Alight Motion Mod Apk (Without Watermark, Premium Unlocked) 

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App NameAlight Motion
PublisherAlight Creative, Inc.
GenreVideo Players & Editors
Latest Version4.5.0.9491
MOD InfoPaid Subscription Unlocked
– No Watermark
Get it OnPlay Store
Updated5 Day Ago

About Information

Alight Motion is the best video editing app with a whole level of professional features and editing effects. It was the first professional video editor app in the Play Store for laymen with simple and complex settings. The app has a tremendously fantastic bundle of features in all the possible planes of editing and formatting. So, it has earned much popularity in recent years.

The Alight Motion was published and designed by Alight Creative Inc., one of the most extraordinary app studios for editing.  The “Alight Motion” was proposed on December 22, 2019, and was last updated again in 2023. You may also like in shot pro mod apk

The Alight Motion’s official version offers many advertisements and in-app purchases. Many of the features and updates on the official versions are not free. They provide either small period-based premiums or purchases that will have to affect your financial budget. 

To eliminate this, we present a new version of the Alight Motion known by the name Alight MOTION MOD APK 2023. This mod version is certified with A-Z free services, free advertisement bans, and no watermark.

About the Alight Motion Mod Apk 2023 Latest Version

Get excited because we will discuss something innovative that will solve your hundreds of problems if you are one of the guys looking for paid services to edit your videos and are sick of them. Or from the ones who never got a good video editing app to edit their videos themselves. Then, come forward. This article and app are especially for you. Now, you can take your video editing skills to the next level.  Read the full features of the excellent video editor – the Alight Motion Mod apk, given as follows:

Adding multiple layers:

While editing videos on regular apps, you rarely hit a situation where you can add more than one layer to your video. But the Alight Motion Mod apk offers you to add as many layers as you like in your video. The layers may be added on a selected time loop or for the full video per your need. You may also link parent and offspring layers in a single video sample. Add audio, music tracks, and animations in the video sample and add variable layers.

Create Your Animations:

You may create your business, education, or online works using the awesome templates in the Alight Motion Mod apk.  You may put characters of your choice in the desired animations or turn the still graphical content into animated content. For example, you may sing your pictures using the animated effects in the alight motion mod apk.

Multiple Formats:

The video animation and graphical formats are realistic, attractive, and loveable. You may choose the natural, texture, happy, sad, cartoon, joy, etc., depending on the content you have to edit. The tremendous collection of formats is free, so you may access any of them whenever the need arises. You may apply one format, and then if it doesn’t make a good effect, you may undo it and try another. Always select a 16:9 format size for your YouTube content using this.


Use the alight motion cameras to create a smooth, professional video stream. The cameras allow you to record videos, and while registering, you may focus or blur any video element. Similarly, you may zoom in or zoom out the video at moments to give your graphics a unique style.

Apply Effects:

You may add specific effects to the video to make it look more beautiful, attractive, and acceptable. The effects include shadow, shadow, stroke, paint, sketch, and many more…

Black Colour Effect:

 A trending TikTok video effect in which one part of the video is oil painted or merged in black impact, and then the black effect becomes a new apparent effect. This can also, of course, be applied using the Alight Motion Mod apk. You should only remember to understand its various features very profoundly so that you may use it wisely and correctly.

Colour Adjustment:

Your pre-recorded video can look far better if you give some time to the color adjustments involved in the graphics and images. Here you will again be guided entirely on how to use coloring and contrasting effects, plus the color adjustments to help you get professional class video editing content.

Timing curves:

Another unique property of the Alight Motion Mod apk is to add time curves for fluid motion in your sample. Your video can undergo various shape changes while playing, and it has an excellent effect.

Customizable Fonts:

To add text and captions to your video clips, you must type in various fonts. There is a wide variety of supported fonts on the alight motion, and you may select the one that makes your text hilariously beautiful.  Along with text fonts, you can also choose the animations with which the texts appear on your screen, how they show their effect, and the time they last.

