GB Whatsapp for iPhone Users’ Latest Version

Gb Whatsapp has become an important part of every phone these days. It is regarded as the second most used app in the world with a huge user number that is 395 billion. It was released in 2009 but 99% of usage lies in the last three years. Well, every year, WhatsApp keeps updating its features to give the best to its users. On similar grounds, some unofficial services with lots of more advanced features also provide free-of-cost services.


These include the arow WhatsApp. The Gb WhatsApp, the FM WhatsApp,  the purple WhatsApp, and many more. Interestingly, the Gb WhatsApp has been the most popular among these unofficial versions of the WhatsApp. WhatsApp currently carries hundreds of advanced features in addition to the rel version of WhatsApp.talking about the devices on which we can download and install the Gb WhatsApp, it is quite consoling that the Gb Whatsapp runs very well on android as well as the iPhones.

Here, we are going to display what features the Gb WhatsApp exhibits in the iPhone and what are the pros and cons it holds. 

Features of the Gb Whatsapp For iPhone users:

The list of the outstanding and amazing features of Gb WhatsApp is given below:

  • Activate or deactivate your last seen status
  • Freeze your last seen 
  • Keep your status “always online”
  • Have the instant toasts of the online members immediately on the screen.
  • Activate or deactivate the exclusive WhatsApp aeroplane mode to stop the WhatsApp traffic.
  • Activate the hide status seen
  • Download and save status directly
  • Copy WhatsApp captions
  • See the status of unsaved contacts
  • Watch, or download the deleted statuses
  • Copy introduction of contacts
  • See the introduction below the chat name in the chat window
  • Customize wallpapers for each chat or group chat separately
  • Customize the theme (day or night) for each chat separately
  • Copy messages without copying their addresses
  • Activate the message seen 
  • View deleted messages in chats or group chats
  • Count messages for each group member in the group
  • Go to the very first message in the chat
  • Delete sent and delivered messages “for everyone”
  • Accelerate the voice clips with 1X, 1.5X, or, 2X
  • Apply 9 different kinds of voice changers to your voice
  • Have four tabs in the menu: chats, groups, status, and calls
  • Block “calls only” for unwanted calls
  • Unblock yourself 
  • Customize display pictures from characters
  • Customize display pictures from the emojis and stickers you have
  • Show display picture to “contacts except”
  • Share pictures with 90+ images or videos
  • Share lengthy videos and heavy files
  • Give the WhatsApp home page a unique look
  • Put your name on the WhatsApp top left corner
  • Change the themes of the home page
  • Change the themes with Instagram, messenger, or telegram-like templates
  • Change the colours of chat heads
  • Read last seen without opening chat box
  • Green dots online signals on each chat
  • Get the archived chats box hidden
  • Hide chats
  • Lock hidden chats
  • Lock each chat separately with a fingerprint, pattern, or password, or use a unique question-answer method
  • Send messages to up to 600 contacts at a time
  • Schedule messages
  • Use Auto destructive messages for top-secret chats
  • Use the “old” WhatsApp theme to enjoy WhatsApp in  the official features
  • Change the icon of the WhatsApp
  • Use chat shortcuts on the home screen of the phone 
  • Forward messages without 5 contacts limit
  • Put lengthy  videos on status in one click  with auto adjustment
  • Two-step verification for extra security

How to install the Gb Whatsapp on iPhone?

There are tens and millions of sites that offer downloads and installs on their pages. Find the most reliable one and get it installed.  Even if you don’t get the one for your phone, just go to our page (paste link of Gb Whatsapp here) and get it installed readily following the instructions.