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Blokada Mod APK is a popular promotion impeding application. It likewise saves the battery duration and security application apparatus for Android and iOS gadgets.
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App NameBlokada
Latest Version5.21.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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What does a busy phone user demand for his phone? It is the phone’s battery savage and safe browsing without the interference of unwanted ads online. The iPhone users always think that the battery drains out far more quickly than it is deposited. In fact, this is the drawback of iPhone devices that they give a small battery span with the maximum load on the phone.  The android users, on the other hand, complain about the system hanging or overloading whenever they browse or install more apps.

The very simple solution to all of these problems is the “Blokada”. Primarily, it is devised to get rid of all the unwanted and unnecessary feature ads while running any website. This app is not only limited to this, but it gives whatever perfect device management demands. You can have full phone management through this amazingly wonderful app Blokada both for android and the iPhones. The app will heavily restrain the system load and what it does ultimately is the savage of the phone’s battery life. The phone is less susceptible to bugs and malware attacks, hateful phone calls and messaging, and recorded browsing history.

Features of the Blokada-the Supreme App:

You will definitely be in full suspense to read the features and functions of the Blokada. It is always good to read the features in detail before you get some apps on your phone. so let’s read out the features of the Blokada android app.

The full features of the Blokada are given below:

How to Get Started?

After you install the Blokada version that suits you, you will click on the icon to open it. The very first interaction with the coal black theme is ready to reveal hundreds of secret functions in you. Select “ Get Started” and allow the app to use the device in all the permissions it demands you. Hold on until the app opens up itself. 

Select Location:

The location selection dialogue box opens up in front of you. Select the current location out of the hundreds of countries given in the list.  You can simply turn on the “ location” from your phone’s settings and grant the permissions it asks you. 

Ads Blockage;

The real physiology of the app starts here. The app has to block all the app advertisements you see during the device hold. According to the user’s interest, Blokada will block all the ads and will show those which are allowed.

Focussed Working and Browsing:

Most users are always distracted while working and browsing due to ads displayed on the sides and buttons of the actual worksheet.  Keep your work going on quite smoothly with the grant of this wonderful application.

Safe and Clean Screen Share:

The online studies by the students also become a little irritating due to unethical ads shown, coincidently, during the screen share. So Blokada helps the students to safely share their screens while they study on online apps like zoom. 

Smooth Gaming: 

This is the common problem faced by all the gamers of the world.  Whenever the gameplay is at its peak, ads would appear from nowhere and would pause the gameplay. The ads constitute the promotion graphics or the videos that may last for even 5 minutes or a few seconds. Most of the time you don’t even get an option to skip or delete them. The Blokada serves as the most wanted app at this moment and it blocks the apps that bother your gameplay. Not only are the ads not displayed during gameplay but also not even during the start-up process.

Undisturbed Live  Streaming:

The live game streamers, Instagram streamers, and Fb streamers are troubled by the hateful ads that interfere with the streaming most of the time. The Blokada is the one that saves the streamers from this tough time and provides peaceful live streaming to have the best time online.

Select filter for ads:

The Blokada does not plug out all types of ads during the whole user activity. It gives way to those that the user wants to keep watching or availing of. These may be from the favourite brands of the user or from the sites the user has subscribed to, etc. Whatever the choice of the user is, he has to filter out the selected ones and hide those which tease him.

The Smooth  DNS control:

The “DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM” is the smart technique by which the users have better IP interaction with the devices he has. Hence it gives users the opportunity to use the internet in a much easier way rather than the complex IP memorizing analogue method.

Ads Traffic control:

This is through which the ads flow is controlled. The number of ads being displayed at a time depends on the user’s aptitude. He may reduce or increase ad flow according to his own ease of using Blokada. The users even opted to stop all the ads permitting none of them to interfere. 

Long-Lasting Phone Battery:

The users who want a longer life span of the battery must try out Blokada. It increases the battery life by making the workload super-diminished. Also, it will block the unnecessary side processes that occur in the device to save battery. It takes the automatic hold of the phone so that the parameter that destroys the battery must be discouraged. The screen brightness, the virus activities, and the usage of the phone makes it dull and exhausting. The Blokada acts as the PT to maintain the service standards.

Blocking the Unwanted Contacts and Sites:

The unwanted contacts from the phone book are often blocked by adding them to the blacklist. The users who don’t know how to do this or the users who don’t have this feature on their phone need Blokada. This application saves the user’s blocking time and he may block stressful contacts with a single click. No calls and no conversation from any platform will help you completely get rid of those contacts. Similarly, the sites you want to block on your kid’s phone may be controlled via Blokada. 

Reduced Cybercrime Activities:

When none of your personal data and addresses is public and accessible, the chances of cybercrime are reduced. This is done only by using the security app Blokada which guards your phone against such malicious activities.

Free VPN Features:

Blokada offers its users the advantage of a VPN for free. The app will give you an untraceable fake location and you may browse safely with more protection. 

Browsing Confidential:

Another function of any VPN provider is to keep your search and browse history hidden and unrecovered. The browsing becomes a hundred per cent protected when it is never recorded by the computer and cannot be retracted.  This is what Blokada gives you as a bonus.

Speedy Browsing:

Besides having the benefit of safe browsing, the users of Blokada also get the fast browning facility. Since the workload is small and the operating system is lightly working, the searching activities on the internet become fastest without using any additional app on your device.

Mod Features:

Like all the modded apps the BlokadaMod APK also offers lots of free features to you. Download if you like these mod features explained below:

  • Free of cost: the original versions are actually the “Paid Versions”. To have all the above features of Blokada for free, install the mod version in the latest version.
  • No rooting: most of the apps when installed in the mod versions ask their users to have the device rooting. Blokada Mod APK, on the other hand, never asks the users to root their system at any cost.  
  • Free premiums: the original version of Blokada offers a seven-day trial premium offer. Like this many more also arise in updating the app. Blokada mod apk gives all the premiums in the full free package and for an unlimited time span.
  • Best User interface: the user interfaces with the application and the system in a friendly behaviour on the premises of the mod version of the Blokada.


You cannot help install the Blokada mod apk after reading out the whole list of the amazing features and the mod features. Give your device a better version and enjoy peaceful internet and phone usage. Also, the enhanced life span of the battery will always assist you in spending more time with your phone.  Share and recommend others if you liked the app. You may also like yo whatsapp apk


The Blokada mod apk is a phenomenal app with excellent bug fixes installed innately. The app provides the users with a good interface and the special Domain Name System (DNS) gives the unmatched opportunity to have what you want in your hand all the time using your phone. You may enable the advanced features to have more fun with this app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The international app language “English” is the preferred language on the Blokada Mod APK.

This wonderful app holds excellent compatibility for androids of all types. Install without any hesitation to yours. 

Installation is super easy. Follow the steps below to have Blokada installed on your device;

  • Click the download icon.
  • Grant the download permissions the device asks you.
  • Install by clicking the Blokada APK.
  • Open the app and enjoy.

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