Solid Colors and Color Gradients:

Use many textual effects on the fonts and animations using the colors in a solid shade or gradients. Now in gradients, you will face numberless options that give you a chance to choose any gradient fill effect. You can even customize color shades and gradient fill effect ratios.

Slow and Fast motion:

To record and customize the velocity of pre-recorded videos, you can select any video play speed. Slow-motion and fast motion can also be used together in different cuts of the same video. Adjust speed to get your desired results in the Alight Motion Mod apk.

Easy Export:

The edited videos, animations, and other graphical content like gifs can be exported and shared with any app on the device. The alight motion easy export makes the various formats possible to share your videos in jpg, png, or mp4.

Put Bookmarks:

You can use this bookmark facility to make a resume-project link in any video. The incomplete or completed project’s various significant effects, tracks, or formats can be remembered and made accessible for later use via a bookmark.

Copy-Paste Your Projects:

After you have finalized a project, you can copy and paste them either in the alight motion or may paste them into your phone’s memory. This helps you export the projects to multiple locations in easy steps. 

Save Video Elements:

You can save your favorite video elements or animations and mark them as reserved while using the pro Alight Motion Mod apk. It is like the “add to favorite” option in Snapchat or cap cut.

Transition effects:

Just as one part of the video ends and starts a new segment, there is another optimization. You can choose the effect and presentation of how the newer will appear and the older will disappear. Also, you may add transition effects to play and replay specific video segments or the whole video. This includes:  shake, swirl, zoom in, zoom out, slide left, slide right, slide toward the top, slide toward the bottom, etc.

Mod Features of the Alight Motion Mod Apk 2023:

Free Unlimited Premium Tools:

 The various editing tools in the alight motion mod apk have been free for unlimited time. The regular premiums in the original versions last for a few hours or a day. The premium tools and updates are accessible in this latest mod version.

No Watermark:

 Once the video is edited, it displays the watermark of the app used at the end of the video or during the whole video play. To eliminate this, you are advised to download the mod version so that the video appears free of watermarks. The original versions also offer this service but are not free of cost. To get the watermarks removed in cost-free service, install the Alight Motion Mod apk 2023, the newest version.

No Ads Displayed:

To block unnecessary ads and videos displayed in the alight motion, go get the mod version, where you don’t need to pay for ads removal. Enjoy uninterrupted office work using the mod version.

All Features, Fully FREE:

Apart from the premium, all other features, formats, effects, and fonts that are temporarily or permanently locked, can be unlocked using the latest mod version. The mod version gives free to download and use of animations, effects, and formats throughout the app’s life, free of any payment.

How to Download the Latest Alight Motion Mod Apk?

 To download the outstanding video and animation editor, follow the following basic steps:

  • Get a secure and stable internet connection.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button and grant specific app interference permissions on your phone.
  • Let the app be installed after it gets downloaded. 
  • The installation will be followed by getting access to the phone gallery and media.
  • Open the Alight Motion Mod apk and start your fantastic experience.

Final Words:

The Alight Motion Mod Apk 2023 online latest version is available both for android and iOS on this page, free of cost. Such a wide variety of edit options at a time is incredible. Video editing using this is quite handy, but the practice makes your content reach a professional class after making a few editing projects. So, practice making your videos suitable, better, and ultimately best!

If you find any issues downloading or installing, please let us know by posting your comment below. We will be glad to resolve your problem. Goodbye, and see you later with another fantastic app!


This app is extremely impressive and gives you the best editing options to edit your photos and videos. The edit options for multimedia are enormous, but most users barely know how to use them correctly. The app‘s edited photos and videos may corrupt your device even f you don’t uninstall the app.  Some f users say that the app destroys the multimedia they want to edit on this app. The good thing is you can use the app for all the social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook and upload them as they are ready. This method will never let your devices lose data since it s now stored on social media instead of on your phone or devices. 

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