Doodle Army 2 – Mini Militia MOD APK 2023 Version (5.4.0) Unlimited Everything & All Unlocked

Additional Information

App NameDoodle Army 2 – Mini Militia
iOS version requirements9.0 or later
Playing ModeOnline, Offline, Multiplayer
Downloads100 Million Plus
Play store rating4.2

Mini Militia Moded APK New Version Update INFO!

So features regarding the Mini Militia Mod Apk are:

  • Unlimited resources health, ammo, money, nitro, bullets, gas
  • All maps unlocked
  • All weapons and guns unlocked 
  • All dresses unlocked
  • No Ads
  • 100% FREE shopping
  • Maximum level = 99th level 
  • Plenty of Secret Features
  • Power Boost
  • Rapid Fire
  • Premium Hacks
  • High ranking Game version
  • No Reload
  • Mod Selection Choice
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Offline Mode
  • God Mode

How To Download & Install Mini Militia MOD?

The installation process of the Mini Militia Mod Apk is so easy and you may have a few steps:

Assigning permission to the third-party apps: 

    The first step in the game’s installation is to let the apk get third-party permissions from your device. Most of the devices do not permit the mod versions to involve third-party apps. Go to your phone’s settings and then permit the “Download from unknown sources”  by toggling the slide button. 

    Downloading the Mod Apk File: 

      The next step is to download the mod apk from the site you see it above mentioned link. The mod file will start downloading as you will press the download button. Make sure you have a good internet connection. 

      Installing the Apk:

        Once you download the apk you can install that by going to your file manager and opening the apk from recent “downloads”. The installation will begin immediately if you have deleted the previous data. 

        Clearing the Old Versions:

          Before you start the installation it is mandatory to delete the previous versions of the game. If you have an older version of the game or you have the original version of the game, then you must delete it to begin the installation of the newer one. 

          Starting the Mod Game:

            It’s time to open the new old version of the game you just installed. Go to the mod apk installed Mini Militia Mod Apk and start gaming right then!

            Introduction Of Mini Militia MOD APK

            Craving for a multiplayer combating game? Get, set, and ready for the multiplayer Mini Militia MOD APK with the cutest doodle army ever. Participate in hundreds of multiplayer games online with friends all over the world and prove your strengths by rising up to the top of the leaderboard.

            The game is famous enough to collect more than 100 million and you can imagine how terribly people love this game throughout the whole globe. The game gets a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in the latest 2023 gameplay of Google Play Store. Install directly from there with heavy payments or get one from this site with a 100 % free offer. 

            Join and invite your friends to have the best time passage activity. Design, shop and invent new items and win millions of rewards in the circles of this game. We are sure that every kid plus 12 years can learn the game tactics very easily and start playing immediately. Scroll down till the end to have more chunks of information about features, gameplay, and mod features. 

            Different Mini Militia Modes

            Here comes the time to enlist the various gameplay modes this game shows up. During all levels, you will observe and switch to the various modes of the game like:

            Training Mode:

              The training mode is for the players in the offline mode. The players can open the game in absence of any internet connection and can connect to the trainees of the game. The Militia trainees help the players to get the right choice of ammo and guns; plus they teach you how well you can perform in the game when in a teamplay game or solo. 

              Doodle Army Survival:

                Switch to this mod if you want to learn the best game techniques in an offline mode. This is what you will need in order to train yourself pretty well and generate full enthusiasm for the amazing action game. 

                Onslaught Mode:

                  This is an online mode of the game where players can get extensive interaction with the maps, and all the weapons in the best possible manner. Go ahead in the onslaught mode to face all the deadly monsters, weapons, and challenges you had never heard of. Play the stipend modes like Free Fight and Survival and many more. 

                  Endless Survival Mode:

                    This special game mode is necessary to win you a lot of rewards after you complete a number of missions. Grab the VIP status in the game and in turn have free entry into this mode without spending your valuable energy bars. Enjoy the noobs and PRO players in the game, depending upon the mission you are and the level you are playing. 

