Bomb Squad Mod Apk v1.7.19 (Unlimited tickets / Health / All Character Unlocked)

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App NameBomb Squad
PublisherEric Froemling
Latest Versionv1.7.19
MOD InfoFull Version Unlocked
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Updated3 Day Ago

About Bomb Squad Information

Bomb Squad is one of the most fantastic and loveliest multiplayer games available on the internet, a beautiful blend of action and fun simultaneously. The game has mesmerized its players with action in disguise of fun, i.e., the game is an action game but unlimited jollification, with lovely characters and adorable game graphics.

The game has been mistakenly taken as some game disposal or bomb inquiry game, but that’s not true. It involves the escape you must make from rival parties and the bombarding action you must show towards them to survive. You will be able to customize your characters, their qualities and looks are different, and their actions are unique.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to play by yourself or with your teammates to see how they compare against yours. You’ll be able to create a team of as many as eight players and fight with your friends.

It is action-based entertainment while enjoying numerous mod features free of cost. The game has been made with multi-age lay graphics; adults and kids can enjoy the gameplay equally because it does not require any unique rocket science. The game is simple to understand, attractive to play, and motivates to win. 

Bomb Squad Mod Apk
Bomb Squad Mod Apk

The Game Play of Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023:

The players of the “Bomb Squad Mod Apk” will enjoy the following gameplay moments that are listed below:

Getting Started:

To get started, the game requires entry vi an authentic e-mail address or the social media account you hold. The e-mail address will help you recover the game if you restart the game on another device.  It will help you get to the same level as you left on the previous one without restarting the game. 

Join Hands with the Bomb Squad:

In the game Bomb Squad Mod apk, you will get the membership of a bomb squad that has to fight in a team with an opposite team. The fight is not a violent one but the opposite. It is a war of bombs and challenges in a very healthy and funny way. 

 Survive the Challenges:

What you have to do is to perform the best while living in a team. The opposite team will bombard bombs u on yours, and you will have to take over the best survival policy. Also, you will bombard them. Your team members are your strength, and it’s the corporation that will save your strength. 

Attack on the Opponent Team:

 You can attack the bomb posts of the opposite team or the enemy and may use whatever you have to destroy them. Your score is determined by how many posts you destroyed during the gameplay and how many kills you made.

Variety of Bombs:

The bombs you may use in the war are fantastic and have a good touch of entertainment. There are the following particular types s of bombs and accessories used in wars:

  1. Ice bombs will freeze your opponents and give you a greater time-lapse to defend and attack.
  2. Boxing gloves: as the name shows, they might help you go through fighting via boxing and punching in different styles.
  3. Sticky bombs are the most amusing and entertaining accessories that get stuck in the hands of the opposite team members. With sticky substances on hand, they will never find it easy to be in an attack mode. And hence you may dominate.
  4. Land mines these mines blast up when someone steps over them. You must be extra careful because they may blast even when your team members step over them. 
  5. TNT is the explosive material that helps you make out explosions that will destroy the bomb posts. Besides this, they will kill the opponents of the opponent team. 

Enjoy Online Commentary:

 The gameplay of the Bomb Squad Mod Apk is perfectly pronounced by the commentary notes that appear on the screen. 

  1. If any member gets killed, the notification shows that you killed someone.
  2. However, when the members of the own tea get hurt or injured, you also get notified. But if the team’s weapons or bombs hit a member, it is said to be suicide.



You can choose out of 8 characters what you want to be in the game, and you will be able to customize yourself and your team members according to your choice. The names and the characters are super adorable. Bomb Squad Mod Apk involves significant challenges to compete in and mini-games, which you may choose according to your choice. The significant challenges are done with a total of Eight membered game squads in which you must cooperate in harmony with your team members. While the mini-games can be played in a short time with quick results.

The game does not involve any currency, but the score in the game will decide your performance, which increases and shows up in the side boxes on the screen. The time you take to complete every ta k appears on the top, motivating you each second to proceed faster. 

