Carrom Pool Mod Apk 7.0.1 (Unlimited Coins, Money, Gems ) Free on Android

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App NameCarrom Pool
Latest Version7.0.1 
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Updated3 Day Ago


Carrom Pool is one of the most famous indoor, multiplayer games played all over the world especially in South Asia, at family gatherings, and parties. Also played likely well there during school breaks and home activities, both by children and elders of all ages. Due to the simple and attractive gameplay of the carrom and the interesting rules, none can resist playing carrom.

This was all about the physical gameplay, but what if you don’t have a partner to play the board game with you? No worries! The mobile game version of the carrom brings the solution to your problem. Since the solution to every problem lies on the internet right within a few clicks. But we must say, you don’t even need to bother with that since everything is on your plate. You may also like flip master mod apk

All you need to do is to only download the fantastic “Carrom Pool “ onto your device and then boredom is nowhere! Just try it for unlimited fun and excitement on the go!  The 3D and 2D game display provides you with very realistic gameplay with lots of amazing rewards, coins, gems, and money. The unending contests and variety of partners there will never let you look for anything additional

About Information. 

The game CARROM POOL was released by with in-app ads and in-app purchases, making the gameplay a little repulsive for users who want everything for free. But the developers know the trouble so every year the cheat versions of the games are produced in the non-official play store and websites with more variety of features including FREE purchases and No ads display mode. 

Carrom Pool Mod apk disc game is also one of the most wanted and affordable cheat versions of the carrom pool available right on this page. Scroll down to read more about how amazing this hack version is going to be!

Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited Money
Carrom Pool Mod APK

The Gameplay of the Carrom Pool Mod Apk Latest Version 2023:

The Startup:

The first thing you have to do in-game after installing is to create your game ID as the player. You may simply log in with google, or any social media account to avoid entering any data. Log in or sign up and you are welcome to enjoy the game forever since then.


The game is very easy to understand and the game gestures are quite clear. For more convenience, you get full guidance for every click you make. The goal of the game is to puke all the disks one by one into any of the holes, either by sliding the slider toward the left or right. You may also activate the option “ tap to play” from the home settings dialogue box. Out of the two players, one who puts the discs first is declared the winner of the game.

Prizes, Money, Coins, and Gems:

The winner gets the prize money in the form of coins and earns gems with every up-gradation he makes. The more senior you become by practicing, the more daring and motivated you will be for tougher challenges.

Fix the Prize Money and Win:

The game carrom pool like the other pool games begins with special money fixing that is to bet over the game. You may play 100, 400, 1000, 20,000, or even one-million-coin games, depending upon how daring are you to test your luck and experience. You have to contribute half of the total prize money before entering the game. The winner gets the whole prize money plus gems and gets his rank updated.

Upgrade Carrom Board and Shop Essentials:

The carrom boards have different themes but they actually depend on the money you are spending on the game. The quality and look of the carrom board and discs become more astonishing as you spend more coins. Customizing the game tools is, however, possible by moving to the game shop and purchasing stuff for you. You may select any of the sliders or pokers from the shop with your wallet money. Few strikers are:

  • Cane
  • Lucky charm
  • Zen
  • Star
  • Vision ball
  • Mogul
  • Omega
  • Deep freeze

Accept Carrom Challenges:

Another feature of the game is to accept challenges from players all over the world and play with them. You may customize the challenge offers to “accept challenges only from friends” which offers you to block the challenge requests from unknown people. In a similar way, you will be able to invite and request challenges to players all across the globe to have a tough time with them.

In-Game Chats:

The gameplay offers during-game chats between the players so that they may guide, praise, or comment on shots of each other. The interesting chat box helps you make friends with similar approaches and play more games with the same players when you have added them as your game friends.

Note: the chats during the gameplay can be off, in other words, you will be able to play a chat-free mode by changing settings.

Practice Mode:

As the name indicates, the carrom pool mod apk can be played in a practice mode and this mode will not require fixing any prize money. This model is actually for Free practice which will help you improve your gaming a lot more.

Outstanding Mod Features of the Carrom Pool Mod Apk:

FREE unlimited coins and gems:

What a player wants in the carrom pool is to have a never-ending supply of coins so that he would never go short of coins and play as many challenges as he likes.  It seems a dream but the cheat version of the carom pool named Carrom Pool Mod Apk fulfills this dream. Yes, you are right. The unlimited game money makes the gameplay relaxed and thus makes more win ratio.

FREE Shopping:

The tools required for your better gameplay also make use of the coins as currency so that you may purchase those from the game shop. In the official versions of the game, the purchases can be made with real-world money but the mod versions will never let you spend even a single penny on the purchases. The shopping articles, sticks, strikers and pokers, and everything else are out of cost and FREE.

No Ads:

The gameplay of the mod version gives you a smooth flow of challenges without interrupting your focus. That means there will be no ads to disturb you and thus you may save time and add more to your playtime.

Offline Play:

The mod version gives you access to play and enjoy the game without the internet. However, the practice mode is supported but contests cannot be arranged with players of your choice. 

Final Conclusion:

The multiplayer game Carrom Pool Mod Apk is available with all its mod features totally free. The game has over 4 million active players on the official play store speaking of its demand. We refer the game to players of all ages regardless of their gender. Install the game and give us your precious reviews about it.

If you need any guidance downloading it, please comment in the comment section. We will reply to your comments asap. Goodbye, and see you later with another amazing game!


The carrom experience in this Carrom Pool Mod Apk is just amazing until you face the vexing unavoidable ads. The ads will go on keeping the players irritated and can take away your whole fun. A few suggestions will make the gameplay better. These include the ads’ prohibition, reduction, or exiting. Another is to put a video record option for your own gameplay so that you can view your gameplay in your victories or losses. The last one is to get chatting options for the players so that they may communicate during or after gameplay. Some players want the option of reviewing their scores of the last 10 games so that they may decide on their improvement.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I install the game on my laptop and PC?

The given game app is not supported on PC but if you like, you may download it on PC when you have a special app installed called an emulator.

Is the game link given over here free of viruses?

Yes, it is. Before we supply a game download link, we make sure of the safety and cover precautionary measures that are needed to install it.

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