15 Best Survival Games For Low-End on PC in 2023

What are Survival Games? 

Survival games are games that don’t have a particular story but do follow an exciting quest. The primary pursuit starts with a character that is all alone and has to survive in the toughest periods in the games. The games may meet a particularly tough time as well. Like,  in the survival game  “Don’t starve”, the character has to meet hunger which is the biggest challenge. The other challenges may include zombie attacks, thirst challenges, escapes, and fighting with evil souls. The player has to respawn to get through the areas he’s trapped in and to solve certain puzzles to make his journey possible. Most commonly the player meets certain characters in the game that assist him, give him hints, or just guide them. 

What is a low-end PC?

A low-end PC means a device or computer system that does not have much power and has a relatively lower range of functions. The low powers include low storage and efficient  RAM and ROM plus the hardware connected to it like the hardware or cards. Moreover, there is a list of characters that specifies whether the computer is low-end or not.

  • A processor of i3 or even lesser.
  • A memory of gigabytes or even lesser.

You may play games on a Low-end pc just by using certain apps or by installing the various treatment hacks. The other method is to play the games in their “Low-End Versions”. The low-End versions have been designed according to the capabilities a computer can afford.

Best Survival Games for Low-End PC:

The PC games we are going to mention here will be perfect ones for your device. These games do share a common capability of the device which is 2GB RAM and I core 2 devices. The game could be easily played if the PC has greater capability than this. Keeping the variety of interests in kids and adults in view, we listed the two main types of games here. 

Types of Survival Games:

So, here we are going to discuss the best survival games of the century that will help you make an easy choice to play. 

There are basically two types of survival games:

Those having a creative, crafting, and building theme as adventure or fun. 

Here is the list of such hit  games:


Minecraft is one of the most popular games. It is a very creative android game for kids plus seven-year age. It was published by Mojang and contains extraordinarily positive reviews on the play store. The game is available on all OS including Windows, Linux, etc, and does not require any extra storage or RAM. 

Treasure Trove Hunt: It is a fun survival game with lots of treasure hunts. The treasure hunts are heavily creating a beautiful competition with the challenges you complete. Perhaps the best game for kids involves no violence and is filled with motivation.

Banished Knight:  The game carries a mission in which the players have to play the role of a knight who is returning to the world. The game carries realistic effects of aural and visual representation thus making the game super fun and real. 

The ocean is Home: The beautiful survival game teeming with creativity in a new color. The player has been stranded on an island with no accessories. He has to travel and find the means for food, residence, and defense. Everything will involve pro-level intelligence and will enhance mental capabilities during the whole survival journey.

Minecraft mod apk1

Tinker Island 2:

 The award-winning game, having the best survival quest on the island is being brought to you via Tinker Island 2. The player needs to draw tools, and weapons and has to fight between the two groups. The two groups have drawn a fighting line among themselves due to a conflict. This amazing survival game also teaches to develop cooperation between two parties. 

Starbound: these games include Ocean Survival, Exile, Last Island of survival, let’s survive, etc. all the games are creating and developing the crisis and the player has to deal with them very wisely in order to score more.

Tinker Island 2

The Forest:

this splendid game is a good survival game in the disguise of adventure and thrill. The survival you have to make is due to a storm that has destroyed everything around you. You are left with a cabin, without the plane you had. Be courageous enough to let yourself fix everything.

Force of Nature:

This game holds beautiful gameplay and is entertaining with full-time fun survival. All you have to do is to pick veggies and fruits from the farm you have. This veggies and vegetable collection then leads you more towards amazing awards and surprises to enjoy and proceed with.

Force of Nature

Scrap Mechanic:

also known by the name Evercraft Mechanic ( sandbox) gets your survival journey started from scrap. Build and create vehicles, and craft tools and use them for your survival. You may design cars as well as rockets to travel in space. Fill more colors in the boring scenes by communicating and building worlds around you. 

