Mini Militia Complete Map List

Mini Militia came into existence for the first time in 2011 and has always been played like hotcakes. The game holds hundreds of versions on official and unofficial webs plus in hundreds of languages all over the world. While playing any of the game versions you have to always use the maps of areas you are fighting around. Hence, you will require a Mini Militia Complete Map List to play fairly in the game. 

The maps are essential to locate important locations on land and to install bombs or track your enemy on a certain route. Moreover, you may search, using a map, for the perfect shelters for defense and the enemy’s base stations to attack whenever the need arises. Lastly, the players switch to maps in the eleventh hour during battlefield war. So, you must know all the available maps in the Mini Militia Mod Apk, their diversity, and how to use them during a battle or prior to it. 

So, here is the list of all maps you can have access to in Mini Militia Doodle Army 2:

  • Outpost
  • Pyramid
  • Cliffhanger
  • Bottle
  • High Tower
  • Snowblind
  • Crossfire
  • Catacombs
  • Subdivision
  • Lunacy
  • Suspension
  • So long
  • No Escape
  • Icebox
  • Overseer


The perfect map for short firearms. You can see the map is very narrow on top and possesses an expansion at the bottom just like the neck of a bottle. The enemies are to face the hardest time in the narrower region and so, you need to be very vigilant there. 



This tiny map seems to lie between two deadly posts and going out of the map means you are going to meet death. Just play in a safe zone that is very very small and always stay alert in case of foreign invasion from enemies. 


High Tower:

Combat between the tall towers of the area and join quick shots. Since the map shows a long and extended region to fire you can make use of the weapons like sniper and laser guns. Also, make strategies to attack from the exact opposite point of your enemy’s position so that none of your shots go in vain. 



The subdivision maps show two closed areas or maps that subdivide the actual big map. In fact, a small path covers the subdivision on the whole map. Due to the less desired structure, this type of map is of the least use in Mini Militia battles. 


No Escape:

One of the top maps of the game due to the fun structure and perfect area. The no-escape map comprises tall towers on either side of the map and a couple of subdivision maps in the middle region. Perfect to see the fun of chasing after your enemy and selecting the safest shelters to hide. 



The lunatic map is actually in space or the moon and hence of unlimited range due to its existence in space. The gamers can now chase each other for an unlimited path of the moon map and make as many kills as they like. Plus, you can use your laser and sniper guns to make the best aims on the long paths. 



Get ready to use long-range weapons like AK47, sniper, and others prior to entering this map. You can see the multiple rectangular structures on the battlefield. The good thing is that this is an X2 nitro map that allows you to have furious flights of 8 seconds each. Grab the most powerful weapon and shoot while you fly in the skies with the speed of light. 



The whole gaming is set up on the floating units of the map. There are Floating units to fire the Missiles, Rockets, and Bazookas on this land type. Jump from or floating unit to another or use the nitro boosts to fly over them.


There are woods covered with snow and perfect snow caps to hide behind. The snowy battlefields are good to adapt the X4 nitro powers and use the creature snipers and other tools to shoot your enemies. This looks like a Christmas game screen with falling snow all throughout the game in the winter holidays.


So Long:

So Long may have an alternative name like “Loop” in the Mini Militia Battlefields. This also shows the number of miles you have covered in the loops. If you ask for the best weapon to try on this map then it is the “Rocket Launcher”. 



This map shows floating steps in a pyramidal sequence until you shape a huge pyramid. To cover this deadly map you must hold the shotgun to attack your enemies anytime in the pyramidal steps. The best map to challenge a game to your most brave friend! 



If you view the latest map type, Cliffhanger, you can see multiple Cliffhangers on the map. Thick of a cliffhanger that connects with a bridge-like path at various points on it and this is exactly what the map is. You can definitely arrange private game rooms on this map to invite your friends to dare play on this. 



This is the map with only one machine part and looks like the three iron bars interwoven in a single iron bar. You can use a variety of primary weapons like pistols, rifles, etc on this map. Go and seek hundreds of battle challenges on this complex map. 



This map type is the most desired one and popular due to the amazing guns in this land type. The gamers move along a path that divides a square into four parts in each section. There is a central middle section of the map and you are free to shoot in any direction from this spot. 



Think of various crosses (X shapes) on paper with multiple interconnections. This is what the map looks like. You can check the loops in the map as well. The whole game consists of repetitive representations of similar graphics throughout the long run. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Militia Maps

Can I get any beginner-friendly map unlocked in the game?

Yes, you can. Various mod versions allow you to get all the maps unlocked for free as a beginner. 

How can I obtain every map?

It is a step-by-step procedure to unlock all maps of the game. However, to get all maps unlocked for free at once you can get a mod version on any unofficial game site like this. 


So, friends, this was all about our establishment of the Mini Militia Complete Map List and you can check the oblivious images of each. Plus, if you want to see how to fight across each, you can watch them visually on some YouTube channels. Conceiving the maps will help you all create a better version of yourself in the Mini Militia battles. 

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