Mini Militia PRO Pack Apk Unlocked For Android (5.3.7) Download Free

Join the aesthetic team of Mini Militia Mod Pro Pack Apk if you want to spend your hours in the most marvelous gaming sessions. The game will relate you to the top trending games that only legends play. Besides having a lot of fun and excitement in the game, you can have hundreds of friends via online multiplayer gameplay. 

The Doodle Army 2 mini Militia has created a big fandom all across the globe due to the very huge distinctions that others lack. These include having tremendous mod versions and a great range of features as well as modes. So get ready to step into another big mod version of this game which presents a collection of 80+ weapons to start a remarkable battle. 

Moreover, you will get lots of other features as well, which is enough to quench your thirst for quality gaming with your friends. Read the pro pack description in order to know more about this latest version ahead. 


Mini Militia With PRO Pack APK Description:

Mini Militia Pro is a fantastic role-playing and first-person shooting game for all android users. You can engage your attention here to enjoy and try all the super arsenal collections. An interesting point is that not only is the arsenal available in all stages but also free access to each and every weapon. So you are free to either use them one by one or in a combo or can switch only your favorite ones, whenever you want.

You know there are several stages in the game and some are really hard to go through in both solo or multiplayer mode. Although you can improve your performance after practicing in training modes of the game you still need stronger weapons against your opposition. So you have the pro pack version hence creating hundreds of kills in seconds using the most advanced weapons. 

Explore the most useful locations and shelters on the map and arrange battlefields to invite your enemies and defeat them on the spot. This was way too unfeasible if you did not have this version of the game. So get set and go to achieve all the best from this downloadable apk. And last thing, no worries about graphical display or music because this is top class as always! 

Mini Militia Propack Apk:

Mini Militia Pro pack is another amazing advancement in the shooting world of Doodle Army 2. You can see the novel features in the game that are going to boost your energy in seconds. In my view, this would be the best recommendation to all those who want to try Mini Militia Mod Apk in these special sets of features. Let’s see the highlights of this modern apk now: 

MMini Militia Pro Pack includes the radical arsenals and you can pick any one of these while playing any level of the game. These are:

  • M16A4
  • M249 LMG
  • P90
  • MP5k
  • MK3A1
  • Desert Eagle 
  • AK47
  • PPS43 
  • Glock 17 Gen 3 and many more!

Full Multiplayer Support:

This Mini Militia game supports the multiplayer mode in four different game versions:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch
  • Domination

You can involve up to 12 players in this multiplayer gaming and enjoy any of the modes we presented here. Plus you can also achieve all the game updates if you install the latest updated game version of Mini Militia Pro. 

You can also pick the following mod versions of the Doodle Army 2-Mini Militia:


 Mini Militia PRO Features:

Multiplayer Mode

The best point of this game is the 12 players’ multiplayer gaming. You can combat with players that this game brings to you from all across the globe. You have to compete with the legends from the whole world and always struggle to rank at the top of all players on the leaderboard. 

12 Different Player Avatars (3 Female Characters)

It is always sweet and classy to change the characters and avatars during any gaming. This repels the boredom and same screen effects. So go to the avatar selection center and choose the best options for your character to play in the game. 

80+ Weapons

Tap the weapons one by one to have the shooting experience of each in your arsenal. You will definitely love to make use of different snippers, axes, bombs, and all the shotguns in variable morphology. Play either in defensive or attack mode but you have to win so don’t hesitate to use any of the weapons. Isn’t this exciting enough to accelerate you for a marked victory?

Mini Militia Pro Pack Apk Game Mods

The game gives you a series of levels in 4 different game modes. Besides access to these basic modes you can have the following game modes to keep the game going:

  • Hit-and-run mode
  • High Critical Strikes
  • Survival mode
  • Training Mode

Since the last two game modes are always accessible even in the absence of the internet, one would never skip these at any cost. 

