Free Online Puzzle Games For Kids & Adults Without Download


There are millions of people around the world who don’t like playing typical action, survival, or entertainment games. They want mysteries and puzzles to solve and kill their time in good activities rather than wasting on purposeless games. Puzzle games are available on the internet online as well as offline. Online games require a continuous supply of the internet throughout the whole gameplay. Offline games, on the other hand, once installed with an internet connection can be played anytime, anywhere with or without an internet connection.

 So here we are going to discuss the best puzzles you may play online on your PC, Android or iPhone. You may also find the most suitable game for your kid after reading the description of each given below.

Advantages of playing puzzle games:

 It is a very good habit if your kid loves to play puzzle games. They are very beneficial for kids, as described below:

  • Te puzzle games bring creativity to your kid. They learn to get out of scrap and make new things in real life as well.
  • Puzzle games horn the minds of kids. They not only learn to face problems but also to find solutions.  
  • Kids learn a lot in games, so subjecting them to play such games is really a good idea.
  • Word searching or construction games help kids and adults improve their vocabulary and language grip. For those who are learning English or another language, it is important to play word-making games to make the lessons easier and more interesting for them. 

List of Online Puzzle Games:

Erase it:

it was developed and processed by “one-two play”. The game is very enjoyable and requires little use of the mind for young kids. They will give you a pictorial representation of the problem and will ask you to give its solution by erasing something in the frame. For example, at one level, a boy is crying because his mommy is yelling at him by showing him the bad test he had in school. The question is to save the boy. You will have to simply erase the wrong answers on the test sheet and expose the right ones. The boy becomes happy immediately and you get upgraded to the next level. 

Erase it mod apk

Sand sort play:

this game is super interesting and requires good concentration and thinking. The game shows different colored sand in bottles in layers. All you have to do is to transfer colored sand from one bottle to the other and so on until you separate out the sand of one color into separate bottles. The game continues by giving you more variety of colors and more sand layers in one bottle as compared to the previous. Kids of 12+ or more age can play it very efficiently.

Sand sort play

Solitaire collection:

this solitaire game is just like the usual solitaire puzzles with a number of cards shuffled in different patterns. You have to click a card at a time to move it to other columns. You will continue until you get all the card columns fully arranged to start from K, J, Q, 10,9,8,…2,1, A Once you complete all the columns you won and get another chance to play the next game.

Jewel shuffle:

this colorful jewel game is just similar to candy crush. But the difference is that it is rather easier to play and has a soft set of rules. All you need to do is to shuffle the diamonds by clicking on each until you make a color match of three diamonds or more. You will keep on doing it until you get a specific collection of the required diamond colors and shapes in a given time. You may also go take hints if you are stuck somewhere in the game.

Word Search Pictures:

This amazing game shows the words that are arranged in boxes in front of you with a picture. You have to search the suitable matches from top to bottom, bottom to top diagonally or sideways to search for the required word. The picture shows letter below it which are incomplete to define the picture. So you can be an easy idea about the word you were searching for. 

Word Search Pictures mod apk

Butterfly Kyodai Classic:

the best game for the kids who love butterflies. Swap the butterflies to release them by matching them in sets of three. On matching three butterflies only one is released. Continue until you release all the butterflies in the park.

Merge Fruit: 

A fun game for kids and a tool for them to distinguish different fruits. The game gives you a stage where different fruit slices and fruits like lemons, oranges, apples, etc are dropped one by one. The player has to drag it to the matching fruit lying on the ground stage if the two match they will get vanished.  However, if they are not, they will start making a dump you have o clear. With each correct match, you score and thus win the game. 

Happy Glass:

This physics-based amazing puzzle game has a very unique theme with fun and education at a time. The game shows up with a sad glass of water with no water and a tap at a height. The glass wants to be filled but water cannot reach it due to broken pathways. You have to draw lines such that the water may find a complete path to flow down to the glass. As the glass fills up, it smiles and you get upgraded to the next level. 

Save the Girl:

 this beautiful and laughing game is just focused on saving a girl that falls into multiple troubles each at a level. The player opted to use a tool out of two to suggest the girl. If he suggests the right one the girl survives and the player completes the level. For example, if the girl is stranded in the room and wants to go out into a locked prison. You must refer her a hammer to break the door so that she may release herself. 

Sugar Heroes: it is the usual match-three puzzle game with an amazing look and settings. The matchable items here are candies, jellies, and cakes. The player has to swap the candies and jellies sideways or top to bottom and match them to get the score and collect the candies.