Chicken Gun Mod APK v3.2.06 (Unlimited Money, Health & Unlock All )

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App NameChicken Gun
Latest Version3.2.06
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated3 Day Ago


ChaloApps designed and implemented the wonderful game Chicken Gun. This game is really fun for shooters and expresses a very schematic colorful and playful animation. You see there are more than 50 million downloaders of the game from all over the world with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Google Play Store. On other app stores and unofficial sites, it holds the record of a good download and traffic ratio. What’s making it so special is all the A to Z scenarios. Let’s see how to have it for you. 

To sustain life until the end, download the customized version from our webpage and acquire a mod APK with unlimited wealth and energy. The initial release that you install from the play store will never provide you with these properties. So don’t waste much time and obtain the free paid version from our webpage. Scroll further to check out the properties as well as the brilliant gameplay with us. 

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In the game, you play as a white chicken with a shotgun, combating aggressive animals who try to penetrate your region. This game has become the most popular action game today due to its incredible and distinctive action characteristics. Many people have previously played it because of its charming gameplay. 

You must shoot brutal adversaries to complete the demanding and challenging level. This chicken game will give you all of the subscription services for free, and you will be capable of destroying your adversaries without trouble.

Long story short, the gameplay is convenient; all you have to do is choose one combat chicken avatar. Then go to conflict with your chicken straight away. Your warrior cock will magnificently take out a pistol and begin pursuing and murdering the rebellious chooks who are trying to invade your zone unlawfully. To attack, simply select a weaponry type and strike an object. Each foe you kill will earn you credits. 

When you acquire a certain number of points, the system will send you one or more objects from which you can “level up” your pet. Exterior objects such as sheets, buckles, hats, and outerwear are used. You could choose a different weapon with various damage, accuracy, and spreading capabilities if you gain a specific number of points. With just a few advanced weapons, you could even combat a crowd of hostile chickens.

Chicken Gun Mod APK Free Shopping

Features of Chicken Gun Mod APK:

The following are some of the remarkable and distinctive features of the Chicken Gun Mod APK Mod Menu:

Clear and Stunning Graphics:

This apk has immersive 3D graphics that provide you with an accurate assessment of everything. They provide such a stunning picture that the game will captivate your attention forever.

Controls that are Simple and Intuitive:

Chicken Gun hack APK is equivalent to other games in that you will predominantly use two basic custom buttons to keep moving your chicken and start firing at the objectives. Other items on display, such as petrol bombs and explosives, are vital for you to vanquish your opponents as fast as possible. Each opponent you kill will earn you points. When you’ve gathered enough points, you can barter them in just for stuff that will help you level up your chicken and make it more significant than ever. You may also like the power spider 2 mod apk

chicken gun mod apk free shopping

Captivating Sound Effects:

The soundtracks are also incredibly powerful, immersing you in the universe of combat. The ammunition makes the same roar we hear in actual situations, adding to the game’s fascination. However, if you like silent gameplay you can turn the volumes mute or down from the settings of the game. 

Distinctive Gameplay:

Are you frustrated with playing video games with the same theme all the time? As a consequence, in this game, you will encounter animal combat with a gun to conquer the adversaries.

Unlimited Coins $ Money:

You will acquire unlimited money and coins in chicken gun mod APK free goodies, which will permit you to obtain avatars and armaments, as well as modify them to be a much more formidable shooter. You can also browse our APK webpage and install the Last Island of Survival MOD APK right now.

Customize Chickens Appearances

You may personalize the chicken with headgear, footwear, spectacles, mouthparts, and other equipment in Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money. The game’s developer has put more thought into it, and you’ll obtain some great competitive costumes for your chickens.

Unlimited Weapons:

This game presents all of the weaponry you’ll need to take down the gangsters. Rather than just guns, participants can use weapons like razors, hatchets, and swords. Your chicken has all the attributes of a true fighter. Using a gun to exhibit power is not always desirable. Display your expertise by slaying your adversaries with multiple unlimited weapons. Many updates have been incorporated into the latest version of the mod app to keep players interested in the game.


This Hack APK latest version allows you to use a hack to kill opponents without obeying the game’s restrictions. In other words, there would be a shortcut for you to push all your enemies to death at once. This will cost you nothing so get the hack version if you like this idea. 


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The game sounds pretty amazing and hopefully, you will consider it your favorite game in a short time as well. But there are a few loopholes that you must know before getting it over your device. 

  • There is no friend list in the game so you cannot add your friends to the game and cannot choose to play against them anytime you want. 
  • There are fewer skins in the customization sections so you might get bored with only a few options.
  • There are bugs in the game even in the original version so go and install a good antivirus on your device for protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Fine to Play Chicken Gun’s Modded Edition on My Smartphone?

Yes, installing and enjoying the modded edition of Chicken Gun on your smartphone is absolutely safe.

Would I Need to Unlock My Smartphone to Obtain and Activate the Chicken Gun Mod APK?

No, unlocking your smartphone is not essential to download and playing the Chicken Gun mod APK.

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