole story of the game “Darkness Rises”. Then you are asked to make an account of your own by entering your authenticated Fb account and adding your location where you are currently playing the game. 

Darkness Rises Mod Apk Obb

Select Your Fighter:

Then the next stage is to choose the character you want to adopt while playing the game. Here are four distinct types of game characters you can fully customize. These are:

  • Warrior
  • Wizard
  • Assassin
  • Berserker

Try the best Customization Tools:

So the player may get any of these after previewing them and applying all the four gear types they opted to. The gears change the physical costumes of the characters and the player may choose the one that makes his character look the strongest among them. 

Apart from the gear types, the characters can be customized on the basis of the following five parameters in the game:

  • Difficulty: This shows the level of difficulty the hero can suffer.
  • Attack: This shows the level of attack the character bears.
  • Defense: This shows the potential of the defense mechanism the fighter holds.
  • Horse Power Hp: This shows the overall standup power of the character during the whole battle.
  • Attack speed: This shows how fast the character may make the opponent fully beaten to the earth.

   These parameters decide how capable is your fighting warrior and how much he may defend, attack, or make conquests. These parameters are further expressed by the percentage bars in front of them. The percentage pointer shows the volume and extent of one capability the character has. 

Darkness Rises Mod Apk offline

Create the Named Profile:

The player has now to create the name of the fighter for the battle he has to enter. For this, a blue box appears and waits for the player to enter his or her name. He may either put his real name or a fake nickname. But that name will later appear on the leaderboard to show his/her position among all the players of the game. 

Enter into PVP-type battles:

The gameplay starts by giving you a demo first. Next, you have to fight by yourself by making a free entry into a person versus person type battle. The battle starts and the player has to be hundred percent vigilant to beat the opponents in no time. The more actively the player behaves the more he gets a chance to be promoted after winning successive battles with huge master monsters.

Win and Upgrade Gears:

The players always wish to get themselves more and more upgraded and the attire and the cobbler the character wears. They want more and more paraphernalia with most of the win rewards they get.

So as the players get their character a victory in a war, they will definitely have some promotion signs on their get-ups. The getup shows two parameters for this: one is jewel slots and the other is the random powers.

The following sets of upgradations happen to the fighters:

  • Rank N: first costume with no jewel slots and random powers.
  • Rank D: second costume with no jewel slots but one random power.
  • Rank C: third costume with one jewel slot and one random power.
  • Rank B: fourth costume with one jewel slot and two random powers.
  • Rank A: fifth costume with two jewel slots and two random powers. 
  • Rank S: last and the final costume with two jewel slots and three random powers.

Weekly Missions:

The “Darkness Rises” gameplay offers special gameplay based on each and every week’s missions. Make your weekend more playful by availing of the weekly fights and enjoying unforgettable battles with your friends.

Easy and Crazy Game Controls:

The game control of the game is super easy and could be understood in one sight. Even a demo will make the player learn the gameplay quite well. The right side of the game screen serves as the control panel. The sword icon in the lower corner shows the first game control button. The Player has to hold it for attack or defense and tap whenever there is a need for continuous attacks. 

There the main control button looks surrounded by five locked icons. These cons are actually the skills that get unlocked when the player makes successive victories and dominates the opposite monsters. As they will get unlocked, the war will become a hundred times more interesting and thrilling. 

Auto Control Feature:

The coolest thing about the game “Darkness Rises” is the “auto-control” feature. There the player does not have to control the gameplay. He just has to initiate a battle by clicking and choosing the character. Everything onwards is automatic. Enjoy the gameplay while eating your lunch and observing the auto-control panels.

Auto Progress  Feature:

This is what is similar to the auto control mechanism. The game becomes a movie-like cascade in which the hero will kill and enter the next war grounds. This gameplay mode is super interesting and enjoyable especially when you are tired and you don’t want to play a certain level. The better solution is to watch it going silently. So most of the players loved this feature and gave amazing reviews.

Mod Feature of the Darkness Rises Mod APK Hack Version 2023:

Although there have been more than 50 hack versions or the mod version released after different gaps, this one is still engrossing. The gameplay with lots of free features is always attractive. So let us discuss what mod features this version brings you:

  • Free gems: The jewel slots are required for special promotions of characters in the game. The hack version of this game gives you an opportunity to have plenty of free gems and jewels in your collection.
  • Free Reward Money: the prize packages you get in the game always have some money with them. You may shop with this money or may just make a huge treasure by multiplying it further. The hack or the modded version is giving the luxury to have unlimited cash for free. Install the mod version if you like this offer.
  • Unlocked all powers: the powers possessed by the characters are not unlocked in the real versions. The Darkness Rises Mod apk helps you have all the powers unlocked at once. 
  • Unlocked all costumes: all the lovely and gorgeous costumes are unlocked if you install the mod version of the game instead of the real version.
  • No ads: the gameplay with the Darkness mod apk is 100% free of the ds display and the promotion activities during the gameplay. 
  • Unlocked all levels: the levels and battles which are actually locked in the normal versions are unlocked for free in this hack version 2022.
  • Free Virus Protection: normally the mod apks downloaded from unknown resources are tangled up with viruses and bugs. Have safer access to mod versions via this website and install the mod apk that is free of all types of viruses and bugs etc.


 You must try the Darkness Rises Mod APK or the Hack version of the game if you want to taste the real fun activity of adventure and fighting. The game is good for players of more than 12 years,  but the game is a little violent. Monitor your kid during the first few gameplays. If he gets an effect of violence, stop letting him play and replace it with another game. However, no particular case has been observed yet and the game has 10 million plus downloads on the official store alone. You May also like this game mechat mod apk


The Darkness Rises Mod APk is quite a demanding survival game that gives the players hundreds of unexplainable fantastic featured challenges and stages. The game is perfect graphically and also the music played is quite coherent. A good time killer for all the users and gets better all the time. The L gear is so difficult to get, however, you may have many A, B, C, AND D cards. Expensive stuff for limited budget holders is unaffordable, so it is suggested to release a few items. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I change character in the Darkness Rises mod apk?

Press the escape key, go to the home screen, and click your character mentioned. It will give you more options like assassins, warriors, wizards, etc. Select the one you want and resume the gameplay.

 How can I change my character gender in the Darkness Rise Mod?

Before you start the gameplay, try all four characters given there. Two of them are males while the other two are females.
Male characters: Warrior, Berserker
Female characters: Assassin, Wizzard

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