                  Team Death Match:

                    As the name of the mode shows, this is the special gameplay mode that gives you the chance to fight and win till your death. You may lose if you are a beginner but if you have mastery then you may cover all the other enemies of the game. Remember all the participants in the game are super professional and you need extra energy to enter the game. 

                    How To Change Face Mini Militia

                    As you start playing the game, you will desire to change the avatars and apply all the customizations this game holds. Have an unremarkable series of choices to change skin colors, costumes, and everything else. 

                    So while changing the appearance the players have various options they can try. Like if you want, you can switch the whole avatar with another one in the options. These doodles are so mysterious that in fact most of the players get this instead of changing the separate features. 

                    Change Facila Expression

                    The facial expressions, skin tone, and other facial features are also applicable to the doodles. The face and the face textures are the basic options you can change the appearance of the characters. Besides, you may also get abundant options in eye shape, eyebrow shape, and the styles of how they lie over the eyes. This is the whole make-up that changes the looks of the characters from head to toe and the multiple options in the gameplay will never match your character with another player. 

                    Change the costumes as per your want and also try the beard styles that the characters carry on their face. Moreover, you may design their hair to give them a special hairstyle so that they may look even cuter. The whole procedure of selecting and changing the looks of the avatar is so lovely to engage you in different levels with better interest. 

                    Complete Process

                    To change the looks and the physical appearance of the characters in the game you will have to go through the following steps:

                    • To change the faces of the Mini Militia Army Doodles you will need a special apk that you can search as “APK Editor Pro”. 
                    • Search for the file and install it on your device. Later you have to activate it by opening it and then the last step is to add this to the editor. 
                    • Now select the file which you want to rename. 
                    • Changing the file name offers three choices to you: 
                    1. Simple
                    2. Full
                    3. common
                    • We will advise you to select the “easy” option so that this will be so convenient for you to change the file names you like. Suning this option you will be capable of replacing the file immediately. 
                    • Enter the assets tab when you have completed the selection process.
                    • Here you will see the list of options like HD, HDR, SD, API, and AP.  to make things clear you should select the option “HD”.
                    • Going to the HD option will open up a further list of many alterable options below. But stop selecting another and go to the menu texture bar.
                    • As you will click the menu texture tab it will open there extending the features it encloses.
                    • Check out the lots of PNG that the menu texture shows. You can see the different variety of pictures, gifs, and images. 
                    • Save the original file before you bring the various changes to it. 
                    • Go to the Images tab and click it.
                    • Search the APK Editor folder you saved earlier. 
                    • Then the menu texture png will be ready to edit. 
                    • So the further procedure is so simple. You have to save the pictures you like in the form of png files and then go to the apk editor format quickly and then to the menu texture tab there. Select the edit option in this tab and edit the pictures you have selected in this selection successfully. 
                    • Now, clicking the Menu Texture option will put you in the Mini Militia Folder. 
                    • You can now see clearly that a face-changing option is appearing here. 
                    • You can now alter the game’s editing characteristics and don’t forget to save it right away. 
                    • Let the file load properly and then you have to save these changes to the game’s original structure. 
                    • A notification will confirm that you have installed the editor and it’s working now. 
                    • Press Install now and the celebration will begin.
                    • After you launch the game, you will see the changes you made are there already and these will always stay there as long as you will want. 

                    What Is Mini Militia Mod Apk?

                    Most of the players wonder if the Mini Militia Mod Apk is available on the Play Store then what is the purpose of Mod versions? Let’s clarify the difference between the two types of games.

                    You know when you install a game from the Play Store, it offers many in-app purchases. For this game, the Google Play Store offers the n app purchases ranging from 110 PKR  to 10,900 PKR. This is costing an arm and a leg for the players who usually play 100 % free games on the internet. 

                    Moreover, when you come to play the game, it shows a high fraction of the stages as “locked”. This means the players may only have those if they have cleared the previous stages. Additionally, when you look up the weapons and the doodle costumes the same problem is there. A player cannot enjoy a game if nothing is unlimitedly available for free.

