Chikii Mod APK Cloud Emulator 3.7.1 (Unlimited Coins/Time) Download


It is always lovely to talk with your friends and cousins when bored. Also, while playing a game, you may crave to invite a sibling or friend sitting miles away from you. So, the Chikii Mod Apk is here to bring the solution to you. You may share all the media and graphics, like photos, videos, and gifs as well as music, with anyone you want. In short, this is the most straightforward gaming app and the most accessible contact with all your lovely contacts, and you can chat with them in seconds. 

What is Chikii apk?

Chikii is the best app for your android device; most amazingly, you don’t have to pay for any service it provides you. You cannot think of a more accessible app than this if you love to play and chat simultaneously. Just install the game and have it on your phone, and you can grab the unlimited advantages on the go. Plus, don’t forget to try any fantastic features; this would get you deeper into the app and hence more understanding of it. 

App Info

App Name Chikii Mod APK
Updated Today
 Compatible with Android 4.4
 Last version v3.7.1
Category Social
 Get It on Playstore
MOD Features Vip Unlocked, Supports All Games, No Ads


Most people feel puzzled to see the apk and the mod apk version of the same app. Let’s see the difference between the two, today. If you want a free-of-cost version with some complete app services like “Unlimited gold coins” and “Unlimited Time,” as well. So, the perfect game if you want to play a certain game without taking the tension of game money or coins or shopping. 

Also, the mod version is for an unlimited period so you are not to feel worried about a premium type free service. You can have all the above free features free of any time limit. Try the latest “Chikii unlimited time apk download” to grab the real taste of gaming on an android. 

Is Chikii online or offline?

This game offers a SOLO gameplay mode so one can play it with or without any internet connection. Hence, don’t worry if you don’t have an active internet connection all day and install the game. 

How to use Chikii Mod APK – Let’s Hang Out!

For all those who don’t have an idea of how to install and play the app, here is the complete guideline. You know, the simplicity level of the game is superb and is optimum to help you understand everything in seconds. 

First, install the “Chikii mod Apk” on your device by scrolling on the top or bottom line of this page. Once you have the apk, you can install it by opening the downloaded apk on your phone in very few easy steps. The next steps are as follows:

Set up your profile: 

Soon after you install the game, you have to develop your profile. This is necessary to have an ID on this platform. Therefore, attach a DP or display picture, write your name or nickname, and add a bio. Also, you can choose to list your hobbies and interests so that only relevant people can contact you. 

Connect with friends:

The next step is to make friends and look for the people you know. You can search for your friends and cousins on this app using their names or email addresses. Also, you can confirm the exact contact with their display pictures. In case you cannot find a friend or relative on this app, you can ask them to send you their profile link so that you may directly reach them there. 

Create a hangout: 

After you search and make friends, you can hang out with them using this app. To create a schedule for hanging out there are various options. You can easily select a time slot and the friends you want to hang out with at a particular time, day, and date. This seems the most exciting feature ever, indeed! Like having an actual meet-up with your friends at a specific time and day. 

Chat with friends: 

The mod version of the Chikii mod apk allows you to chat with them. While using this feature, the app is way too similar to a chatting app. Text your friends and chat with them for hours without the fear of any monetary expense on your account. 

Attend hangouts: 

The ‘äuto-suggestion’ feature of the Chikii Mod Apk is so good if you want to arrange a new hangout with your friends. After you chat and hang out with your friends after a schedule of hangouts, you can think of having one more in your future. 

Explore the community: 

The Chikii Mod Apk also offers you another excellent feature; you can explore the community to have more friends in your life. It is way too easy to search for and make new friends on the Chikii Apk and hence you can later hang out with them with the conditions of your own choice. You can see the sign “Let’s Hang out!” and use it to have quick access to all the free features of the game to start unlimited fun. 


The mod version of the Chikii is tempting though it has many pros as well as cons. The main game advantages and disadvantages are here:


  • Avail of the app for an unlimited span of time.  
  • You enjoy unlimited game money that is, Unlimited gold coins etc.
  • The game is super adventurous, and you can have it to have a great action game. 


