Top 25 Best Action Games 2023 You Can Play On Android PC and Tablets

Action games have always been very popular due to their typical gameplay which is shooting, slaying, or bombarding. The new generation is an energy generation and loves games that have full action and enthusiasm to kill their past time and energy. The play stores and the internet are fully loaded with millions of action games and even more are produced on a daily basis. The production houses keenly observe the demand and interests of the players and then propose new themes as observed. The new gamers don’t know which games are really worthy of playing and which are not. 

Here we are, to help you get a short introduction to the very famous  30 action games in 2023. You may have an idea about the theme, gameplay, graphics, background story, and many more. 

Let us start now:

Dying Light 2 Stay Human:

  • Creator: Techland
  • Date of release: February 4, 2022
  • Platform: Play station 4, play station 5, X box one, Xbox series X/S, Microsoft Windows

It is a role-playing game with action and full-time thrill. 

This action game starts with the arrival of a trained boy Aiden to the city of villedor, which has been badly impacted by the Zoombie’s attack. The boy has multiple skills with which the boy has to survive the whole journey. The skills and the tools Aiden has will assist the boy to clear the difficult times. The zombies are hibernating in corners and dark places and they cannot attack during the daytime. The boy always carries a map that is big enough to cover four screens. The map divides the area of the battlefield into seven regions to have diversity. Each of the seven regions gives unique locations and gameplay. In short, this action game will really refresh you by presenting the content of super adventurous phenomena. 

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Elden Ring

  • Creator: From Software 
  • Date of release: February 25, 2022
  • Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S

The enthusiastic action role-play game is revolving around repairing and searching for the Elden ring. The repair is important for the tarnished since this will help them to become the next Elden Lord. The nonplayer character and the other characters like Maiden, two Finger, and Melina serve a lot to help with the task. The enemy Radagon is the one who must be defeated in order to win. Make plans, try them out, and strengthen your ruins. The game can be ended in six different ways depending upon the working of the character. The superior one is that in which Tarnished becomes the Elden Lord by just repairing the Elden Ring. 

Elden Ring

Horizon Forbidden West

  • Creator: Guerrilla games 
  • Date of release: February 18, 2022
  • Platform: play station 4, play station 5

The story of the game proceeds with the third-person perspective action of Aloy. Aloy is the character that the player has to play the role of and is controllable by the player. Aloy is a hunter so exploring things is her nature. You may use Aloy to explore items not only on the surface of Earth but also deep beneath the waters and oceans. Moreover, the movements the characters can make are really really great. These include an electrical system of vanishing and appearing, flying, swimming, and sliding all across the undiscovered world. You will be assigned different quests which then you will perform using the map. Explore things, draw tools and manage to be the best in this world of action.  

Horizon Forbidden West

OlliOlli world

  • Creator: Roll7 or Rolling Limited
  • Date of release: February 2022
  • Platform:  Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S, play station 4, play station 5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

The Olli Olli World is a 3D  game of action based on the idea expressed in the Comic series and the Jet Set Radio ( a previous video game). The graphics are not digital but hand drawn but for the lovers of the Olli Olli World, it’s not a big deal. The characters can roll on walls, jump, skate,  and scroll to meet the demands of the tasks assigned. The score won by the player is the measure of how long he will persist in the challenges. The more tricks the player can display the more combos he will earn. This game is about the creativity of your own body and body actions. 

OlliOlli world

Lego star wars /the skywalk saga

  • Creator: Traveler’s Tales
  • Date of release: April 22, 2022
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S, play station 4, play station 5, Nintendo Switch

This action game was preceded by three earlier versions of the Lego Star Wars, having multiple advancements. Unlike the old version, it does not have enough luxuries in customizing characters. This means you will be unable to customize the characters by your own choice. However, the characters can surely be selected out of the 380 characters available. Moreover, the game version shows the latest model called the “mumble mode” where the players may have the choice to change their voice. They may also jump to the older version of the Lego star wars using this mumble mode.

Lego star wars the skywalk saga

Ghostwrite: Tokyo

  • Creator: Tango GameWorks
  • Date of release: March 25, 2022
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, play station 5 only

This action game is presented as a first-person perspective game and the player feels as if he or he is in the game. The theme of the game brings the player to a magical era where he has to cast spells to kill enemies. The physical powers also empower the characters with Karate and Kiju Kiri so that he is physically super strong. 