                    To resolve such issues, we bring here the Mod version of the games which are actually the unofficial versions of the game. The Mini Militia Mod version helps you get a higher rank in the game’s leaderboard by giving you access to unlimited resources. It works in exactly the same way as the original version. 

                    Not only the Mod version is available for android phones but also for the PC if you have another particular app which is the Emulator ( e.g Bluestacks). Get it over your PC and bring the ultimate fun to your home. 

                    The Storyline Of The Game

                    The story of the game begins with a past story of how the different ghosts and monsters have escaped the lab and started invading human societies. These zombies that are the result of the black magical actions are expanding day by day. Thus, it is your duty to control their population to save the world. 

                    You will go in the disguise of the doodle armies onslaught on the part of zombies that have left now. All the 99 levels of this game continue the story and a narrator tells you the updates all through the way. 

                    online multiplayer action


                    This game starts with the scenes where a witch is preparing some deadly zombies in her laboratory and then there comes the horrible planning to send them to the humans. The zombies go around the whole government of the city. This is now you and your doodle army who are ready to swap away these bloodthirsty creatures. 

                    Wield the sources you have and protect your boundaries. The cute characters with their remarkable powers are there to assist you; you must notice the maps and the special areas on maps that show the population of the enemies in a particular region. 

                    Besides, using the weapons, you have to make use of the skills that are innate in you. These include Nitro Flying mode, snipping, shooting, melee and fire,  and jumping. These skills become so significant while passing through the dense forests that you may lose your energy due to injuries otherwise. 

                    Mini Militia Modded APK Features

                    So guys, here is the list of the Moded features that this latest version contains for you:

                    Unlimited Nitro:

                      The characters have to fly and jump in the game whenever they have to use this talent. This is however dependent on the supply of Nitro Gas that is filled in their sack or air balloon to give them a push. The characters can fly as long as they have the nitro gas so if that goes out, the fun of flying fades out. Therefore the mod version offers you unlimited Nitro Gas so that you may never miss the entertainment sessions to use the tricks that require nitro. 

                      Premium Version Unlocked:

                        Unlocking the premium version confirms your access to all the items you need in the game. These are Melee weapons ( hand weapons) like swords, daggers, knives, etc, and short-range weapons like ninja stars and long-range weapons which are guns, etc. Plus all the magical spells that you will cast on your enemies are now unlocked for free. 

                        Unlimited Ammo:

                          The ammunition supply is limited in the real version of the game and you may get a near miss in the battles due to lack of ammo or reloading of guns. The Mini Militia Mod apk gives you an undeniable offer to have all the automatic reloads of your weapons as well as unlimited ammo. So there is never a loss due to these elements and you may have fun at a climax in this latest mod version. 

                          Absolute Money:

                            Like all other games, the official version of the game awards you money only when you fulfill some conditions like completing the special levels. If you can’t, you can’t avail the money and ultimately you will fail to buy the items you desperately need in the game. The solution is in the mod version of the Mini Militia; it gives you unlimited access to money in the whole game. You may get whatever you want from the shop, no matter how expensive that item is.

                            Unlimited Health: 

                              The Mod version gives you never-ending health. Availability of this version, you will never get any weapon injury that could reduce your health. Also, you cannot get any harm due to bullets and thus enjoy an infinite game life and win all the levels successfully. 

                              All In One Mod:

                                It means you can collect all the features of the game ( original as well as the mod) in the same version of the game.  This is mouth catering in fact so let’s get it immediately. 

                                No ADS:

                                All the real versions of the games carry an unbearable amount of ads that interrupt the gameplay badly. Whenever there is a notification, there is a break of ads as well that a player can seldom skip. To wipe such conditions the mod version offers you the no ads mode, where there would be no ad to display on the gameplay screen. In turn, you will have very relaxing gameplay as long as you are playing free of any cost. 

                                Brilliant Features Within Game

                                1. Armies: The game is all about dealing with armies vs armies combats. You have your doodle army in contrast to the enemy zombie armies. The one that performs the best to invade others will ultimately dominate. So get your army cheered up and attack with the greatest enthusiasm ever. 
                                2. Archery: Your army contains the most authenticated archers and why not use them against your enemies? Put your best archers at the particular secret spots and order them to throw arrows unlimitedly to save the honor of your nation. 
                                3. Swordsman: 

                                The swordsmen are the special melee army; even when there are long-range weapons. These do have their role in destroying a big fraction of the opposite side. Set them and see what skills they do actually have. 


