Best Driving Games for Android 2023 | Top Racing Games


It’s an age of a fast and accelerated world whirling in the deep ocean of the internet web. Everyone finds a rare time to play games in a hectic routine. Therefore it is very important to highlight the best games so that one may select one out of them instead of surfing the play store for hours. This saves time and also gives a piece of professional advice to gamers from the best analysts of games all over the world.

The games that gamers usually love to play share a common origin. They are either adventure-based or mystery-based, action or racing and driving. The racing and driving games are released in plenty of numbers to provide a variety for the players. The google play store and the iPhone play Store are loaded with such content that is really “too much”. Among the racing games, there are almost more than ten thousand that can be downloaded from PlayStore. 

Keeping the variety of such a huge number of racing and driving games, we are hereby listing some of the best racing games. Scroll down to have a brief review of the best racing games we short-listed for you:

Hill Climb Racing 2 :

The Hil Climb Racing 2 is a very mild and cool game, especially for kids. The game starts with the pretty good stuff of easy levels then there are gradual tough paths and hard mounting tracks. As the game grows up there are even more challenging paths that make the cart or vehicle go uncontrolled. The game is super colorful and available in full customizations.

Dr. Driving 2:

The Dr. Driving 2 game is a unique game, with very beautiful control of the vehicle. The game is marked by many different levels with different challenges. The challenges include driving a bus, taxi, or car at various speeds. As you perform more extraordinarily, more rewards are here for you to help you take the victory.

Truck Driver City Crush:

Truck driving City Crush, as the game says is a very adventurous thrill-based racing game. The truck or vehicle you got is to be handled and unlike other racing games, you have to do the treasure hunts for your assigned missions and tasks.

Real Racing 3

It was released by ELECTRONIC ARTS and is really fun in multiplayer racing modes. It provides a virtual contest-based environment where you are participating in a big race. The audience looks up to you and you have to escape and drive faster so that you may get the full prize money.

Real Drift Car racing:

Have the best drift experience with this amazing game, and try your best to win all the levels without damage to your vehicle. It holds more than ten million downloads from google play. You may also download the Real Drift Car Racing Lite for your android.

Need For Speed:

Another product of electronic art is the turbo game “ Need for Speed” with no speed limits. The intriguing no-speed limit feature is the one that grabs the attention of thousands of crazy players that want free racing. 

Traffic Rider:

The best traffic game that tests your driving skills is the Traffic Rider. Change vehicles and locations and win coins and money to upgrade yourself.

Asphalt 8:

It is the oldest game of the phones that include bikes in car vehicles. You may either get a bike if you love bike racing or a car if you want a very smooth racing experience.

Asphalt 9:

One step further, Asphalt 9 was also released by the same superb gaming company that is Gameloft SE. You can also create car racing clubs in the game. Enrol in the best racing competitions with amazing vehicles and get unforgettable experiences.

Racing Fever:

Racing fever has been the most attractive of all the racing games with arcade racing. Have progressive rewards on your journey to becoming a king from an amateur.

The more games you want to download or install include:

  • CSR Racing-2
  • Rebel Racing
  •  Horizon Chase
  • Traffic Tour Car
  • Mario Kart Tour 


if you want to play a racing game free of any cost, then go and install the mod versions instead of the real ones. The mod version multiplies the fun level many folds by providing you with extra and free mod money and coins for every level. Also, it unlocks the levels before time to save energy.