The enemy’s health indicates how much energy he has. Then casting magics and using physical movements, the player makes him so weak that his health drops to zero. This makes the player win spirit scores and resource points. 

Ghostwrite Tokyo

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

  • Creator: Gearbox Software
  • Date of release: March 2022
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station 5, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a very interesting and magically attractive game. The role-playing action game, in a combination of first-person perspective gameplay, makes it super fascinating. The players have to shoot like the original theme of the previous games of this genre, and they may haunt spirits, kill them, and earn scores. Moreover, there are now five slots for weapons instead of four and an exclusive replacement of bombs with magical spells. The players have to carry a charm as well for their safety from the magical attacks of the enemies. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

  • Creator: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Date of release: 2022
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, play station 5

Uncharted provided a series of games before presenting the last one the name, Legacy of thieves.  There in the game, a player has been assigned hundreds of capabilities like jumping, swaying along strings to move across the trees, sliding and swimming, etc. This action game can be played either with a simple touch screen or with stealth. Using stealth makes the player get the advantage of hiding and avoiding enemies. The players can enjoy the game in three distinct modes:

  1. Single player mode
  2. Multiplayer in a team of three online members
  3. Team multiplayer mode

While playing in a team of three, one of the players acts as Drake and the other two as companions. The skins of the playable and non-playable characters are customizable. 


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

  • Creator: BioWare
  • Date of release: May 14, 2021
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, play station 4,  Xbox One

The mass effect, a legendary series, has been earlier presented in the three games named: mass effect, mass effect 2, and mass effect 2. The three-game series of the mass effect are collected in the legendary edition. This action-based role-playing game keeps an additional game mode called the “photo mode”. Here the players are allowed to take screenshots during the whole gameplay. Moreover, there is a higher speed range and more levels in the game which lengthens it. Lastly, this edition holds the feature of auto-saving levels. 

Lost Judgment

  • Creator: Rya Ga Gotoko studios
  • Date of release: September 24, 2021
  • Platform:   Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S, play station 4, play station 5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

This game revolves around a murder mystery and it is actually an adventure game coupled with action. This game will decide how good a detective you could be and how fast you can resolve a puzzle. There are three styles of encountering enemies :

  1. Crowd Control Crane Style
  2. One-to-one Tiger style 
  3. Snake Style

A detective dog is assisting the search for various items and linking scents of the suspects. Detective Tayayuki Yagami, who is being controlled by the player, makes out the best strategy to make the murderer come to light. People who love solving puzzles and mysteries and action will certainly love this game.

Lost Judgment

Far Cry 6

  • Creator: Ubisoft Toronto
  • Date of release: October 7, 2021
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station 5, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S,  Stadia, Amazon Luna

The Far Cry series’s last update is the sixth one that is Far Cry 6 and it has been set on the fictional islands of the Caribbean. This game is just like other first-person shooter adventure games. The players hunt, survive and make use of weapons for this purpose, besides fighting the enemies. The locations expressed in the games are of seven types including the mountains, plains, oceans, jungle,  and urban areas. The players make wide use of ranged weapons like shotguns, machine guns, pistols, bombs, etc to make escapes and survive. 


Death loop

  • Creator: Arkane Lyone
  • Date of release: September 14, 2021
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, play station 5

This is a fictional game about the time loop and saving an Asian who has been trapped in the time loop. The time loop divided into four segments gives the player the opportunity to make up the eight targets before midnight. The player can enter the four continental regions at any time of the day and his entry will affect the people there. The first-person shooting game gives an adventure touch by providing a time deadline which is actually a flexible one. If the player cannot complete eight targets before the time assigned, he is killed. The next reborn of the player is again from the start and the time loop seems reset so the Colt has to put in the even greater effort this time. 


Kena: Bridge of Spirits

  • Creator:  Ember labs
  • Date of release: September 21,  2021
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows,  Play station 4, play station 5

This action game is played as a third-person perspective game controlling the main character Kena. Staff the Kena holds can be made to release magic spells to take out the tasks assigned. The stuff not only helps to cast magic spells but also to combat enemies. The player has to collect an army of small magical creatures called rots.  The collection of Rots and spirits makes the player closer to winning. Moreover, the gems can be utilized to purchase the best weapons and spirits. 