More Than 30 Maps To Discover

Maps make the locations and paths oblivious for the players. For all the beginners who don’t know many game locations, it is always good to observe the map before starting a battle. The map packs are also free in our version. 

Customizable Controls

If you are sick of playing with the keyboard you can definitely use another game control. You can use a joystick, Bluetooth controller, or a game switch like Nintendo Switch. 

Free Updates

Installing the latest version of the Mini Militia Pro will avail you of all the time-to-time updates that arrive in the market. You don’t have to spend a single buck for these updates. 

Voice Chat Functionality

Go to adapt the Voice Chat Feature of the game if you prefer voice chatting instead of typing. This feature is very useful while playing in a multiplayer battle since you can always listen to instructions from your leader. Also, you can guide your juniors in the game on how to use a certain weapon or how to destroy a certain target in the Mini Militia world. 


The game display and textures are so cute and attractive that you cannot ignore watching them prior to getting to a level. The pixel art and the cartoon animations of the fighting characters of your army are lovely beyond limits. 


Team up quickly in a 12 players team and bring their game morals at a single point. Shoot down your enemy in dozens using the best game version ever. The multiplayer gaming, in fact, teaches you more even if you lose battles there as compared to a solo mode. So don’t hesitate to apply all tactics you know and show your team how expert a shooter you are! 

Single-Player Games

Sometimes you don’t have the stamina to play in a multiplayer game or don’t have an internet supply. You may crave the same game in this scenario. Don’t worry because there are special SOLO modes as well that will help you enjoy the game in both of these situations. Go and practice in two different offline solo modes and boost your efficiency at the end. 

Mini Militia Faction

Mini Militia Faction is a terrible warship that involves the game levels from Rookie to Elite. All you need here is the timely completion of tasks and going through the toughest challenges of the game. Later, you can unlock many new skins and premium upgrades for free. Besides this, you can collect a higher amount of XP points and thus ascend to the highest position on the leaderboard. 

Death Match Match Mode

All the game modes of Mini Militia are significant but this one is the most. You cannot miss the amazing game events with free sin customizations and weapons unlocking at once. If you want to try more in this mode you must play the Quick Fire Duel Mode and Score Mode games. Don’t forget to use Pro Pack to avail all the free characteristics and authorities. 

How To Download & Install Mini Militia PRO Pack APK?

Go to your phone settings and tap “Enable downloads from unknown resources” in security. If you don’t get it, follow up the procedure below:

  • Open the phone settings panel and click “SECURITY”.
  • Go to the Download options and here you can see “ UNKNOWN RESOURCES”. toggle the tab to turn on this and now your device is ready to install apps from all internet resources. 
  • On this page, you can see the “DOWNLOAD” button; click it to begin downloading to your device, 
  • Wait until the apk is completely downloaded and then click the “Mini Militia PRO Pack APK file” from your downloads. 
  • This will begin the installation process and you have to wait a little more to finally get the app ready in your hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I have the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia PRO Pack APK file?

Yes, of course. Clicking the download button will lead you to a “REDIRECT” page. There you have to select a location in your device for the apk file. Choose one and start downloading easily. 

What is the installation procedure to install this application on my phone?

This is quite simple. Once you have downloaded the Mini MIlitia Pro Apk, from the link on this page you have to open it. The opening will start the installation process in seconds and later you can enjoy the game for free. 

Do I need to root my device to install this application?

No, not at all. You can have this app both on rooted and non-rooted devices. Just don’t forget to enable downloading permissions from unknown resources and everything is okay. 

What is the procedure to uninstall this app from my device?

Tap and hold the app icon and three dots will appear in the top corner. Tap this to open a little menu>uninstall/remove/close. Click “Uninstall” and the phone will confirm this installation. Click yes to finally uninstall the mini militia pro pack free from your device. However, deleting the ap file will also uninstall the game from your device.


So, guys, we have finally covered the whole guide about “Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia PRO Pack APK” and download instructions in this article. To have more data like this visit us and share to promote us to your friends and family gamers.