Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia Ranks List, XP With Badge Images 2023

Many of the people beginning the Mini Militia mod apk are totally unaware of the rankings they have to achieve in the game. The Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia levels are super cool with gradual promotion after every battle you clear and win. 

You may have noticed a variety of symbols or badges that appear on the Doodle character’s uniform you are playing in. What do they mean?; let’s explore it today. Actually, each badge shows a special rank or stage you are standing at with respect to your efficiency and output. So, there are a total of 21 ranks you have to go through in the whole journey of the Mini Militia. 

NameDoodle Army 2 – Mini Militia
DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
Original SourcePlay Store
No.of Achievements/Ranks21
Total XP62000 points

Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia All Ranks And Badge Symbol Images

Badge StatusRankXP Points Required
PrivateRank no 1500 XP
Private First ClassRank no 2500 XP
CorporalRank no 3500 XP
SergeantRank no 4500 XP
Staff SergeantRank no 5500 XP
Sergeant First ClassRank no 6500 XP
Master SergeantRank no 7500 XP
First SergeantRank no 81000 XP
Sergeant MajorRank no 91000 XP
2nd LieutenantRank no 101500 XP
1st LieutenantRank no 111500 XP
CaptainRank no 122500 XP
MajorRank no 132500 XP
Lieutenant ColonelRank no 143000 XP
ColonelRank no 153000 XP
Brigadier GeneralRank no 164000 XP
Major GeneralRank no 175000 XP
Lieutenant GeneralRank no 186000 XP
GeneralRank no 197500 XP
General of the ArmyRank no 2010000 XP
Commander in ChiefRank no 2110000 XP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which one is the highest rank in Mini Militia?

You can see in the table that the highest rank works for the Commander In Chief, who has the largest circle of authority. 

Which is the easiest way to increase rank in Mini Militia?

Remember, there are 21 levels in Mini Militia and these don’t define a few fights only. You have to cover a number of battles in order to increase your rank by one step. Hence, you have to show excellent performance to have the best grades or output to accelerate you up to the next higher rank. 

What do you mean by XP in Mini Militia?

You can consider the XP as the qualifying points or rewards you have collected. It is a standard money or coins number you have earned as compared to other participants. 

How is ranking in Mini Militia good for me?

The Mini Militia rankings are good for you in the aspect of unlocking more locations, maps, and weapons. Moreover, it increases the game intensity you are playing and your enthusiasm as well.  In fact, the more you clear and jump on a higher rank, the more the challenging environment for you.

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