Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod (Rocket Launcher Mod) 2023

Welcome to another new version of the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 which is the Death Sprayer Mod. just like you wished and estimated, this version is to spray deaths on your enemies via many new tactics. So, get ready to learn about this mod version and mark the victory under your name!


About Game:

Since this is the mod apk, you will have the chance to avail yourself of “Unlimited Everything” and “Unlocked Everything”. Plus, this apk will bring you a wholesome ship for attacking your enemy with unlimited shots of all weapons. So, you would be able to fire as many rockets, machetes, and saw rockets as you wish. 

You have to fire the weapons just like in a usual game, but the fire button will shoot a deadly number of fires on your target. Don’t take stress about getting short of bullet supply; fire with enthusiasm and wield all weapons with an unlimited supply of ammo. We bet you will surprise your enemy and he will feel frightened since you will attack for a total span. 

All the players find the reloading of weapons a hard process to reload the weapons. Especially when they want to use their favorite weapon and it is out of ammo. But this problem is now resolved because the game is going to reload the guns automatically. 

So if you want to make perfect use of this feature to win a game then follow my suggestion. You have a never-ending supply of ammo so, enter the game and press the fire button as long as it is effective in the game. If you apply the “Flying Mode” then the death spray mode is 100% effective. Fly over your enemies with the fire button “ON ” and you see how rapidly you can spray rockets on them to vanquish them in seconds.


The only caution you have to keep an eye on is your health because this version is not going to supply unlimited health or lives. Hence, play efficiently and swiftly, hiding under the shelters and base stations to get you safe throughout the whole game. Therefore, flying is the best option with a shower of rockets since this would give you minimal damage as compared to a face-to-face battle. 

Ultra-Death Sprayer Game Play:

Features Of Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod:

It’s time to reveal the features of Mini Militia Death Mod to give you a boost to download this game version. Read them and decide whether you can survive without having this game or not.

Unlimited Rockets:

You know, how speedily a rocket shatters its target. This barely takes a few seconds to destroy a whole base station of your rivals. So, in this mode version, you have an unlimited rocket supply that means a confirmed game victory. 

Unlimited Saw Cutters:

This is the most useful melee weapon in the game, especially when playing in a hide-and-seek style. Get over the head of your enemy and use the Saw cutters to destroy many health bars of your enemy. Using this weapon many times will finally eradicate your enemies.  Grab the unlimited supply if you are always short of saw cutters in the game. 

Unlimited Machete:

Using a machete in a perfect strategy will save you from meeting death. So, get unlimited shots of machetes and try them to dominate your opposition. 

Unlimited Mines:

Use the Unlimited mines if you know how to use them for defense or attack of your character. The mines are very sensitive weapons so, you should install them very carefully in the paths and see the results. One mine burst may smash a huge enemy in the count of seconds. 

All Store Items Purchased:

Shopping in a game is always awesome if you have unlimited money to spend or all gadgets for free. So go to the Mini Militia Death Spray, in-game store to buy whatever you long for free. 

Additional Battle Points:

You might have noticed the XP points count or the “Battle points” count on the leaderboard. To rank your position on a higher status you must collect a lot of Battle Points. This is fairly possible in this game mod where you have access to win additional battle points.  

7X Default Zoom:

If you love killing your enemies after chasing them till the end then this feature will touch your heart. You can zoom the game screen up to seven times to discover the tiniest shelter or hidden enemy and blast it. This seems so wonderful when you can kill your enemies even when they think they hid successfully. 


So, guys, I conclude that the Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod (Rocket Launcher Mod) is the best version if you want to show true enthusiasm for action. Plus, if you feel you spend your ammo lavishly then no need to worry if you have this version. Mini Militia- Doodle Army 2 has become 1000X more amazing with this advancement in fact. So, hurry up and grab apk for you.  

Download the apk by clicking the “Download” and don’t forget to seek guidelines in the comment section if you liked this version.