  • Most countries don’t allow players to have a mod version of the app. So, you can ban your account in case you don’t understand the game. 
  • The mod versions of the games are poorly optimized so there is a huge chance of bugs and worms attacking your device. 
  • Generally, most of the players don’t want to have a mod version of the game, and they prefer an authentic version. 

Features of Chikii Mod APK

As far as we have discussed this app, the “Chikii Mod Apk” is the real communicating app for all android users. You can use it as a general contact between you and your friends and to get the real fun of games on this platform. Let’s see what amazing features of the app  are available on this site;


Most often,, it is impossible to play PC games on android devices. But by using the Chikii for pc app, you can have all the PC games on your device and play them with a mod notice, like unlimited money, gold coins, and unlimited time slots on your account. 


Chikii allows you to save the game progress you have made in the game. The players can resume from the point they left last time without having a game restart every time. If you open your game on another device with the same login settings, you need not restart the game. This app automatically saves all the game progress without getting extra entries. 


If you choose to play on the Chikii mod apk then there is no need to collect money or worry about extra time lapses. The game’s latest mod version is going to give you a wholesome unlimited gold coin collection plus free time slots. So get into it if you long for these features desperately. 


Creating avatars in the games with various changing options is the most exciting part of the game. Especially when you want to create an avatar similar to your body, try a variety of hats, hairstyles, hairs, eyebrows, face lines, jawlines, lip shapes, eye shapes, and sizes. Also, you can go to change for the dresses your avatar will wear to give a perfect look. You can select a wide range of accessories to bring a very wonderful image to the screen and start playing games with that doodle. 


You can now customize your connection and gameplay mode on the game with various devices using a Chikii apk download. You can either play the game via a simple touch screen or can try an additional keyboard to play the game in a more comfortable position. Likewise, you can also attach your Bluetooth gamepads and joystick wherever you like. It is often very boosting to play with a newer style or a new game mode or device on your gameplay screen. So what are you waiting for? Connect the device you are most handy with and break new records. 


The game ensures the players provide all the premium packs of the latest features unlocked. Moreover, more advanced features are available on the mod version so it is your choice whether to select the premium features and open them or to start directly on the mod version. From my point of view, the latter is more suitable since it saves time and is easier. 


If you are thinking that Chikii is just a gaming app and nothing else then you are wrong. There are many alternative ways to use this app on any device. You can chat with anyone you want and share graphics ( videos, images, etc) or you can use it for voice calling, video calling, voice messaging, or texting. The good thing is that there are no ads pop up on the screen while you are doing any activity and all in-app purchases are free since you have unlimited money. So, start chatting, calling, or playing only as per your mood. 


Guys, many tips and tricks would help you gain the maximum output of the Chikii. The famous one is to complete offers and win points. The more points you win, the more features are unlocked for free. However, you can try the following tricks as well; 

  • When it is time to unlock the premium features, you can also use the gold coins and money. 
  • If you are tired after playing a couple of levels and need a rest, you can turn on the “Auto-play” game mode. This will give you rapid success in game levels. 
  • You can check the hints tool if you need a clue to solve a stuck situation. 


Chikii is a platform for gaming for people of all ages with up to enrollment of 4 players. Players from all corners of the world can join your invitations at your ease. So set up your profile to start a never-ending fun and entertainment cascade. You may also like Yo Whatsapp Apk 

What is included in its latest version:

You can have the Chikii on your device with some of the latest features. These are: 

  • Unlimited time and gold coins
  • Video Tutorials for all the beginners to help them how to start playing
  • Least bugs and better advancements
  • Playing a wide variety of PC games 

How to Download and Install Chikii Mod APK Premium Free Version 2023

If you wish desperately for the mod version of the app, then do follow the set of instructions we have listed here:

  • First, click the “download” button on this page to start downloading the apk immediately. 
  • Or you can have it from any internet download manager (IDM) or a browser like google. 
  • After a few minutes, the apk will be downloaded to your device.
  • If you have an official or real version of the app, then uninstall it before opening the apk. 
  • Go to the device settings and enable downloads from unknown resources. 
  • Lastly, open the apk file from the device “ Downloads” and start the installation. 
  • Open the Chikii Apk download and allocate all the game permissions. 
  • Create your gaming profile and set yourself on the go!
  • For all issues regarding app maintenance and downloads, please comment,, and we will reply soon after you post your comments.