Scrap Mechanic

Among Us:

the hypnotizing multiplayer games that you may play with friends of your own choice. The theme of the game shows as you are in a crew of some airplane and you have to find the one who is the cause of chaos on the plane. Search it, point it, and have fun by making it leave your space.   

Among Us

The Games Have a terror Survival with Zombies Fighting, Aliens, or Evil Forces. 

If you like this theme, do try any of the following top survival games, for your PC:

The Survivalists

the game shows a high-quality fear spread from the dead alive creatures that are zombies. The characters have to survive throughout their whole journey through creative thinking. The only place of peace nearby is the shelter, otherwise everything there is a land of death. Don’t forget to have a full-time hold of weapons there since you can’t survive without them.

The Survivalists

Left to survive: state of the dead:

this survival game keeps a very deadly theme and gameplay. The earth has been dominated by zombies and monsters and now you are there to save the human race from chaos. Have challenges and complete your task with the complete assistance of the past heroes of the game. 

Left to survive: state of the dead

X survive:

the open-world sandbox survival game is actually freedom for the player to do whatever he loves to survive across the land. Build your city, shelter, village, Horne tools and weapons, start mining and conduct houses and furniture. The game is supposed to be an offline game and no constant internet application is needed. 

X survive

Stay Alive:  

the title shows that the player has serious life threats in the gameplay. Yes, it is true. zombie survival is the gist of the game with many new features. Protect yourself by limiting yourself in a defence base shelter. Make plans to attack the mercenaries of the city and shoot them all. The game requires good planning as well as the best shooting to kill all the zombies. 

Stay Alive

Project Zomboid:

to play these amazing games you need to install the “Map Zomboid” that will give you a location for the game.  Have the best mentoring and guidelines from the seniors on social media. 

Project Zomboid

Five Nights at Freddy’s:

the game is about the significance of word characters, images or robots that people install and then fear about them. The game shows your role where you have to work in a pizza shop as a security guard. The actual focus is on the activity of a weird robot that is in the shop. You may use the cameras installed and literally the five nights are super crazy and fearful.

The Ultimate Prepper:

here, in the game, you are stranded on land called wasteland. This land is filled with monsters and zombies thirsty for our blood. Get a shelter, fight them and escape. The huge variety of customizations and weapons is attractive enough to keep you busy for hours.


this amazing game shows survival through a world full of evil forces. You have to make your living, craft items, and escape the traps of the forces in order to survive. Moreover, there are other business activities in the game except for the killing and casing theme. The important thing is that the game has to be purchased to play and unlock the features. 


the game has featured a competition between monsters and the players. You have to craft things and tools by breaking up all your stuff. Then go to the lands and clear out the zombies and monsters. Have the best pets or hunt animals for food. Solve puzzles, enjoy fishing and cook recipes for you. 

7 Days to Die:

 This survival game has been brought to you by Grzegorz Antoniak and needs an additional application to unlock the highly terrifying features.

  • Far Sky
  • Beasts of Prey
  • The Stomping Land
  •  Surviving Mars
  • Banished
  • Unturned
  • Risk of Rain
  • Half Dead
  • Over 9000 Zombies
  • This War of Mine
  • They Are Billions
  • Rising World: 
  • RimWorld
  • Stranded Deep
  • The Wild Eight
  • Far Cry 3
  • Subnautica
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • The Long Dark
  • Project Zomboid
  • How to Survive
  • No More Room in Hell
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Dead Rising 2
  • State of Decay
  • TUG
  • Northgard
  • Oxygen Not Included
  • Factorio
  • Craft the World
  • Stardew Valley
  • Fallout Shelter
  • Planetbase

How to Enjoy the Games in the Full Free Package?

As we all know, the games on the Play Store cost a lot to unlock their features and to even download the games. Not everyone has the money to lavish on the games. Also, every gamer prefers to play a budget-friendly package game. How great it is to have the games in free versions and hacks. The old versions of the games are for the same purpose. For any game, you want to play, install the mod version from unofficial sites. Like princemodapk.com gives you a variety of mod games also called hack versions, so that you may save your time, money, and energy.