Bit Heroes Mod Apk v2.4.458 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

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App NameBit Heroes
GenreRole Playing
Latest Versionv2.4.458
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Unlimited Gems, Coins, Money, MOD Unlocked
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Bit Heroes is a pixel art dungeon crawl game in 3D environments presented in ancient-styled games and renovated with a lot to fix in this modern era. The game is meant to push the players into a world of unique monsters and unending battles with them. Not only the defensive mode, try playing the game in action mode in the real war and battle mod.

The Gameplay of the Bit Heroes: 

The hit-and-war gameplay is so easy to understand and will have the following creatures 

Discover and battle:

The players of this beautiful game are set free into the arenas of fight and battle place. The players must explore the battlefields and play on their account by gradually unlocking other levels and unleashing their discoveries and fighting desires. 

Bit Heroe Mod Apk Coins

Collect and Craft:

This game gives a hundred percent chance to players to dive and find the best materials for crafting and cutting the tools. Wherever you battle, collect whatever is left on the battlefield as your reward and wield it later to craft new items for you and your allies to have the perfect battles.


As the game is a Pixel art game, the graphics are low, and the gameplay and scenes are not as perfect as a player wishes. Plus, the player does not get the best understanding of gameplay instructions since everything is blurry, and the fonts are a little weird. 

Bit Heroes  Apk Unlimited Gems

The Giant Statue:

The players enter the arenas in a player vs. player mode, and thus, it continues until a winner is left. The player is a winner, and thus, he has to be honored. A giant statue of the player is installed in the game’s central park. 

Random Development of Dungeons and Battlefields:

As the players go into the battlefields, there are no organized levels for the players. As the players win one battle, they meet new game levels by themselves that are created randomly. 

Craft and evolve with allies:

There is an option for the players to play either in a single-player mode or in an online multiplayer mode. So the players may choose the teams and make the best team battles to have gameplay between enemies and allies. Plus, the players can stay together, collect material, and discuss the best strategies they will pick for next.

Collection of Pets:

Like any other defense and battle game, this game also provides the players with a fantastic opportunity to catch and pet monsters. The players may have up to one hundred monster collections in their teams. The monsters, your pets, will attack enemies and help you rise faster to collect, discover, and craft.

Unlock the shop with many rewards:

Getting further into the game, the players will need the various ready-made gadgets and rewards they could purchase with the money they make up. So for this purpose, playing many levels of the Bit Heroes Mod apk will unlock various rewards in the gift shop. 

Online Chatting :

Besides being an RPG and PVP game, this all-in-one game is also characterized by online chatting so the participants of a battle may communicate with each other. There they may discuss the game, think of new tools and apply the rocket sciences everyone knows.

Realistic sounds:

Besides the cute graphical content, the game holds wonderfully unique soundtracks to give a very realistic effect to the players. The roaring and weapon firing sounds are pre-recorded and don’t overlap or lag. 

Celebrate your victories:

Once a player gets a remarkable victory, he may celebrate this pleasure with a couple of other friends to motivate everyone. Plus, you will receive rewards for making it excellent and memorable. 

Online multiplayer features:

Though the game is fun, the online multiplayer feature takes the cake. Send invitations to your friends via social media and enjoy the game as they gather together. 

Android: 5.1 and up

Release date May 9. 2017

Developed by Kongregate 

Mod Features:

Here we are going to list the few mod advantages a player owns when’s installed the prescribed Hack version we offer:

  • FREE PVP tickets
  • FREE Gems collection
  • FREE Gold supply 
  • FREE Energy and a lot more. 
  • ads -Free gameplay:


The excellent game is about fighting, crafting, chatting with new friends, and having beautiful memories of the action gameplay with your friends and families. Moreover, the game’s hack version releases the stress of purchasing new items or crafting tools. You may also like mechat mod apk game.


Though the game has gathered the attention of over more than 5 million masses.  The game still needs a few improvements, which the players suggested:

  1. There must be the music enable option
  2. Naming the heroes 
  3. And upgrading the graphics.

Once done, the game may have a double fan following. Also, the players who find the real version way too expensive may take the mod or the hacked version of the Bit Heroes. 

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