Download Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Iron Man Mod APK

Most of the Mini Militia players were keen to play the special mode of the game where they can avail of the Irom Man customization. This seems way too impossible but we have officially generated an apk for this purpose where you can definitely enjoy this feature. Go and click the DOWNLOAD button to have this apk file as soon as possible. But if you want to know more about this, join us till the end of this article. Let’s see the details!


Who Is Iron Man?

Iron Man is the favorite comic character of American Marvel comic books, cartoons, and shows for decades. The kids love to watch fantastic series and TV shows with Iron Man as the main hero. Since this character holds enormous energy and tremendous power so including it in the Mini Militia was essential. 

The Iron Man doodle in the game is to enhance your character’s strength hundreds of folds more than your enemies. You can also opt to adopt your character to all the marvel heroes in one click using another version we will explain soon. There you will be able to attain all the skins of superheroes you long for like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. the skins are free so no doubt this would be an amazon version among all. 

Features Of Mini Militia Iron Man Mod

  • Iron Man costume with color customization
  • Marvelous HD graphical Display
  • “One Shot Death” Efficiency
  • Auto reloading of Weapons
  • Pro Features Unlocked for FREE
  • New gameplay soundtracks and background music collections
  • Commander Batch 
  • Unlimited FREE Boost 
  • Unlimited weapons, Granedes, and Bullets
  • Invisible mode for SOLO gameplay
  • Enemy’s Health and Life Display
  • Access to all Guns at once (unlocked for FREE)

App Data

NameMini Militia Iron Man Mod
Mod InfoDifferent Iron Man Outfits
Original SourcePlay Store

Iron Man costume with color customization:

The Iron Man Costume is the most desirable feature of the game and thus you can have this here. The free-of-cost feature is available in different color combinations so you can select the one you want. However, the most common one is the original orange and yellow suit. 

Marvelous HD graphical Display:

The HD quality of the gameplay and the no-blur effect makes the game so adorable. Like all authentic versions of the game, this one is so clear and vivid. 

“One-Shot Death” Efficiency:

The One-Shot Death option allows a player to shoot the opponent with a single shot. Hence, gain better efficiency in gameplay to attain a higher position on the leaderboard. 

Auto reloading of Weapons:

The loading of weapons doesn’t take a lot of the player’s time. But these few seconds are enough to give a player a time space to kill you. To overcome this condition, you can have this auto-reloading of weapons and thus improve your kill count. 

Pro Features Unlocked for FREE:

All the pro-pack premium features are totally free here. Go and grab this version to get all the features unlocked for you. 

New gameplay soundtracks and background music collections:

To make the gameplay even more interesting, this version includes the new soundtracks. The background music involves your attention in the game and you play for hours without feeling exhausted. 

Commander Batch:

Join the Chief commander’s batch using this game and get a better score than ever you did!

Unlimited FREE Boost:

Grab a wholesome collection of unlimited boosts to speed up your character’s attacks. In addition to it, the character shows more activity in all the moves he ought to.  

Unlimited weapons, Granedes, and Bullets:

Like all mod versions, you can have an excessive supply of unlimited weapons, ammo, and bullets forever in the game. Just get the right apk and gain an unlimited supply of weaponry goods. 

Invisible mode for SOLO gameplay:

The most unique game feature is to become invisible for a specific period of time and then attack your opponent from nowhere. This would be hilarious for your opponents. So try this and tell us how amazing you felt in this mode. 

Enemy’s Health and Life Display:

Another new feature that other versions lack is the visibility of the rivals’ health levels. The opponents can’t see each other’s health or life during the game, usually. But this wonderful feature allows you to have this information as well. 

Access to all Guns at once (unlocked for FREE):

Don’t wait for guns to unlock them one by one, as you do in the real game versions. Get them all unlocked with a single tap of your finger. In fact, this doesn’t only seem tempting but also in practice. 


Who plays Iron Man in TV shows or movies?

Although there are many actors who have played Iron Man, the most prominent and frequent one is Anthony Edward Stark or “Tony Stark”. 

Who created the Doodle Army?

The Doodle Army 2 is a wonderful creation of Appsomniacs LLC and most lately Miniclip owns this game.

How can I resume my Mini Militia gameplay on another device?

It’s a piece of cake. You just need to link your game account with the authentic Facebook or email account. Then logging in with the same account on another device will let you resume your game from the same point you left.

How To Download & Install Mini Militia Iron Mod On Android?

Installing games from unofficial sites is a little different from those installed from google Play Store. You need to follow some instructions and you may enjoy the game at last. These are:

  • Enable Third-Party Installations: First of all, go to your phone’s settings and check out the security options to enable installation from unknown resources. This will let you install apps from any site you want besides Google Chrome only. 
  • Download the Game Apk: The next step is o click the “Download” button to start the download of the ap file to your phone. This will be definitely done with the aid of a third-party app. You can also copy the link and paste it into a browser’s engine to begin downloading from there. 
  • Go to the File Manager: Now open the file manager of your device and open the apk from your downloads. You have to confirm whether the downloading has finished or not. 
  • Initiate Installation: Click the apk file from the downloads and the automatic installation will begin. This will take a few minutes depending upon the speed of your internet. 
  • Delete the Old Versions: if you are having other versions of this game on your phone then immediately delete them. Even if you had an official version from Google Play Store, you need to remove it from your device in order to activate this new one. 
  • Launch the Game: This is the last step and you have to open the game after it gets installed. Enjoy the ultimate FREE access to an iron Man costume and all the features you were dying for! 

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