                                  The game is a little about dealing with magical tricks and spells. The opposite army is hundred percent mystical so you surely will need a few facts against them. Here is the magic expert that we call the sorcerers, they will smash away a big group of enemies that have gathered around you. Also, the spells act like missiles; throw them to see their long-distance killing action on a big scale. 


                                    The weapons and spells are not enough to deal with your clever enemies so you have to seek help from a special army “rogue”. These are famous for creating several clever plans to attack your enemy and possibly backstab the enemies to devastate them. 


                                      Just like the title shows, these are the most talented parts of your army that would hunt for the whole team. They are the best survivors and perfect in hit-and-run attacks, therefore, managing the toughest situations ever. They know the best use of the weapons like swords, daggers, and bows and arrows to keep you tension-free from sudden enemy attacks. 


                                        Snipers do play a very admirable role in breaking into walls of castles and all the gates that a normal fighter cannot cross. They will surely amuse you with their sky-high jumps and stunts in the air. 

                                        Upgrade You Weapons

                                        Combo System:

                                          The combo technology in the weapons creates a wonderful weaponry arrangement. The player can use two weapons at a time in a single weapon that is a two-in-one type setup. This interesting combo is making the game many folds more fascinating for the players. 

                                          Updated Version of Mini Militia MOD APK 2023:

                                            In the latest updated version of the game, you can have the mod version at any location on the globe without rooting your device or using any VPN. The game is totally free of cost on any device you are using that is Android or iOS. 

                                            Multiple Levels: 

                                              The players get a very enchanting atmosphere in the game if there are multiple levels with a variety of scenes and themes. The same is the case here; you can have access to any of the levels you see here. Enjoy the levels and give your best outcome in each and every battle. 

                                              No Reload: 

                                                The players often lose their game during a harsh battle if there is an unfortunate refill while firing the opponent. To avoid all such uncomfortable situations, have the mod version with the automatic reload features and enjoy the game without any pause. 


                                                  The leaderboard shows the players at the higher levels with the best performance. If playing a real version you can get to the top months later on a very rare chance. While playing a mod version, on the other hand, you will have 100% access to all the higher levels without laying the previous ones. So get up and rise to the top to brag about your level in your friends’ circle. 

                                                  User-Friendly Interface: 

                                                    This mod version is a totally user-friendly interface and is compatible with all types of devices you install it. The memory of the device will never overload and there is no chance of interference with the OS of the phone. 


                                                      The game holds 2D clear graphics throughout the game. Whether you have to watch the maps or check the quality of the graphics on weapons and characters; everything is vivid and so beautiful. In fact, the cartoony animation is the one that attracts the players most towards the Mini Militia mod apk latest version. 

                                                      Leveling Up:

                                                        The players can level up themselves after they cross level 40. So keep accelerating forward and win all the levels with the perfect efficiency you can display. 

                                                        Collect Awesome Rewards

                                                        VIP Membership & Servers:

                                                          This mod version of the game gives you a chance to get VIP memberships and enter the various combats for free. In fact, they make easy access to all the items that a player may need during battles like weaponry, costumes, and shopping. Playing the game on any kind of server is error-free so you must try it anywhere you are. 

                                                          2D Animations:

                                                          As you know this is a mobile game so the characters and the scenes are so tiny to fit in perfectly on the screens. Use any of the devices you have and enjoy the adorable 2D animations throughout the whole gameplay without any glitches. 

