Block City Wars Mod apk 7.2.3 (Unlimited Gems, Money)

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App Name Block City Wars
Publisher Kadexo
Genre Simulation
                52.76 Mb
Latest Version 7.2.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gold
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About Information

Block City Wars is one of the famous games. The amazing Pixel shooter fun game was released by KADEXO on 2015, September 12. Getting the game into the limelight was appreciated highly since the game gets 1.5 million players online each day. The game is an online game so cannot be played offline and features the game with unique chatting besides all the wonderful events. Let’s read the features, mod features, and the review in detail with an eye toward perfection:

Block City Wars Mod APk Latest Version

The Gameplay of the Block City Wars MOD APK:

The game is a replica of fun freedom games like Mafia City Mod APK, GTA Vice City, etc which players can enjoy according to their mood. No rules to follow and law-breaking gives a score and the more you dodge police the more you earn. The playable character loots, fights, snatches, and does whatever a street criminal can do. Besides that, the player happens to fulfill certain missions like serial killing, delivering illegal or legal weapons, and target killing.

A good aspect of the game is that the player may act as a good cop too, besides acting as a bad cop. The good cop is in the role of a sensible police officer or a nice professional like a taxi driver, a salesman, or anything like that which does not involve felonious activities. So let’s see what are gameplay events a player can join in the Block City Wars MOD APK:

3D Pixel Graphics:

This is a unique 3D third-person perspective shooter game that is beautifully animated with Pixel art that gives a very dazzling look. Not only the character, but the other game graphics like cars, buildings, trees, and other characters express the same amazing effect. This art is specifically engaged in  Block City Wars MOD APK to make the game simpler and more sole. 

Block City Wars Mod APk Unlimited Gems

Name the Character:

After you enter the game as any of the mission participants, you have to name the character the game is asking you for. Enter your real name or nickname so that the other members may recognize you with that ID. 

Loot, Shoot, and Earn:

The playable character without getting into missions is free to kill other people strolling on street, start unaimed fights with them, or just push away while driving. All dying people will leave money for the character and he will win the game bonuses as well. Also in this free mode keep your hands free to handle the character, make a grip on weapons, and know how to search various locations in this pixel world.

 Blue Guide gas:

After you enter the game in any of the missions, you don’t know how to have gameplay start. So there are instructions popping up for you and the blue Gas area for you to reach and collect cars, weapons, or any other related item. Reach the blue gas area and have complete guidance for your missions to get initiated in full spark.

Green Guide Arrows:

Just like the blue guide gas areas, you can see the Green guide areas when you have to shoot a particular person or target a certain car or a chest. This is all for the player’s convenience in the first level but as he gets in and covers various missions, he can know everything by the map only. 

Extensive Onscreen Map:

There is a detailed map in a box that is placed in the left corner of the game screen and it displays the character’s movements, the allies’ movements, and the locations of the collectible items. Similarly, the enemies are also located and chased according to their position on the map. The green triangle shows the character you are playing, the red circles represent the enemies or targetted locations and the yellow squares show the collectible items.

To check each, the character has to chase them according to the street maps shown on the map. One may also see if the target is moving or still and from the speed of movement on the map can estimate whether he is moving on foot or driving a car. 

Collect weapons:

You have the wonderful opportunity to collect the free weapons from the game and get the ammo for shooting and looting. The weapons are not always in hand, rather the character may play empty-handed by punching only or can switch weapons. Make sure you use the correct type of weapons while you are on a particular mission. 

GOD Mode

Collect First Aid:

First aid boxes are chests with energy packed in them to recover your health in case you are injured or lost your health. See them in the bushes or trees and you may pick the only when you really need them. If the first aid boxes aren’t found and you are out of energy, then a notification will say: “you are wasted” and you die. 

Drive luxurious Cars:

The players can whenever they want to try new models of cars, may break the driving rules and make a rush drive to enjoy this virtual freedom. The cars are an important part of all missions since you have to chase and reach targets in limited time slots. The cars operate by three driving controls:

  • Gyroscope control
  • D-Pad control
  • Buttons control manual

Arsenal Pocket:

The arsenal pocket is at the top pocket of the game screen thus the player can buy the new and latest weapons with the cash bundles they win or earn. more than 100 weapons units are available for all players. The weapon variety stimulates the players for new missions. Plus the latest and quick weaponry is essential to achieve the missions earlier.

Effectuate Missions:

The missions for which the game is actually famous are really breathtaking enough to engage the attention of players for hours and days. The following series of missions categories may be selected to get one:

  • Team Battle
  • Free Fight
  • Tank Clash
  • Street Race
  • Single Missions
  • Infection Z

Allies and Enemies:

While playing in a team mission you will see two horizontal bars on the left top of the screen; one for blue and one for red with tiny hearts.  These show the allies and enemies ratios that are alive in the game. By clicking over them you can easily view the enemies that are left in the opponent’s team and the allies that are in your team. Also, you can see the whole list of the allies’ and enemies’ names to see actually which ID holders have died and which are alive.

Win chests and free cash:

On completing a certain mission the character celebrates it by pointing the gun toward the sky and standing in a certain pose. Nearby lies the chests full of gold and cash and weapons that the character won after the mission as a reward. 

Fight Zombies:

This is the feature that gives an unrealistic perspective on the game and is one like survival games. The player competes with the humans and when they die the zombies are there to fight again. Even there is a special mode of missions where you combat zombies only and they hover in the city lanes to frighten you. 

Play the Strict Police Officer:

The character after he plays the role of a rascal, thief, or robber may play the role of the policeman as well. But here, the missions are opposite; instead of assisting thieves, the character has to confirm that the thieves or other cell prisoners can’t riot or escape during a certain time slot. 

Mod Features of the latest Block City Wars MOD APK:

The mod version of the game gives the players easy access to the free feature so the game has totally unlocked everything. It also leaves the players unshackled with tons of chests of unearned free money, coins, gold, and cash. In turn, the players using this free money can buy a variety of weapons, customizations, and cars wherever he likes to spend. Besides that, the gameplay is 100 % free of all ads and promotions that make the gameplay annoyingly distorted. So get the mod version by clicking over the download link or button given and let the game be installed on your own device. 

No OBB Block City Wars Mod APk


The game symbolizes real fun and entertainment activities and brings the players to a never-ending cascade of challenges. The Zombies attack addition to the game gives it a new look to gather more fandom from the players. The game is recommended for kids of seven plus age since the pixel art makes the game’s violence to the lowest level. Play and share the game with friends and invite more to have wonderful chats and team plays. You may also like the stickman dismounting game.


The game is no doubt one of the best pixel shooter games but it does carry some flaw points. The league system demands real money to spend so that players can win. It also limits the game members who are participating thus inhibiting the good players to come and play together. Some devices are incompatible with this game so the game needs a universal capability feature. 


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