Mini Militia By Shahid IKR, Shd Mod [Pink Colour] Download 2023

Let’s see the latest Mini Militia mod apk version which is the Mini Militia By Shahid Lkr or Pink Mini Militia or Pink Wala mod apk. Instantly download the pk and then start the quick installation to finally start playing in a new realm. 

Introduction Of Mini Militia SHD MOD

Shahid Lkr was the developer of this wonderful mod version therefore you cannot have it on the Play Stores. To download this version you can access the apk from our site Quickly rush to install the Shahid Lkr mod version on your device right now and you will notice the difference between this one and all the other versions. You might be thinking what’s special about this latest version? Let’s reveal the secret now; it is all in a pink color theme- the characters as well as the whole graphical scenery of the gameplay. 

In the lay language of the subcontinent that is Pakistan and India the Mini Militia lovers call it “Pink Wala Mod”. The Shd in the title indicates the name of the developer Mr. Shahid who created this for the people having extremely pink fascination. You have two options to download the shd Ikr mod apk from our site. You can view both and download the one you like and remember you don’t need to root your device for this downloading. Let’s check out the highlights of this special game version and describe them to you, now:

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Tips To Hide Your Mod In Mini Militia

While you are participating in a multiplayer battle using any of the mod versions then it is very essential to hide the fact that you are using a mod version. This is because the other players will never want a hack or cheat version in their competition and real gamers can block the mod players. In fact, the players have to do a lot of hard work in the real version and the mod players enjoy everything for free. So, if you want to ensure your presence in the game, you must try to hide it from your opponents. Let’s see the tips and tricks to do this:

  • Don’t show off all your weapons at the first level when others are trying to unlock the weapons. You must use the smaller guns and weapons at first and then gradually use the others so that the opponents don’t suspect you using bots.
  • Whenever you have the chance to pick free weapons, don’t pick too quickly. Let the other pick them first since you have an unlimited weapons collection. 
  • Use the default weapons most of the time of the game except when you think you will lose the game if you didn’t pick a stronger weapon. 

How To Download Mini Militia SHAHID IKR MOD

Please note that we are giving you a piece introduction about the version and not encouraging you to have this necessarily on your device. You can read the whole introduction and later you can decide by yourself whether you need this version or not. So let’s see the download guide:

  • Download the mod apk from our site by clicking the link appearing. 
  • Uninstall any other older game version if you have it on your device and then go to install the newer one. 
  • Go to the downloads on your device and there click the “Mini Militia by Shhid Ikr ” file you just downloaded. 
  • An installation process will begin that may take some time, so wait until it completes and grant certain permissions for the operation of the apk. 
  • Open the installed game and start playing the latest pink theme Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia MOD SHD APK Pros & Cons

Unlimited HealthYou can’t help surviving Gas Bomb attacks
Unlimited AmmoThe game becomes boring since there is no quest for ammo
Extra GunsYou cannot show off all the guns at once because the other participants will kick you out of the game. 
One-Shot KillIf you have a choice of one shot-kill then what’s the benefit of having unlimited bullets?
Pink BackgroundIt’s lovely as long as you don’t get fed up with everything pink. 
Action MusicThere is nothing new in pick theme action music


Mini MIlitia By Shahid IKR Features

The mod version is actually a reflection of many other mod versions and this will definitely entertain you. Let’s see what are the other mod features in the game:

Unlimited Ammo:

Like all other mod versions, Shahid Lkr also gives you unlimited ammo so you can use it anywhere you like. 

Pro Pack:

Pro pack features are also available free of cost and you can now certainly mark the victory using these features. 

Unlimited Nitro Jetpack:

If you want to fly over your enemies and hover for hours then use this feature of unlimited jetpacks and nitro boosts. 

Unlimited Zoom:

The zoom screen option up to many folds allows you to find the tiniest of enemies and explore all the shelters and secret paths in a single click.  

High-Quality Guns:

A huge variety of high-caliber guns is the best way to enjoy the highest kill count among your friends. 

Totally Safe:

The mod apk is free of viruses and you can download it on any kind of device you have. 


This was all about the Latest Mini Militia by Shahid Lkr and hope you enjoyed reading all the aspects. The game is as lovely as the other mod versions and it will quench your ecstasy for pink colors. Also, the girls will love playing this action game otherwise they avoid it. 

Wrapping Up:

Doodle Army 2- Mini Militia Mod Apk is of course the best action pack 2D game and all the mods bring a new invention to the game. You can try this game version in order to push the graphic boredom away or to refresh the battle scenes with pink characters. Moreover, experiencing pink customizations and weapons will be a totally new adventure for you. So, let’s play and rate it in the comments section below! Goodbye! 

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