                                                            What’s New In The Latest Version Update

                                                            Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia MOD APK 2023 version offers you the facility to have the following key features with a free-of-cost tag:

                                                            • You may get every single item in unlimited supply. It means you will be able to have free unlimited money, shopping, weapons, and all the customizations. 
                                                            • You can have the wonderful opportunity to upgrade the weapons you will use in this battle game. The latest upgrade includes the automatic reload feature in weapons and the combo system in the use of the weapon. 
                                                            • Since there are no ad interruptions in this game type, therefore you can play it without any interference from the ads throughout the whole gaming hour. 
                                                            • The mod version allows you to have the game without rooting your device so that you can have it anywhere in any continent of the world, anytime. 
                                                            • The multiple-mode selector offers you the opportunity to select any mode. You can switch to any of the modes while you are playing the game. 

                                                            Mini Militia Mods:

                                                            Mini Militia Mod APK is offering you a variety of features as compared to any other mod version on the internet. These are:

                                                            • Invisible Mod Apk
                                                            • God Mod Apk
                                                            • Toggle Mod
                                                            • Death Sprayer Mod Apk
                                                            • Mini Militia 3D
                                                            • Shd Mod
                                                            • Unlimited Health
                                                            • Speed Mod
                                                            • Mini Militia 3
                                                            • Mini Militia Avengers

                                                            Most Common Mini Militia Problems And How To Fix Them,

                                                            If you are having the game on your phone in a break or a mod version, you may encounter various issues with the game. You may get worried if your character is stuck in the air with no motion and everything else is going smoothly. Whatever the game issue is, there is always a way to figure it out and play the game once again. To provide the various issues and their solutions in your mind, we are going to list a few issues and their solutions. Let’s check out each one by one:

                                                            • Server Problems: Failed To Load Online Server List
                                                            • Connection Lost, Log-In Problems, And Players Not Found
                                                            • Unfortunately, Mini Militia Has Stopped Working
                                                            • Player Hanging In Mid-Air
                                                            • Slow And Lagging Performance
                                                            • Factory Data Reset
                                                            • Pro Pack Retrieve Issue
                                                            • Online Offline Multiplayer Lags

                                                             Unfortunately, Mini Militia Has Stopped Working

                                                            This is the major problem that all the players of the Mili Militia Mod apk happen to face. During a battle, the game suddenly stops showing you the notification: “Unfortunately, Mini Militia Has Stopped Working”. No matter how many times you try and retry, the same error shows again and again. To avoid this condition, we do have a solution fortunately and you can apply it after you get it:


                                                            • Open up the android device settings.
                                                            • Go to the “Developer’s Option” there and enable this option.
                                                            • After you enable it, there would be a list of options lying under the developer’s option. 
                                                            • Look up “ Don’t Keep Activities” and toggle it to deactivate it. 
                                                            • Now, the device or the game only will restart after which you can see the issue resolved.

                                                            Server Problems: Failed To Load Online Server List

                                                            Sometimes there is another notification that keeps on blinking on the game screen. You can see the “ Trying Server” or “ Failed To Load Online Server List” in the notifications. This happens if your internet connection is too slow to give you a chance to reload the game. However, if you think the internet is perfect then you can try the following solution:


                                                            • Go to the reload option and reload the game. 
                                                            • Go to the phone’s APN settings and change its orientations periodically. 
                                                            • Unfortunately, you would not be able to partake in the next combat since the developers just raised the standard of the device for gameplay.

                                                            Connection Lost, Log-In Problems, And Players Not Found

                                                            You can figure up all the above issues like login issues, or Players not found by simply keeping the settings to the default. 

                                                            This is the procedure for how can you put all the settings to default again:

                                                            • Go to the phone’s settings and then scroll till the end.
                                                            • Here you can see the option” more” at the end of the list. 
                                                            • Click to open it up. Go to the reset apps and tap it to reset all the settings. 
                                                            • Now select the “ reset apps” and the problem is nowhere. 

                                                            The server List In Custom Mode Does Not Match

                                                            This is the issue regarding the characteristics and features of the customizing options in the game. You can see there are no characters matching in custom that does not match on other servers.


                                                            • The solution to this problem is quite simple. You can see several options to re-download the game. 
                                                            • If you go through this procedure, you can see there is the same list in the server as well as the custom option.

                                                            Slow And Lagging Performance

                                                            The devices have two types of memories: external as well as internal. But you know the sim cards have an internal memory for games like this. To solve the issue you need to clear the internal memory from the Sim Card and download the game once again.


