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The F1 racing or formula 1 racing games have always been among the most played games on the internet. In fact, the gaming world seems quite incomplete without the interference of racing and car-driving games. There are hundreds and thousands of cars and racing games that have surrounded the attention of gamers all across the world. Not only video games but formula one racing tracks in real has also been built in the most popular cities.

The arcade racing games, which are the most popular of these, are going to discuss here:

F1 22:

The F1 22 game is the special formula one racing game that was released on June 28, 2022. It means it is the latest of all the F-1 video games. The previous games of this racing are :

  • F1 2009
  • F1 2012
  • F1 2013
  • F1 2016
  • F1 2017
  • F1 2018
  • F1 2019
  • F1 2020
  • F1 2021

 Although all the F1 games proposed by EA games are unparalleled, the 15th game of this series which is F1  22  obviously the best. The racing experience with the best AI cars and the racing competitions is never overlapped with others. 

F1 22

F1 Clash:

It was released by Hutch games in May 2019, on the google play store and apple play store. This game has over ten million downloads and everyone can play it. All you have to do is to train your team for the best racing competitions in multiplayer modes.

The players may show their directions toward weather conditions, tire conditions, and other variables. Get rea to race and compete in the best atmospheres of the F1 Clash roads.

F1 Clash

F1 challenge ‘99-’02:

Though it is an old game of the early twenty-first century it has gathered extremely high fandom. It was released in June 2003 by EA games and was the last game before the release of Code masters. This series was released in four segments:

  • Formula one 1999
  • Formula one 2000
  • Formula one 2001
  • Formula one 2002

All four seasons are available on Microsoft Windows and Linux plus all the play stations.

F1 challenge


 It was released by Ubisoft Nadeo on June 1, 2020, for Windows. Also named the Turbo Trackmania games and has the best collection of racing games.

Trackmania unlocked all


This amazing game was released in February 2013 by the gaming society “Sector 3 Studios”. It has the following distinct racing modes in realistic environments:

  •  Multiplayer Races mode
  •  Leaderboard Challenges mode
  •  Single Races against AI mode
  •  Online Competitions mode
  •  Practice mode
  • Custom Championships mode
  • etc

This game is available on Microsoft Windows in all versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 plus Linux.


Grand Prix 3:

The American games production house Hasbro Interactive published this game in 2000 for computers. This game brings about the theme same as that of formula one 1998 but has recreated one of the characters needed in the gameplay. The replaced character John Newhouse is an even better replacement as the driver and was equally welcomed by people in the gaming season of 2000.

Formula one 06:

Formula 06 is the attestation of the formula one series games released by studio Liverpool. The earlier games of this series are:

  • Formula one 01
  • Formula one 02
  • Formula one 03
  • Formula one 04
  • Formula one 05

The player needs to clear and win prixes in order to proceed forward and unlock features of the game. The 10 laps of the game go parallel with the alternative target laps which then count for the score of the player. The amazing racing formula one game are really very thrilling in this sixth season. 

Grand Prix 3

rFactor 2:

After the success of the “factor”, factor 2 was released by the Image-space incorporated (ISI). It is even superior to the Racing Career which was licensed earlier than this. This racing simulator carries the best racing tools, cars engine, and customizations that have made its unique status in all formula one games.

rFactor 2

F1 Racing Stimulation:

Like all other racing simulation games, the F1 racing stimulation holds a prominent role in F1 games. As the name itself shows, the extra stimulus of playing the racing games is a super hit in the walls of the F1 Racing Stimulation. 

Spirit of Speed:

The developer of the “Spirit of Speed”  is Broadswords Interactive and the publisher is Acclaim Entertainment. The craze of unlimited speed is met with the assistance of 15 supercars each with mesmerizing features.  The undulating racing tracks and tough competitions are challenging enough to create real racing and driving spirits.

Spirit of Speed

Super Monaco:

The game mode of Super Monaco resembles those of the Formula One racing Championship. The 3D racing simulation game came into being by the Saga previously called the Saga X board. This arcade game is played in a team racing of 20 players in different vehicles and the one who surpassed all challenges is declared as the winner. The game gear and the master system were created by the Super Monaco Grid Position and they also developed further ports for the game to make it even better. 

F1 Championship Edition:

The F1 championship edition has the basic structure of the Formula 06 racing games. The championship game has various modes like a test drive, competition mode, and career mode. First of all, he is subjected to the career mode in which the player has to prove his eligibility for any of the three basic teams. Then it comes to the test drive after passing he is given the status of the second driver. Thirdly the driver’s driving experience leads him to get entry into competition mode. The artificial intelligence in the game allows the player to behave humanly and make blunders like cutting corners, sliding, and hitting other cars. This makes the game look super realistic and the player enjoys it as if they were driving for real.


This is a very realistic racing game in the list of formula one game. this keeps the players super concerned and focused because the damages are not repairable as they are in other games. The pits and dents on the surface of the vehicle disturb the drive as per the laws of physics demand.

The installation of the Radio Engineer and its commands in the red headings are very informative. It is very helpful in keeping the driver on the correct path and giving signals when the car is on the right or left. It also gives good advice about driving manners during the drive. 


Asetto Corsa:

Asetto Corsa Its name is derived from an Italian word that means “The Race Setup” and surely this game was developed by an Italian company.  This super arcade game was released in December 2014. The game has proved to be among the best racing simulations of formula one racing.

The distinction of the game is that it is operated either by touch mode or by a number of devices. The devices are gamepads, mice, keyboards, triple displays, wheels, and TrackIR tracking. The official tracks are published in ten different countries and therefore carry a beautiful and challenging variety of paths.

Asetto Corsa


F1 Career Challenge:

It is another term used for the F1 99-02 games for Windows. The F1 career was the first game of the series and then the gaming license was purchased by the Codemasters. The game was released for the fabulous seasons of 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. 


The Formula one racing games have always been a category of special attention for gamers, interestingly these games do not have any offensive stuff so they are quite safe for players of any age. The players may sharpen their skills in these racing games and can have a brief understanding of the car driving and racing rules.  So be excited to try any of the above-listed ones to kill your leisure time. To get the best mod games installed on your device, please visit our gaming section of We are sure that you will olive the variety of games we have. You may also like Chatting Games Online Free