Apk Editor Pro For Android (Edit/Hack Apps For Free)


Apk Editor Pro Latest Version 2023 is an editing tool that ensures the proper editing of features, patterns, layouts, and all the resources the app contains. Sometimes you like an app but don’t like the limitation of functions within the walls of that app. So to extend these on your android phone legally, you can install this marvelous editor. To use this editing app, you obviously need a few guidelines; therefore, come, explore with us! 

As you are more focussed on Mini Militia Mod Apk-Doodle Army 2, you must know this app’s significance for your game. You can change your doodle face in Doodle Army 2 to surprise all other gamers using the Apk Editor Pro. Thus you can get all the luxurious extensions and shop for free.  So let’s see what the app is all about in the next section. 

App About:

There may be tens and hundreds of editors on the internet and play stores. Why should you choose this one exactly then? This is because this one is hundred percent applicable on Doodle Army 2- Mini Militia Mod Apk. Using this pro tool you will be able to:

  • Edit and save your favorite game or app’s source code. 
  • Alter any app’s original orientation to have more features. 
  • Modify the characteristics of the apps you want. 
  • Add hacks to your desired app.
  • Access unlimited resources without the expense of money. 
  • Decrypt the junk characterizations and remove them to save the layout later. 

As the title of the app shows, you can have this amazing tool on androids only. And only those having version 5.00 or more are capable of installing this tool with perfect harmony. For users having androids lesser than 5, string issues are the major restriction on applications of this app. So, you have to install an XML serializer to overwhelm that issue. If you can adjust to this, then the app goes smoothly on whatever version you have. According to some users, however, XML serializer may root some duplication errors in the settings. So it’s better to use this app on the required android that is 5.00 or more. 

App Features:

So guys, here are some of the top fantastic features of this app. Read till the end to judge whether you should install this or not. We guess you won’t stop if you want these all-in-one features on your android free of cost. So let’s disclose the most important ones:

  1. Most Advanced
  2. Extremely Handy
  3. Remove APK permissions
  4. Support Function
  5. Auto-run Manage
  6. Alteration of titles
  7. Rooted/ Non-Rooted Access
  8. Availability of Application
  9. Additional Capabilities
  10. Two-Sided Editing

Most Advanced:

If you look at the variety of editing tools on the internet and compare it with APK Editor Pro Apk you will find this one as the most advanced. Everyone prefers to install the most updated versions of apps so try this one. The advanced features bring to you greater options for editing, finishing, translating, changing icons, and many more. 

Extremely Handy:

The Apk Editor plus doesn’t require you to attain any technical proficiency to deal with functions and tasks. So any layperson can use it on his/her phone anytime. Even if you are using it, for the first time, you will never find anything complex to face. Besides, the editing tools don’t display such a variety of options in an easy-to-use manner. So, you can have this app if you want to keep the working and the layouts simple and handy. 

Remove APK permissions:

After having some experience using Apk Editor Pro, you can easily modify the apk files you wish, change their backgrounds or design their new layouts. Plus you can make use of this app to ingress the unlimited features which you had to pay for otherwise. Apply hacks on your favorite games of attaining the maximum scores among your all friends. 

Support Function:

This APK Editor Pro is famous for holding the excellent experience of app rebranding and string localization on any android. You can gain the perfect speed you want, using the app limitation elimination feature. 

Auto-run Manage:

If you are looking for an Autorun Manage Function in your android then the APK Editor Pro is the best. Using this trait of the software, you can shut down the auto-running apps on your phone. Besides, this will allow you to manifest the peak features of editing all types of files on your phone. Lastly, you can store metadata of hundreds of files in the tiny memory of your device. 

Alteration of titles:

This feature of the Pro Editor allows you to alter the titles of your android programs and apps. You can not only change the icon titles of apps but also you can seat the background image in the app and discard the previous one. Everything is pretty fantastic even if you have no knowledge about editing and encrypting files. 

Rooted/ Non-Rooted Access:

Most android devices deny the special apps they need. But for the case of APK Editor x Pro, you can have this on any phone you want. Gain root access to the programs and then you are free to use the 100% strength of the app. This is extremely helpful for people who want to hack and copy orientations and layouts of original apps. 

Availability of Application:

This editor application is available on all android devices with OS versions of 3.1 or more. Android phones with OS running version 5.00 are the best to operate the Apk Editor Pro. to have this app on your tablet, PC  or Laptop you have to install an emulator first ( for example Bluestacks).  You will need no technical setups to initiate the file editing and apk alterations. 

Additional Capabilities:

As far as we have observed this app, it is so good to declare some additional characteristics of the app besides editing. You see this editor is useful for language customization, free patch abilities, code encryptions and decryptions, and redesigned apps. 

Two-Sided Editing:

The Apk Editor Pro Apk has two editing capabilities:

  • Simple Edit Features
  • Full Edit Features

So you can have both types of modifications to the files you apply this tool to. Using the simple edit feature, you can modify the file slightly with the least complications. On the other hand, to enhance the editing limits, you can obviously switch to another type and hence can check out the respective options. Whatever aspect you want, the results are always awesome. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Apk Pro Editor tool 100% free of cost?

Yup, it is. You can have this for all portable devices for free and to have it on your other devices install an emulator.

Who created the Apk Pro Editor for the first time?

SteelWorks Studios was the very first to formulate the Apk Pro Editor.

Which android apk editor is the best among all editor tools?

You have read the app information and hence you too will consider the Apk Pro Editor s the best editing tool ever.


If you are interested in installing only reliable and authentic apps on your phones, then get this one immediately. Get the latest version of the Apk Editor Pro on your device free of cost and then you can have permission to alter the features and apks of the software and apps you want. You can’t forget changing face in Doodle Army 2-Mini Militia Mod Apk. Moreover, you can alter the formats and apply hacks on all of your favorite game apps on your phone.