                                                            • Open the setting on your phone. 
                                                            • Go to the apps and click it. 
                                                            • Select the Mini Militia Mod apk by selecting it. 
                                                            • Go to the storage and change the storage option of this app to the SD Card. 
                                                            • Drag the app to the SD card and then tap on “ change”.
                                                            • This will resolve the problem if your game was very slow and lagging.

                                                            Online Offline Multiplayer Lags

                                                            Sometimes you and your partner in the multiplayer game do not have identical moves. This destroys the fun of the multiplayer Doodle action game and if you want this would not to happen again then check your internet connection. If it is good, then request your friend to use a better internet and a better device for gameplay. 

                                                            Player Hanging In Mid-Air

                                                            The Mini Militia Mod apk is helpless to solve this issue. Even if the whole game is smooth, the ammo is good and there is no trouble with the internet, the character sometimes hangs in the air. The mod and the official developers are searching for solutions and soon it will be. So, if you face such an issue, restart and check if it is okay. Again you may restart or reboot your phone for a better connection. 

                                                            Factory Data Reset

                                                            This process will resolve all your issues if you are serious about doing this accurately. One important thing that you must know is that it can remove all the data on your phone. So before you apply for it, you must save your important chats and messages. Then follow up the following procedure:

                                                            • Go to setting on your phone and open “ personals”. Here you can see: Backup and Reset Options.
                                                            • Go through the confirmation process. 
                                                            • Click the Factory Reset and then reset the phone.
                                                            • At last, click the delete all option. 
                                                            • Reboot your device and here it is the new phone where you can play your mod version of the game easily. 

                                                            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

                                                            Is Mini Militia Mod Apk an offline game?

                                                            This game is available in both modes that are online as well as offline. However, to play a multiplayer session of 6 players, all the participants need an active internet connection to their devices.

                                                            How can I cheat on Mini Militia Mod Apk?

                                                            This is so simple. You should not carry any additional step other than the mod apk installation. All the cheats are in your mod version and you can have them anytime. 

                                                             Is the game safe for Kids?

                                                            No, it is not. The game is full of combats and battles so a kid’s mind may get anxiety and other mental issues from this game. It is only for kids more than 12 years old. 

                                                             What should I do when Mini Militia Mod Apk drains my phone battery?

                                                            Since the game is active and needs more battery to play then it will definitely drain your battery. The only way to get out of this is to switch off the app when you are not playing it. 

                                                             Is there a SOLO mode for the Mini Militia Mod Apk?

                                                            Yes, there is a SOLO mode for the MiliMititia Mod APK. This is actually the offline practice mode for players so that they can play in SOLO. 

                                                            How many players can join in a multiplayer game of the Mili Militia Mod Apk?

                                                            Multi-player Mode is for 6 players, therefore, you will have to invite 5 friends or the game will bring any of the 5 players automatically

                                                            How can I resume my Mini Militia Mod Apk on another device?

                                                            To resume your game on any device, you will have to log in with the same e-mail address. If you don’t you will have to restart the game.

                                                            How can I play the Mini Militia Mod Apk on my PC?

                                                            This is pretty simple; download any Emulator on your PC and play any android game like Mili Militia Mod Apk.

                                                             Who developed the game  Mili Militia Mod Apk for the first time?

                                                            Appsomniacs LLC was the first studio to create the very first version of the Mini Militia. Later many further official and unofficial versions emerged gradually with time.  

                                                            Can I  install and play Mini Militia Mod APK on my iPhone?

                                                            Yes, you can. This is an android game for any mobile like android or Apple. 

                                                            What is the genre of the Mini Militia Mod Apk?

                                                            The game Mni Militia Mod Apk is an action game with lots of shooting and killing multiplayer and single-player battles.


                                                            So, guys, this is all about the most beautiful and amazing action game Mini Militia Mod Apk’s latest version. If you loved the features then you can install it right from here by pressing the DOWNLOAD button. To have more such wonderful games, visit us on a daily basis and comment if you have a suggestion.

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