How To Play Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia | Beginner’s Guide


Today’s topic is for all those who are new gamers of Mini Militia Mod Apk and want to play the game with full proficiency. So let’s get started with this very special guideline “How To Play Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia”. Before we start you must install the right version of the game on your device and check the internet connection if you are unable to play the game online. 

Most of the players feel comfortable in SOLO gameplay while others chose to play in a team or in a multiplayer round. Whatever gameplay you like, you must know the perfect way to play it and use all the tactics and tools the game shows you. So this is what we are going to discuss today. 

In this blog, you will see the main gameplay modes that this game holds, the general gameplay theme and storylines plus the techniques that the newcomers are not aware of. Read and compare the procedures to the ones you used previously and embark on success on your game profile right today!


This game Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 mod apk offers very enchanting gameplay; you can judge from the cover and title photos. You may either enter the game in a single-player mode or in a team playoff with 6 members from the same subnet or 12 members from all over the world. It is obvious that solo gameplay is easier than multiplayer mode.  

If you are a new gamer then you must try both and decide which one you found the best. We can consider the Solo mode as the most played one since it does not require an active internet connection. But with the angle of entertainment and fun sight, the multiplayer mode is way too better. The overall game is so fascinating to keep your attention focussed on the screen for hours.

Let’s check out the various game forms or styles this game holds.


Additional Information

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Updated05 -March -2023
 Compatible withAndroid 2.3.3+
 Last versionv1.250.16
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Mini Militia Game Forms For Playing:

So guys, here are the three basic gameplay modes a player can select one out of which and enjoy as per his aptitude:

  1. Solo Play
  2. Quick Play
  3. Multiplayer

Let’s check out the details for each:

Solo Play:

As you know this mode is meant to help a player learn the best in single-player mode. This saves a player from playing with poor scores. Instead, you have to pick this mode to gain two big goals:

  • Training:

All the solo game modes of the games teach the players to get the correct knowledge of the game and prepare them for the multiplayer mode. So the two motives are:

  • You will easily learn the control panel and make a good grip over it in a short time of solo mode. 
  • You have Coach Sarge to help you gain the perfect knowledge about weapons and their usage. So get the solo mode if you want to wield all the weapons in the weaponry section and the essentials regarding this. 
  • Survival:

In the walls of Mini Militia Mod apk the purpose of training is to make you strong enough to fight the survival challenges. Survival is necessary for victory so you must train yourself in the best possible way to survive in the deadliest combats. After you learn this, you are obviously ready to step into the other two modes of the game. 

Quick Play:

To enter into a “Quick Play” combat of the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2, read the following points and apply:

  • Get an active internet connection to your device. 
  • Select the server in the dropdown menu of the game and then click “Ready” if you are ready to enter. Every player in the team will do the same sidewise.
  • In the maps section, it’s now time to select a map followed by choosing the language you are comfortable with. 
  • You can see the countdown starts on your game screen to refresh and reload the game for you. 
  • Start playing when the game pops up. 
  • Rush to kill the maximum number of players on your opposite side and book the victory in your name. 
  • After every game, a computerized calculation of the death count and ammo and health scores will announce the winner in the end. 

Multiplayer Play:

If you want to try the game in multiplayer mode then you should go through the following procedure. 

  • Connect your device to a secure WiFi and ask your game buddies to join. 
  • Go to the maps and select the one you want to play on. 
  • Select the Multiplayer mode, and then LAN Wifi. 
  • In the further options, you can select Death Match. 
  • Open the map you entered the game and wait until all of your game partners join. 
  • Immediately after the members’ arrival, they started playing the game in a very enthusiastic manner.
online multiplayer action

How To Play Mini Militia?

So here are the tips to play the Mini Militia:

  • You know the game’s duration is almost six minutes and thirty seconds. So try to be hyperactive for this short time. 
  • First of all, you can see your character as a member of the Doodle Army entering a vicinity on the map you selected. 
  • Use the control buttons to stroll around and check how many enemies are there. 
  • You can pick and switch different weapons you need in the game. 
  • Look at the top right corner to try the zoom-in ability of each weapon. For rifles the zoom-in range is large and for pistols, this is very small. 
  • You can check the two colored stripes on the main screen. The pink one shows the health you have and the blue one for the flying powers you have. 
  • Check a circular control button in the lower right corner to fire your weapons and take aim. Similarly, the grenade option shows the chance to throw a grenade at your enemies anytime you need it. 

Best Controls And Settings Used By Pro Players:

Techniques For Newcomers:

Mini Militia Mod Apjk’s special techniques are the best to save a player from losing a game. So one must pick them up immediately and try at once to boost his performance. Firstly, if the opponents are a little far away from you and you too are in their shooting range, then use Bazooka. You don’t have to use the sniper or other weapon that fires one shot at a time. The Bazooka will blow the whole group of people and thus raise your kill count. 

Secondly, if you think you can’t escape your opponent’s weapon then apply the suicide and kill trick. For this, throw a bomb over both of you to kill you as well as your opponent. This is to kill your enemy before he could get a score for killing you. 

Thirdly, if you cannot recover your health then suicide instead of dying from your opponent’s gunshot. The suicide option may give you victory if your kill count is the highest among all. 

Employ A Gas Bomb:

Install gas bombs in a very clever way. Find the locations your enemy will pass by and put the gas bombs in his way. Plus you can blow up a whole base station of your enemies with help of this gas bomb. 


If you have to cross an area under the shadow of bullets then prefer the “Crouch” pose. We are suggesting this since this reduces your body’s surface area. The body is less vulnerable to being attacked by your opponents. On the other hand, if you sit and cross the area in this pose, you are more likely to lose your life. 

Never Hack Into Anything:

Join the gameplay in which there are no hackers. The game hackers use different bot setups and third-party apps to gain unlimited energy or ammo. If you will interact with one such player, don’t ever plan to play the next time. 

Use Powerful Weapon Combos:

You have a variety of weapons on you and you can play better if you use combo weapons. Like you must try the sniper and rifle combo instead of sniper alone. Similarly, you should pick a shotgun to pair up with the sniper. 

Hold Yourself Secret:

It is always best to hide and fire from nowhere. Especially the players who don’t have a grip on movements and the control panel should stay hidden and move a little out of the shelters. This tip will definitely help you to gain a longer life span. 

Employ Shields:

You may have used a Guard in-game to protect your body from fires. Another bulletproof option is to use “shields”. They will, however, provide only front-side protection from bullets. So pair up shields with other superb weapons to gain maximum protection and safety. 


Who is ranking on the top of the leaderboard of Mini Militia?

The player who is ranked at the top of all players is “Gameatron” with 21 achievements.

How can I play Mini Militia offline in multiplayer mode?

One way to do this is to first create a mobile hotspot for all your friends to connect to it. Next, you should wait until all of your friends join and then start playing. This will never ask you for an internet connection in the game

How to play better in the Mini Militia game?

The very important point is to practice, if you are practicing enough and have an excellent grip on the control panel, you can definitely play better. 

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