Benji Bananas Mod Apk 1.54 (Unlimited Bananas) 

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App Name Benji Bananas
Publisher Animoca Brands
Genre Adventure
Size 32M
Latest Version 1.54
MOD Info Unlimited Money 
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Updated 3 Day Ago


We all know monkeys love bananas but witnessing a Monkey collecting his favorite fruit in a very fun theme really proves this knowledge. No matter how long the journey is;  Benji will never be exhausted from his lovely treasure hunt. What the treasure is of a Monkey? It is a huge banana reservoir! Be excited to take your playable monkey character Benji from swing to swing like the real fun of life is just swinging the vines. Remember that quest is full of dangers, that will scare you, and the missions you will love to participate in.

Benji Bananas is the best time-killing beautifully animated struggle of a cute Monkey.  It is a 2D gameplay game that reminds the players of the story of the brave jungle boy “Tarzan”. Not only does the monkey swing along to collect the bananas but lots of other rewards as well. Also, you will see the beautiful Monkey Couple getting married at the end of all quests and missions one by one. Completing missions in one world enhances your stamina and pushes you into the next with accelerated speed and variable scenarios, which you will really enjoy. 

Before you go start reading the Benji Bananas Mod APK’s features,  gameplay, and reviews, you must take an overview of what the MOD version is meant for. The mod version of this game is totally free of cost with lots of free prizes, unlocking, and shopping from the game shop. Scan till the end to see how marvelous it would be to get fun and a 100 % free package in one game. Let’s start now:

Benji Bananas Mod APK’s

The Gameplay of the Benji Bananas Mod Apk:

This game is all about the Monkey’s naughty swings on vines and snakes etc with fun physics-based moves. Collection with enthusiastic gameplay features the game in the 

Category of highly entertaining games in the world. Plus the series of all awesome and ludicrous activities will bind you to the game like forever.  Following are the main stages that make up the game’s story:

Easy Game Portal:

The game Benji Bananas starts just by downloading and then installing the game. After you click the installed game and get the doorway to the game. The game initially gives you demo gameplay by letting you play on the commands for your ease to manga and understand the gameplay. 

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Gameplay Dictations:

The game has been embellished with good mentoring and shot noticing for players. When you enter the first world you see various instructions for your assistance. When the monkey has to catch the wine the screen says “HOLD NOW” and similarly when it is time to leave the swing it says: “RELEASE NOW. Plus when you need to buy something or to take any adventure danger the game will instantly warn you about that. When you are repeating a general mistake the game will give you free hints. In short, the game would have been ambiguous if it was not supported by the game’s innate guide.

Banana Collection Count:

As Benji- your monkey character will yo-yo, there are lots of bananas to be picked up by passing your monkey over those bananas in the skies. The bananas are innumerable and the way Benji goes on swiftly collects bananas so fast that you cannot see how much you have collected. To reach a target, you will need an accurate and spontaneous calculator. congrats this is already installed in the game’s play screen. As the bananas are plucked from the sky they have counted automatically. See the top right corner, here the lower count is for the banana figures you have collected yet. 

Automatic Distance Count:

In a similar way, the horizontal distance traveled in any location with Benji’s swings is counted simultaneously. Likewise bananas, the distance is also covered as a target and hence you will see all time the banana and the distance calculators. In the top right corner, the upper figure shows the distance in meters you have covered till now.

Chocolate Monkey-the First World:

In every world, you start, you are given a target you will need to complete in order to travel through that world. This appears in front of you as the “five banana tiles” engraved on the wall. Here, Benji is called “Chocolate Monkey”. As soon as you completely fill up the five tiles given, you will rise into the second world.  The first world is specified with a specified banana collection, a specific distance target, and the least harm you let happen to your character.

Engaged Monkey-the second World: 

The second word shows another list of missions to fulfill the five banana tiles. After collecting all five banana tiles, Benji will propose to another female cute monkey, now he is an engaged monkey.

Married Monkey- the third world:

On completing the next five banana tiles set, the monkey is a married monkey since he has married his fiance after completing the missions she gave. 

