Mini Militia Fly Through Walls / Ghost Mod 2023

Introduction Of Mini Militia Wall HACK:

Today, we brought you another great mod of Mini Militia which is the “Fly through walls” Mod version, which you will fall in love with.  

Download the Mini Militia with wallhack and experience the frabjous task to dissolve in and out of the walls in no seconds.  Start the never-ending war with multiplayer gameplay action mode and engage your enemies in the spells of these wondrous powers. Plus, we are going to share tips and hacks to explore more in the game. 

The mod characteristics are almost similar to the previous ones like unlimited weapons, ammo, and all the guns unlocked for free. The only difference that this version brings is the superpower of crossing walls that otherwise a doodle army can never. 

Additional Information

App NameMini Militia Wall Hack
Size43.79 MB
Mod FeaturesFly through wall
GenreAction – Shooter Game
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
UpdatedSeptember 09, 2022
Android Version Requirement4.4 and up

Once you possess this remarkable feature you will definitely astonish your friends and other participants in the multiplayer war. Even if your enemies find shelter beyond a wall or building; you can still watch them and access them. Not only you but your weapons too can now shoot and eradicate your opponents under walls protection. For me, this is in fact, a stunning power that surprised me, when I used it for the first time and got an enormous kill count. 


Mini Militia Flying Through Wall Hack Gameplay:

Just imagine the scene when you are chasing your enemies and they find no way to hide. Even if they try, you still reach them. Plus, you can now trap your enemies by entering a building from anywhere since the walls are invisible objects to you. So, you can easily mark up the first position on the leaderboard by beating all your opponents in the blink of an eye. 

Moreover, your opponents can neither watch across a wall nor walk through them. Thus, the walls are a major impediment in their paths. Fire quickly and walk briskly in and out of the buildings whenever you take a break. In addition to that, whenever you think of refilling your guns or using first aid you can just attain security under walls but your enemy cannot. 

You can try the Mini Militia Flying through Walls version both for Android and iPhones. Download it quickly by pressing the “DOWNLOAD” icon appearing on this page and start a challenging battle with your worst enemies. 

Note: Do not choose the “Update” option from the game notifications because you can only achieve this through the official game version. Once you try to update it on a mod version, the game closes and you cannot have it later at any cost. Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia is already available in the optimum possible conditions. 

Features Of Mini Militia Wall Flying Through Walls:

There are multiple features that this game version holds so let’s give you a very quick intro about each of them. Some are pretty similar to those of previous ones and some are brand new and you will feel awesome reading them.

Double Guns:

Using weapons with both hands and getting an excellent combination of guns is very amazing to win a battle. While playing a multiplayer game, you can fire and shoot your enemies with 2X power. You are equivalent to two players firing so utilize this power to help you gain the perfect efficiency. 

Unlimited Bombs:

You are going to enjoy an unlimited number of bombs and grenades throughout the game. Hence, you must feel the enthusiasm in the full climax and shoot your opponents without caring for any shortage. 

Fly Through Walls:

This is the principal feature of the game and everyone is fully excited to know how it works. Just get the game version and there you go to cross any wall in the flying-through-walls feature. Plus, you can gain additional power to cross the bushes without having injuries and hence, no health damage. You and your bullets and bombs can shoot your target no matter how solid is the wall or how strong is the building. 


Gravity Independent:

Usually, you need a nitro pack to fly through the air and this takes either the collection of nitro packs or you have enough money to buy them. Here, in the mod version, you will have gravity independence, which means you would not have to worry about spending energy on flights. No gravity means no energy expenditure on flights. So you may fly for hours without having any nitro packs in space. 

Transparent Bushes:

Just like the “Invisible Walls” you have now access to “Invisible or Transparent Bushes”. Don’t worry if you cannot locate your enemies due to dense bushes in jungles because in this version the bushes are transparent for you. You can see clearly without any hurdle in vision and hence drop your enemies at a lion’s speed. 

The best way to kill your enemies is to first check their location on the map and directly rush towards that point. They can feel safe while hiding in bushes and taking shelters beyond walls but you can smash them as you do in the clear battleground. 

Dual Bullet Shoots:

Another latest update is the “Dual Bullet Shot” with a single gun. You have to fire for once and the gun will shoot two bullets at a time. This seems good as well as bad. The good point is you can kill your opponents at a double rate but unfortunately, you will lose your bullets at a faster rate too. Again, if you have a mod version you can have unlimited bullets to overcome this fear otherwise wield this feature very carefully or turn it off. 

How To Mod Mini Militia Game:

If you have access to  libcocos2dcpp. And a deep knowledge of encryption and programming then you can make a mod of your own choice. Utilize our apk file to have some ready-made work and then proceed to add your own. Our apk has all the features we just described and in case you don’t want to add features you can play Mini Militia as you like. 


Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 is a very addictive game and once I had the Fly through-walls feature, I couldn’t get out of the enchanting impact it brought. The game becomes a thousandfold more interesting and all I love is to play as many levels of the game as I could. 

If you long to gain a higher rank on the leaderboard then this Ghost Mode will definitely help you a lot. Download by simply clicking the “DOWNLOAD” green icon and then follow the simple instructions to install and finally start the game on your device.

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