Xcom 2 Console Commands & Cheats

What are console commands?

Almost every gamer is quite familiar with this term. But for those who don’t know let us introduce this to them. You must have heard the word “cheats” or “game hacks”, this is precisely what the console commands are. The commands or cheats are necessary to make the gameplay more interesting, easier, and enjoyable. The commands are available for each game these days, all across corners of the world. 

Many developers present this content in the form of the game’s hack version that will never ask you to press any key to avail of the cheats. But besides the mod version, playing in the real versions of the game, the cheats can also be availed. All you need to do is to open the launch settings in XCOM 2 and add the accessory “allow consoles” there to keep enjoying the console commands. On Installation of the Rally Fury Game, You will get Unlimited Cheats

Xcom-2 Cheats

How to open the game launch settings in XCOM 2?

 Well, press any of the three keys we recommend during the game and then perform the task assigned. The three keys are:

  • ~
  • /

These keys are on your keyboard. However, if you don’t get them then click the following link/button and you will learn how to get the console commands for yourself.

Here is the list of a total of 38 commands you may use in the XCOM 2 Collection :

Mission Commands:

  1. GiveHackReward: to get the hack reward in the game of a special ID
  2. GiveActionPoints: to get the specified amount of action to your unit of soldiers
  3. ForceCompleteObjective: to complete the objective you gave
  4. Endbattle: to finish the mission that is running
  5. skip: to skip one of the turns
  6. PowerUpTake: to deactivate the God mode, and from now you will have to reload
  7. TakeNoDamage: to activate the no damage mod for you
  8. ToggleUnlimitedActions: to toggle unlimited actions
  9. ForceCritHits: to activate or deactivate 100 % chance
  10. ToggleUnlimitedAmmo: to have unlimited ammo
  11. ToggleFOW: to activate or deactivate fog of war
  12. ToggleSquadConcealment: to on or off the concealing of soldiers
  13. TTC: to teleport the unit
  14. TATC: teleport the unit over the mouse cursor on the map
  15. ToggleRain: to start or stop the rain in the game
  16. GiveAbilityCharges: add 100 charges to the abilities
  17. RestartLevelWithSameSpeed: to  get restarted with the same speed

Avenger commands:

  1. Give resource:  to get the source with an authentic ID
  2. Add item: to add the item you want
  3. GiveScientist: to get a new substitute for the scientist you have.
  4. GiveEngineer: to get a new substitute for the engineer you have.
  5. Give Tech: to research the technology
  6. GiveFacility: to get a new facility in the game
  7. GiveSoldierStat: to reset the stat of the soldier you like
  8. MakeSoldirsAClass: name the class of soldiers you specified
  9. RemoveFortressDoom: to remove the certain quantity of the doom you mentioned
  10. BondSoldiers: to bond or un-bond the soldiers
  11. GiveContinentBonus: to get the special continent bonus
  12. LevelUpBarracks: to level up or upgrade the barracks up to a special level
  13. HealAllSoldiers: to heal the soldiers in no time
  14. GiveFactionSoldiers: to get soldiers from other factions

General Commands of XCOM 2

  1. Pause: to activate or deactivate the pause action
  2. slo Mo: to slow down or forward fast the gameplay
  3. Screenshot: to get a screenshot of the scene or gameplay
  4. Listtextures: to list the latest textures
  5. The list sounds: to list up the latest sounds of the game
  6. change list: to change a list of commands in-game