Tackle the Dangers:

You have two strategies to encounter the dangers in the game:

  • First, you may avoid those by making very cautious steps and swings.
  • Second, you may purchase some antidote to that danger, like the items in the shop. These antidotes will act as remediation for overcoming all the dangers. 

So here are a few dangers you will have in the game are:

Spiky Plant Danger:

The very first danger you encounter is the “spiky plants”; which may be in the clouds or hidden in trees. Now you must be very cautious while swinging so that Benji could not harm itself with these spiky plants’ spikes. Plan something for this as well.

The remedy for this is the Grease, which you have to apply to Benji’s hands. This may save Benji from spikes.

Tiger smack or Tiger sleeping in the trees: 

You have to smack a tiger before you get into him so that you may hit straight into the tiger and you will not have any duster in return.

The Snake:

There are snakes hanging repeatedly in place of vines; when Benji puts his hands over them, he may slip himself and hurt badly. To avoid this, the market presents you with the special SNACK OIL, which is just meant as an anti-slip drug. 

Purchase Items:

The items you see in the market deal with you in Bananas as a currency. It means the bananas you earn act as the money for purchasing the items. So be quick in collecting as many bananas and fruits as you can. The items you will see in the shop are:

  • Mohawk
  • No glasses
  • Indian Feathers
  • Snack Oil
  • Grease

And many more…

Marvelous Landscapes-Marvelous Worlds:

You have to take the Benji through various locations to have more fun and variety in the game. These will be Waterfalls, Jungles, and temple ruin in the different worlds.

Dress Up Benji:

your cute Benji can be obviously dressed up like all heroes of games. Choose the best ones for him like the Ninja Costume, Gas mask, etc.

FREE Gadgets: 

You are gifted with a few Gadgets that make your journey faster and easier. One of these is the trampoline. This is to make Benji jump faster and collect more bananas. This gadget appears with a twin monkey icon to show that it will hold a trampoline for you. The more gadgets are Jetpack, Chili speed power, and the Eagle Ride.

Missions to do:

The missions you are to deal with are shown on the arm side of the shop and this is as a “ TO DO LIST”.  It will show you: 

  • The number of swings as the target.
  • Number of banana collections in the target.
  • Travel distance to the target.

For each world you have to complete the special targets associated, so you have to cover up that world.

Meet Head Start:

Benji’s best friend is Head Start; he is a giant Gorilla and helps in a 500-banana collection target with Benji. This assistance is really very helpful to Benji.

Read the Motivating Signboards:

On the way to the target, there are special motivation marks with distance covered mentioned on them. Benji is to be accelerated and pulled fast after reading them out. 

These sign boards are: “You are great”, “ you are wonderful”, “You are best”, etc.

A Fun Place Jungle:

The jungle is a super fun location in Benji’s travel missions. The jungle is marked with:  no spiky plants, no dangers, and just fun!

The MOD Rewards:

The MOD version or the hack version of the Benji Bananas Mod apk is just a full discount package for free. This will award you with:

  • FREE bananas unlimited supply
  • FREE shopping
  • FREE and Frequent Powers and Gadgets
  • FREE Customizations
  • Hand-drawn clear 2D graphical display
  • And double the fun!


You see, this fun collection and enjoyment game is very good for kids all above age 3 and elderly people. The game is gender-free so anyone can play this. The easy tapping, controls, fun locations, and beautiful heart-winning assistance along the way is keeping you involved for hours and days. Press the DOWNLOAD icon to download the apk from our page and forward it to more friends. You may also like hollywood story apk


This game is pretty enjoyable and is one of the best 2013’s games for all people. The game suffers from the following issues yet:

  1. No time slots
  2. Replay when you lose instead of resuming the game
  3. And lastly, the very fast speed Beni gains in higher worlds.

The no-time slot option makes the game a little boring. The replay option is just an annoying aspect of the game. Users suggest keeping some checkpoints so that the players may continue from these after they lose a game.  Thirdly, there must be a speed manager or speed selection option for players who cannot deal with this speedy Benji version at high levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

When was the game Benji Bananas’ Real version released?

It was exactly released on 24 February 2013. 

 Does Benji’s partner also take part in the Banana Collection Missions?

No, she does not. Benji’s better half is just a nonplayable character and also it cannot collect bananas on her own in the game. 

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