Kena Bridge of Spirits

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Creator: Eidos Montreal
  • Date of release: October 26, 2021
  • Platform:    Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S, play station 4, play station 5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

This action game offers the player to take control of the Star Lord or Peter Quill from a third-person perspective. The amazing fight experiences give double fun with four firing modes of the shooter gun. These shots include ice shots, plasma shots, wind shots, and lightning shots. They act in different ways like freezing or blowing the enemies but the ultimate task is to clear away enemies. The three-membered teams consist of :

  1. Gamora
  2. Rocket Raccoon
  3. Drax 
  4. Groot

The Guardian mode of the action game gives the player the role of their Guardian. Being guardians he can send commands to the fighters and they act upon them. 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Creator: French Studios Sloclap
  • Date of release: February 8, 2022
  • Platform:  Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station 5

This game is inspired by Bak mei kung fu so the general theme of the game is end-to-end action. The third-person perspective control of the game character allows the players to fight various monsters and enemies with 150  distinct attacks. The gauge associated with each enemy fills with each attack and after it is full, it is recreated with another power character. The character himself has to fight very cautiously because his death may be fortunate to make him bear again in the same spot. But the unfortunate thing is the character is aged and now he cannot survive for much time in front of the enemy. 


Black 4 Blood

  • Creator: Turtle Rock Studios
  • Date of release:  October 12, 2021
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station 5, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S

This game is a first game perspective action game that is based on the story of the four survivors of a zombie attack. The survivors are called  Cleansers and they have to collaborate with each other in order to fulfill their mission. These four members are either online players or artificial intelligence plays a role in them. The opponents in the game are called Riddens. The players have to build up their shelter using their cards in the very first stage. This action game can also be played in 2 vs 2 team mode. This team mode makes the two teams of 8 players, one as the cleansers and the others as ridden. The team which dominates the other first is declared as the winning team.

Black 4 Blood

Mario Strikers: Battle league

  • Creator: Nintendo
  • Date of release: June 10, 2022
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

This is actually a sports action game played between two football teams. The game is a representation of a whole football match with 2 teams each of five members. The gameplay goes quite smoothly with passing, shooting, and kicking the ball toward the goalpost. But the cheat items like banana peels and shells make the gameplay interesting and a little crazy. Most often the game can be played with 8-member teams and also with 20 members when the players switch to the club mode.

Mario Strikers Battle league

Trek to Yomi

  • Creator: Flying Wild Hog
  • Date of release:  May 2022
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, play station 4, play station 5, Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S

This action game involves side-scrolling for gameplay. The boy named Hiroki is the character the player takes charge of. The boy has to revenge on the people who devastated his village and he runs all alone. On the way, he meets many non-playable characters who assist his journey. The layer carries many ranged weapons like bows, arrows, etc, and hands-weapons like diggers, swords, etc. The game continues as the player accelerates the boy toward the destination in accordion with instructions. If the boy gets out of energy, the player needs to push him to the shrines to refresh him. Also if a player feels the game is difficult for him, he may switch to the Cinematic mode which makes the game easier. 

Trek to Yomi

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

  • Creator: Insomniac Games
  • Date of release: June 11, 2021
  • Platform: play station 5

Ratchet and Clank is a typical single-player game, named after the character Ratchet who plays the main role. The Ratchet and the soul friend Clank together are controlled by the player. The robot assistant and a female character Lombax accompany the Clank and Ratchet. The game continues with the usual action game stuff like weapons, bullets, first aid kits, and health tablets.  

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Escape From Tarkov

  • Creator: Battlestate Games
  • Date of release: 2022
  • Platform: Windows

The Escape From Tarkov falls in the category of multiplayer online games. This action game is possible in three playable modes:

  1. PMC raids
  2. Scavenger raids
  3. Offline

Walking on the map, the player has to reach the center of the map. But this is like the land between life and death. The character is susceptible to all types of roots, shoots, and other dangers. Moreover, the characters can find many loot items on their way to the destination like weapons, pieces of equipment, bombs, etc. These are collected in the bag pack and can be used whenever needed. The survival plus action combo will really amuse you and your entertainment lust.

