Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Simple Mod 2023

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For all the gamers who like playing action games with hundreds of stages, the Mini Militia Mod apk is the best choice. Not only there is a wonderful combination of battles, strategies, and customizations but also a wonderful experience to deal with multiple enemies at once. The game has gained popularity across all four corners of the world. The official game stores show more than 1000M downloads and installations.  

Prior to going into the app features we would like to discuss the game’s structure. This is the Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Simple Mod version, which means it doesn’t contain any pro-pack features. The pro pack features are access to invisible mode and wallhacks. Some mod features, however, are still available and we are going to explain those soon. 

Mini Militia Simple Mod

Simple Mod Key Features

This mod version comes up with the following set of features:

Unlimited Ammo with 5x Bullet Speed: 

Whatever weapon you carry in the arsenal, you are free to use an unlimited amount of bullets and ammo. The unlimited weapon access will free you from the fear of getting out of bullets while confronting your enemies. Also, the bullets are now 5 times more speedy than the normal bullets in the real version of the game. This setup is to save your time and catalyze your progress in the game. 

Health Booster:

The health booster comes with an “Automatic” action and sensors.  You would not need to turn ON health boosters a single time in the game. Whenever you will feel down the health boosters will boost your health on their own. Especially during a battle when you are not in a condition to stop and wait for your health to recover, this tool will help you recover in time. 

Bullets Without Bullet Spread: 

You may have noticed that the bullets waste their range when they come in bursts. The gunshots spread and thus the weapons don’t exert the force they actually intend for.

Magic Bomb in Mini Militia:  

The magic bombs in the Mini Militia Mod Apk are actually the time bombs with extra supplies. If you know to install the time bombs then you definitely will learn to use the magic bombs as well. 

No Reloading: 

Since you are enjoying a mod version in the simplest version, you would not have to worry about the bullets count. Just keep on setting aims on your enemies and you will down your enemy in no time if your gun never shows a reload sign. In my view reloading the weapons is just an unnecessary formality and the developers should eliminate it after a few stages. 


So, guys, this was all about the Doodle Army 2, Mini Militia simple mod, and all the features it holds. To download the game, you have o click the download button and then install it on your device. The simple version is for people who want just a few unlimited features without paying money.  So hurry up if you like this version!

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