Mini Militia Super Mega Mod Apk By Phoenix 2023

Today, our focus is on the ultra super “Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk” that Denzel Wilson and Phoenix have brought to the market. This mod apk is absolutely unique to give you new inspiration for the Mini Militia Doodle Army world.

Additional Information

App PropertyApp Details
App NameMini Militia Mega Mod Apk
Size43.79 MB
Rating Count3332459
GenreShooter Game
PlatformsPlay Store | App Store
DeveloperDenzel Wilson


Mini Militia Super Mega MOD Description:

Doodle Army 2- Mini Militia is a first-person shooter game with a multiplayer action game and the players also call it “Tiny Combat”. Since there is a multiplayer mode of gaming, you are pretty welcome to invite any of the players from your own friends’ circle or just find one from the Mini Militia players. Set your battlefield and then get ready to fire and shoot your opponents with the multiple weapons from your wonderous weaponry. 

“Dream Tech” was the first studio to develop this game and “Rumble games” was the one that published the game for the first time. The eye-catching point about this mod apk is that the multiplayer can mode is available even in the offline mode. Hence, you can always enjoy the first-person shooting game with the best collection of maps and guns. You may have access to 100 plus amazing operational tools, weapons, bombs, and guns with various short and long-range specifications. 

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Mini Militia Mega Mod Features:


Capture The Flag Mode:

Out of all modes in the game, you will like “Capturing the flag” the most if you love deadly challenges. Here, you have to struggle to snatch the enemy’s base station by bombarding the grenades or firing by using the latest weapons. You may lose for once if you are a beginner but once you start you are going to forget everything except trying every weapon on your enemy to win the base station.

Multiplayer Mode:

Mini Militia Mega Mod Multiplayer is in fact available in both solo and multiplayer gameplay. Talking about the multiplayer game mode, you are free to choose any of the three basic modes: team deathmatch, deathmatch, and kill confirmed. You can thus get beneficial maps in multiplayer action gaming on the game maps. Either defend your base station or use the attack mechanism to finally overcome your enemy. 

If you choose “Team Deathmatch” to play then you must visit the uncountable locations that provide you the small or medium-sized maps. You have to defend or attack with an aspect of FPS so you can switch to the “All weapons unlocked” in case you think the weapons are limited. Get everything in your hand at once and then start the enthusiastic gameplay with the never-ending supplies on the battlefields. 

Death Match Mode:

The very basic level to play in the Mini Militia Mod apk in the team play is of course the “Death Match Mode”. You will find this game mode as a type of “Survival Game” since you have to fight and clear your enemies as long as you are the one left. Step into the game and make as many kills as you can do randomly and don’t forget to try every type of weapon you wish. Playing in multiplayer mode, you have to search every player in their base stations and kill them one by one to enhance your kill count rapidly. 

The game is all about reflexes: the one who is quick and efficient will mark the victory ultimately. Use the various weapons and the grenades and kill your opponents as fast as you can. You don’t have to worry about any sequence of killing because the game is quite random and there is no mission killing in a particular order. 

Lastly, in order to enjoy the multiplayer deathmatch, you must observe yours for a little fraction of the time on your enemy. The primary focus is to know the mode of action of your opponents; find their weaknesses and let them waste their bullets. Then all of sudden expose your deadliest ambitions and smash your enemies in single-shot kills. 

Ammo Support:

If you are interested to fire unlimitedly and engage your enemies in a long war then you should avail of this offer. The unlimited ammo support gives you access to all the weapons and guns at once on any level you want. Moreover, you can also get unlimited ammo and bullets that would release the fear of getting short of bullets. The ammo support in this mod apk is easily available both for single-player and multiplayer gameplay. 

No Reload Option:

Not every player in the Mini Militia likes to reload the guns by himself. This is a mere waste of time and it’s the point when the enemies can attack you while you are busy loading the weapon. You can choose to reload your weapon automatically after 6-7 fires of the gun if you are using “Auto Reloading” the weapons. Many players think this option operates for specific weapons only. This is not true, in fact, you once apply this option the reloading becomes valid for all types of weapons. Last but not the least, getting all the weapons for free in the in-game market also seems luxurious and for sure, it is here too. 

Easily Level Up:

The game gives you a variety of 12 wonderful levels based on a step-by-step journey from light to heavy gameplay. However, if you hate waiting for step-up progress after finishing one level and starting the next you must unlock all levels. This is possible if you are using the Mini Militia Mega Mod Apk since there you can see all the levels unlocked already for free. This is the way to play any of the levels you wish at any time without waiting to clear other levels first.  Also, the amazing game features are enough to clear your game levels within a few minutes and you will climb levels in the blink of an eye. 

Custom Map Support:

Well, this is a very new idea to play in a private game room in Mini Militia. You may have seen the various map types you can choose to play with but what if you can draw one by yourself? This is what we call “Custom Mapping” and it is to make sure that you play and fight with your own sets of rules and regulations. Those who agree with your rules can join your multiplayer gameplay. You can also utilize custom mapping for solo gameplay to set a battle on the layout of your own battlefield. 

Customizable User Interface In The Ultra Mega Mod:

The real game version presents a fixed and permanent user interface and you can never change it. So, you can customize some weapon looks, map settings, or shooting options and gestures. You can set how to see the next weapon in your weaponry on your game screen. Remember, you cannot customize the user interface in the real or the original game version without paying. 

Max Weapon Level:

The Mini Militia level 8 gives you access to some splendid game weapons and you cannot have them before this. It would definitely cost you a time period of months if you have a real game version. But getting the mod version is good enough to give you a plant of weapons and you will love the Mini Militia Mega Mod version.  

Super Damage:

Every player in the game is bloodthirsty for his enemies and you can destroy your enemies in second in the “Super Mini Militia” Mod apk. You have limited health but unlimited ammo and all weapons are unlocked for free. 

Gameplay Video

How To Download & Install Mini Militia Mega Mod APK?

  • Simply, click the download button and then let the download begin by awarding permissions.
  • If you have a previous version of the Mini Militia Mega mod apk, you must first uninstall that.
  • After installing the real version, you can start playing the game on your device. The game icon is now in your “Apps” you can see the unique mini militia game icon in your phone apps.


So, guys, this was all about the mini Militia Super Mega Mod Apk By Phoenix 2023. To make a query you can post it in the comment section. Also to avail of the unlimited weapons or hacks, you can have other mod versions on our site. Share the article if you loved it and thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I turn on  “Unknown Sources”?

Go to settings and then to the security of downloads. Tap it to give permissions from unknown sources.

 How to install the Mini Militia Mod Apk?

If you have downloaded the right apk then just click to open it. The phone will ask you for confirmation before installation. After it is marked OK, you can proceed.