If you or any of the players in the team are killed or harmed, you will see its information and details in the side column. If a member is killed by his own immune to, bob, or land mine, he is reported to have committed suicide. And if he is killed by someone else’s hot, he is said to be killed. In short, the gameplay is so fascinating g and enjoyable that you cannot stop if stepped in for once. You may also like the zombie hunter mo apk


 Main Features of the Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023:

The original version of the Bomb Squad does not offer unlimited scores and unlocked challenges; if it does, it is accompanied by heavy payments. This proves to be a significant strain on the player’s budget. As a result, the player can’t enjoy the game with complete relief. The mod version also named the cheat version or the Hack version, is a solution to it. It brings enormous offers, bonuses, sc res, and plenty of unlimited bombs, free of cost. Essential features of Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023 Latest version include:

Better and Modified Game Graphics:

The game’s graphical display is a hundred folds beautifully displayed amazing graphics in Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023. You will be able to visualize the very quick moves of the players with 3D and 2D displays, and thus, the game becomes more enjoyable and clearer. 

Best Audio Effects and Music:

One of the most prominent features is the stunning soundtrack; it strengthens your focus. The explosions and the bomb blasts occur with real-world and artificial sounds depending upon the type of bomb used.

Free Scores:

Using the hack version of the Bomb Squad Mod apk, you will get your score rate doubled compared to the original. The scores will be achieved much more accessible and with little effort.

Unlimited Ammunition:

The latest Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023 gives you another fantastic supply: ammunition. Your bombs will never fall short of su ply, and you will have large bombs to give you a super win.

Multi-player mode:

As explained earlier, the game can be played alone in single-player mode or with friends in multiplayer mode. Plus, you can invite your friends only e to come and play with you to have a healthy competition.

Free Unlocked Challenges and Tickets:

The gameplay in the original version demands the player to possess special entry tickets before entering a challenge. These tickets are earned as you have w n the previous level. But the cheat version allows you to play any challenges you like with a free supply of tickets anytime. 


The game characters can be customized with a wide variety in Bomb Squad Mod Apk. You can change the costumes of the tea members as much as you desire. 

No ads: 

In the Bomb Squad Mod Apk latest version, there will be no ads. All the advertisements have been blocked to keep the game’s continuity and your focus undisturbed.

How to DOWNLOAD the Bomb Squad Mod Apk 2023 Latest Hack version?

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection for the downloading process.
  • To download the desired version of “Bomb Squad mod apk,” click the apk link below. 
  • Allow the download settings to switch to “DOWNLOAD from unknown sources.” And let the third-party app be involved in the process. After the download ends, it will move to your download folder.
  • Go to the downloaded apk and click on it. The game will start installing automatically, which may take a little more time.
  • Enjoy the unlimited pleasures and treasures on the go. 
  • To install on pc, follow the same steps.

Final Words:

 The Bomb Squad mod apk is a highly playful, enjoyable, and enthusiastic game with no terrible actions. It is a physics-based light mood game in which not much hard stress is required, and you may play it in total relaxation. That’s why we recommend it to people o all ages, men, women, kids, adults, etc. if you feel any difficulty downloading, please comment below. Your queries will be answered quickly.


The Bomb Squad Mod Apk is a multiplayer gaming app with multiplier action for up to 8 participants. The fun and physics-based movements in the bomb squad with hundreds of activities with bombs are so delightful and beaut. You have problems with the game when y u are stuck with buggy races. Although you play pretty satisfactorily, you will be notified of “Incomplete tracks,” and hence you are disqualified for the victory. The goofy and complex controls on the hone of this game make it less rated. However, the players who are older and have more operational skills can play the game well. Moreover, most players are comp gaining about the lousy network problems that the user faces. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you will install the game and make up your profile, you will be eligible to open any level you want

Yes, you can install and get it over your pc with the same steps given above, but you will have to install an additional app called an emulator there.

The Bomb Squad mod apk is very friendly to your OS and IOS. It is free of worms, bugs, or viruses. It does not put any load on the memory well.

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