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Additional Information

App NameAirDroid Mod APK
GenreApps, Tools
Latest Version4.2.9.18

MOD Info Premium, Unlocked All
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About Information

AirDroid Mod APK is a heavenly gorgeous app that is meant to make your life easier and more sequenced. This app was introduced through the untold hard work of “Sand Studios” and was released officially on all devices on 22 November 2011. Since then many updates came to the Play Stores that made the app super handy and compatible with human use. Plus this is downloadable on all android devices and PCs, so no worries about the app installation and management with the device.

Let’s talk about the app’s functioning and the amazing role it can play for you. The app has been devised specially to help you transfer your workload on a single device. You may manage, monitor, and command any other device or phone operating on a single device via AirDroid. Besides, if your phone gets out of order you may perform all the phone tasks on your PC or your friend’s phone without repairing the phone. Monitor your home, school, or office by getting access to cameras of other devices placed there. 

Above all, another spellbinding feature of the game is that it can help you transfer data very easily and wirelessly. Use the app for an all-in-one file manager in the storage of your phone. Make calls, communicate via SMS & IMO and share the screen for other apps. Mirror other apps on alternative devices and keep your work going on without any interference. For a detailed review of the features, functioning, and how-know, scroll down and read the full informative guide of the AirDroid.

Top Features of the Sublime app-AIRDROID MOD APK:

Device Mirroring and Monitoring:

  • Whoever needs to continuously monitor his/her kid’s phone activities, must install the AirDroid Mod APK on both devices. By mankind a connection between those two devices, parents can keep an eye on their kid’s activities all day long. Whatever the kid watches, searches, or communicates is totally visible to the parents’ device. It helps to make a decision whether your immature kid uses the phone for a good and productive purpose or not. Not only this, but the “Device Mirroring” option helps the parents to have control of their subset device. They may make suitable changes to the kids’ phones by clicking on their own devices.  This feature is obviously very beneficial for parents and guardians who are very careful about their children.
  • Also, this mirror and monitor feature gets easy access between two partners. They may have complete control of each other’s devices if they like.
  •  Thirdly, if a person carries more than one phone, he may switch all the useful activities on one phone via AirDroid, and hence can control all others only using one in his hand. 
  • Lastly, the librarian of a school or college library may have a view of all the client computers being used in the library. This helps to monitor whether the students are doing malicious activities or positive research work by sitting in the library. 
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Screen Sharing:

Most often, we all need to share screens of one device over the other. For example, while playing a game you may wish to share it on a bigger screen like LCD. or you may need to share your phone screen with your meeting members while having an online business presentation. The usual procedure involves either complex software installed on the phone or the hardware goods like wires and data cables etc. You may share your screen in an alternative way by simply installing and using AirDroid. This may assist you to share screens on any device you like and any platform you need like, like, zoom, Google meet, etc. 

Making Communications:

What if your phone gets faulty or broken due to some reason? How will you reply to all your important e-mails, messages, and calls? AirDroid is a wonderful solution to this problem. Get it downloaded on your alternative phone, laptop, or PC and reply to all the business calls, SMS, or e-mails until your phone goes back to service. This may save you from serious losses and makes a way for you to keep your business running in any situation. 

Making Safe and Quick Conversations:

Besides making official and business activities, one may use AirDroid to keep the social life stable in case of any malfunctioning of the phone. Get in contact with your friends and relatives without any hindrance. The only thing you need for this purpose is to timely connect the devices to each other.

 Acting as Digital Security Guard:

The AirDroid also gives the advantage to make your own security system at any place. You may use your extra android device for this purpose. Get access to the other device’s cameras and monitor your home and office whenever you like instead of a 24/7 security CCTV camera. You can also get this camera used for other tasks. For example, if you have a cat, dog, or bird as a pet, you can monitor them during hours of your absence whenever you need.  Plus if you have an infant baby or a separate bedroom for your little kids, you can watch them sleeping or crying at night.

Producing an AirWay Current File Transfer Center:

Hundreds of data transfers and two-way communications have been developed in the modern era that facilitates the transfer of files between various devices online and offline. Online mediums do have various flaws. Whatsapp and Gmail cannot support data transfer if they exceed a specific size. Bluetooth and “share it” do have other troubles and system weakness issues. The AirDroids create very safe and quick data transfer currents for you to transfer light and heavy files at a very high speed. According to a recorded estimate, the AirDroid can transfer data at the speed of 20 Megabytes of data per second. 

Moreover, you may share photos, videos, movies, and animations at the cost of very little data expense.  No matter what size your file has, AirDroid has to deliver it safely and quickly within no time.  You don’t have to follow any data sending or receiving restrictions as well. Send and receive data unlimitedly and totally free using AirDroid Mod Apk.

Active File Manager:

Everyone needs a file manager for arranging and managing the data traffic on his device. Despite having big RAM and storage capacities, the androids often notify about no storage. To overcome this you will definitely need a device maintainer that keeps the data of your phone in correct harmony. This will save you from any unnecessary data losses and brings a perfect user interface to the device.

airdroid mod apk Unlocked All

Receiving and Responding Notifications:

In case you cannot carry one more device, you can switch it to your PC. Just like a phone, you can receive, send, read and respond to all the notifications on your phone. There is a hundred percent synchronization of all the texts and notifications on both devices all the time you use AirDroid Mod Apk.

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Navigating Your Lost Device:

If someone loses his phone during an accident or some robbery, the first step is to try locating the device. This is usually done by the police or cops, cybercrime control, etc. However, if one has AirDroid installed on his/her device, he may navigate his lost device in minutes just by checking the location of that device through the other coiled device. This strategy may save you from long-term tension and may help you recover your lost devices very quickly.

Easy Multi-Device Management:

The multi-purpose app can keep the activities of a person spread from different devices to a single device. Not only this, AirDroid can serve to compile all the data and information in the correct manner so that the user may keep multitasking on a single device. 

AirDroid Mod Version 2023

Install the mod version by clicking the DOWNLOAD button and get yourself the latest version of AirDroid Mod Apk. This will help you win lots of reward points to make your bonding with this wonderful app even stronger. Also, the mod version is 100 percent free of any costs, so install it if you like a budget-friendly offer that is virus free too


The all-rounder, all-in-one application, with respect to its amazing and unignorable features, has become the need of every device. Any wise person who knows how to keep his data and tools in sequence must install the AirDroid to keep the workload manageable. Install the app to have all the advantages discussed above on the go, and share with us your valuable feedback and experiences. You may also like blokada mod apk


Airdroid is a very good and affordable monitoring app for people of all genres and ages, especially parents. The attractive premium features or the 7-day trial are good options; both will get you to practice before you pay for it. It May be difficult to run at the start but later is quite handy and runny.  The app is not good but best to control kids’ tablets or phones and to visualize things at home when you are not in. The players suggest the developers create a  Themes section so that they may change the app’s layout or color scheme etc.

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