6 Best Chatting Games Online Free to Play Over Text

best online chatting games. The games people usually play are either single-player or multiplayer or both. The games in multiplier mode are liked more frequently than the single-player games comparatively. There are multiple reasons for this. The most important and prominent one is that the players can socialize with each other and develop interactions. They can have sportsmanship with each other and can learn a lot from other players. A team, in a multiplayer game, is usually formed with a number of players from all parts of the world. So playing multiplayer games provides a golden chance for the players to keep bonded in a single gameplay. 

Many times multiplayer games have the facility to keep players chatting during the gameplay. In fact, such chatting games in online free packages are really in demand. The chatting may be provided in different ways like voice chatting, video chatting, and text chatting. Sometimes a game may have all three together in the same game. It is the player’s choice to choose what mode of communication he will like the most. And, those who don’t want to take part in the conversation may simply turn off the chatting options. There, they play the game silently without speaking to others. But still, they may enjoy combined gameplay.  Like playing cricket or hockey together in a multiplayer game.

In this section, we are going to discuss the world’s top, famous and hit online Free multiplayer games with chatting. Chatting keeps the players indulged in the game and they may kill the time more efficiently in each other’s company. The entertainment and fun are beyond measurement in online free chatting games. Read till the end to see which game will suit you the most.

The Salem: 

This multiplayer survival game connects the players in an ancient era with all colors of old history. There are no resources but you have to build definitely to survive. Be a farm person and grow the cops, fields, and trees. Hunt animals for food and also raise your own in your farmhouses. Develop interactions with your companions. Keep mining to discover more resources from the earth’s crust. Besides, there are enemies to compete with. So be smart enough to dominate over them and destroy their crops and fields. You will also participate in the big fair contests in your village where you can become the champion of the area. Lastly, there is the touch of witch stuff to make your enemies suffer even more through the magical spells. 


Second Life:

The 3D mesmerizing content of this game is just awesome to view. The player has to create his character in the game firstly after logging in and then starting the endless journey of fun. The player can choose the type of fun he wants in the modern world. He may choose either to enjoy and tour with friends in various islands or he may taste the adventures of the world via this virtual 3D platform. He may meet new friends from all over the world and chat with them. The game itself provides the parties room and the chatting occasions a clubs to help to socialize with people of your interest. Those who miss their leisure time in their busy life will love this game.  It is a very fun moment to recall that memory online in a multiplayer mode of second life.


Lady Popular:

Just like the name indicates it is a purely girlish game for ladies of all ages, especially teenagers. The ladies have full-time fun in the game since the game is A to Z girly and pinky. The pink theme and the activities that the player has to perform make the players mad. The game starts when the player has to develop her own dummy in the 3D fashion world by selecting the best get-up. There is a full variety of selecting facial features, dresses, hair, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, heels, and everything that girls need. The girls may try these on them and finalize the one they wish. Next, they enter the clubs to find the best match for their boyfriend forever. The real fun starts when they compete in the fashion industry to prove their skills. Every step is associated with special prizes and winning packages that the players will love.

Lady Popular

The Maplestory 2:

 It is a 2D multiplayer chatting game online that brings a couple of activities for players that keep them busy together. The game’s theme shows that you have to live in different popular cities in the world. The players get the membership of an anemic group of characters that have to thrust fun and entertainment together. The jolly scenes start when they all rush to meet up on a party ship. The amines fly, drag and slide along roofs, air, and the lobbies and finally reach their destination. Then the game gives you the golden moments of singing, dancing, and socializing with your game mates in all possible ways and chats. 

The Maplestory 2

Lucent Heart:

This game is one of the 3D, most-played online games with anemic characters. The lucent heart attracts the players due to the nice theme and gameplay. The player has to find the best match for the character by socializing. Socializing demands the characters to be close in relations by dating and meeting. The cute characters, conversations, chats, and talks are enough to make the players spend hours on the game online free of cost. 

Lucent Heart


It is the most developed and advanced game in the world of 3D chatting games. The game has distinct rooms: the home, chat room, shop, and create. At home, the players have to interact and date opposite genders and also tour with their soulmates. The “create” catches up the attention by letting the players get lots of avatars for male and female models. The huge dressing and modeling variety is available with free trials. The  “Chat room” helps the players chat with each other and get them to socialize together in the vicinity of the game.  The “shop” brings the players to come in an online shop where they can buy whatever they want. 


More chatting games online in multiplayer and single-player modes are listed below:

  1. Roblox
  2. Habbo
  3. Planet Calypso
  4. The 5 street
  5. Lodu star
  6. The ludo king
  7. The carrom
  8. PUBG
  9. Eleven Stars


After reading the whole page, hope you will get a complete guide about the best online multiplayer chatting games. You can have fun with any one of the above-listed ones according to your choice. To have the best mod games installed on your device don’t forget to visit our site Princemodapk.com.