Escape From Tarkov

Destiny 2:

  • Creator: Bungie
  • Date of release: December 2020
  • Platform: Windows, X box One, Play station 4, play station 5, Xbox series X/S

The game is an action game in the online multiplayer genre and contains the content found in role-playing games. This shooter game can be played in any of the two action modes:

  1. Player vs player: one player will combat with another online player
  2.  Player vs environment: this gives the opportunity to play a game between the non-playable characters and the player.

In 2023 a new chapter named the “light fall” was introduced in the game. But at the start of 2022, another interesting chapter called “witch queen” has been added to the game. 

Destiny 2

Monster Hunter Rise

  • Creator: capcom
  • Date of release: June 30, 2022
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

As the name indicates this game is specifically associated with the world of monsters. The monsters which were previously slain in the older versions of the game are now used for riding. The Firebug is a new term to this series, which is really awesome. It allows the player to ride, fly and move magically fast wherever he likes. Another companion of the player in the game is Pulmute. The latest thing in this game version is the “Tower Defense Mode”. In this mode, the player has to take out a strategy to save his village by making use of the non-playable characters. The main invasion is from monsters so the players have to prepare the best welcoming strategy to kill out the monsters. 

Monster Hunter Rise

Sonic Origins

  • Creator: Saga
  • Date of release: June 23, 2022
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch, Windows, X box One, Play station 4, play station 5, Xbox series X/S

The sonic team is in action as always and all the lovely characters. Play if you love the sonic series. 

Sonic Origins

Neon White

  • Creator: Annapurna Interactive
  • Date of release: June 16, 2022
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

The Neon light provides the players with an action world where they have to complete quests and advance. Further, the provision of soul cards is an exclusive property. The soul cards when scratched give special abilities to the players. The unusually special powers are unlocked at each level which makes the gameplay even more mesmerizing. The player is free to develop relations with the non-playable characters of the Neon White. 

Neon White

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

  • Creator: Konami
  • Date of release: 2022
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox series X/S, Xbox One

This series was started between 1980 and 1990 and is still being updated to add more and more features to the gameplay. The series comprises 13 very distinctly beautiful and amazing action games, the players can choose to play.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge

Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodhunt

  • Creator: Sharkmob
  • Date of release: April 27, 2022
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, play station 5

The masquerade gameplay brings the players to a situation where the players have to play the role of vampires and hide from the humans. They may use all types of weapons like ranged weapons, hand weapons, and others to fight with their opponents. The vampire powers allow the players to play their best role as vampires. 

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt


  • Creator: Sharkmob
  • Date of release: February 20, 2022
  • Platform: Xbox series X/S, Xbox One

This Chinese game is the third addition to the series presented earlier. The action game is basically a team vs team competition game. The three modes in the game are:

  1. Classic Mode: two teams in front of each other, one trying to plant a bomb while the other trying to check it.
  2. Specter Mode: one team with knives and the other invisible without weapons.
  3. Modern Mode: two teams compete to put their flag first on a specific location on the map.

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series

  • Creator: Bandi Namco
  • Date of release:  2022
  • Platform: Xbox One,  Xbox series X/S, play station 4, play station 5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

The game presents a cute character called Klonoa that has to capture enemies with the ring trap of his wing. The 2D action game goes well with Klonoa’s grabbing of enemies and then jumping and swinging them in the air. Also, the game introduced many different modes like; cooperative mode and stopwatch mode. This game is quite lovely and does not contain any violence so it’s best for kids. 

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series


  • Creator: brain studios
  • Date of release: 2022
  • Platform: windows

The Loopmancer is a detective action game in 2 D environment. The characters have to play the role of detectives in order to search for their goals. This game is available to be purchased on many sites but is not free. 



  • Creator:  Nintendo
  • Date of release:  2022
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch

The dangerous action shooting game is coupled with notes of music in this game. The game is played in team vs team mode and is not available widely yet. The game can be purchased very easily from any site on the internet these days. 



So guys, here we mentioned the best action games of 2023, some of late 2021, but these are the games you can never miss. Check them out, make a try and tell us how your experience was with them.

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