AdVenture Communist Mod apk 6.22.0(Unlimited Gold, Free Upgrade)

Additional Information

App Name AdVenture Communist
Publisher Hyper Hippo
Genre Simulation
Size 74M
Latest Version 6.22.0
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Free Shopping, Unlimited Everything
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Updated 3 Day Ago


Do you agree with the theory of communism proposed by Karl Marx, that every person should have the right to enjoy resources equally? Those who work hard must get huge pay and those who do less must get lower wages. Unfortunately, our world’s corrupt systems do not support the idea in any field of life. So you may have a chimerical experience of the idea of communism in the world of “AdVenture  Communist” – the video game we are going to introduce you to.

This game was developed and published by “Hyper Hippo” and was released for the very first time on Nov 14, 2017. The game reflects the ideology that was earlier presented in Adventure Capitalist by the same studios many years back. Both of the games work on the principle of “idle gaming” and simulation.  The well-groomed idea of working as a communist is also rooted strongly. 

Enter the game and work as the boss of the comrades; create the chances to have the greatest productions from your industrious hard work. Increase the outputs via the super researchers, scientists, and the capsules you win in different challenges.

The idle gaming produces serene gameplay for you where you will sit idle and the game is proceeding on its own. Remember it is not an auto gameplay mode rather the idle games are productive even when you have switched the app off on your device. So be the one to have it first in your family and friends. 

Features of the AdVenture Communist Mod Apk:

Order Farmers to grow:

The first and foremost duty you assign to your underworkers is to grow on land. Push the farmers into fields and get a big deal of potato digging with them. They will dig potatoes continuously and what you will do is just monitor them. Besides, you may achieve other game tactics to make them work more and in return produce more. For this, adapt the incoming suggestions to get a really heavy workout on a daily basis. 

Unlock Communes: 

As you will see the progress bar refreshing in seconds you will get the first option to expand your business. This is to unlock more communes in order to increase the work. So spend a fair amount of money or gold in unlocking lots more communes so that your farm will produce doubled, tripled, and quadrupled output. 

Collect Resources:

The resources are unfurled throughout all the pieces of land. So make visits on the land and get them onto work according to the type of resources they have. Plus you can plant new plants and crops and make money out of them. 

Buy Farmers:

Just like the communes, you will have to increase the manpower by buying various packages of the Framers. Buy and get contracts signed with them for the hardest harvesting all day long.

Claim Rewards:

Every time you will enter the game to have a look at the processes going on the game rewards you. You can go to the rewards section and can claim daily rewards bundles every day. The rewards may be gold, money, or updates that are otherwise so expensive to install. 

Rank up in the Leaderboard:

Like all other games,  you have to compete with all other game players or the bosses, so comparing the productivity levels of all the players. The player who will apply the best strategies to rise up and know how to make the gold are in the highest seats. So leaderboard is a kind of board for you to rise and have motivation by competing with others. 

Get silver Capsules:

The capsules contain a real biggie surprise every time you open them up. they could have the boosts, powers, researchers, or science tokens for you for free. Wield the gold and the machinery gifted here and improve your earning rates. 

Power Up Researchers:

You will always need the assistance of researchers if you really want to devise new means of production for you. The researchers can modify the game parameters to help you win. Thus, they may alter:

  • Speed: the researchers may offer you plans to increase the speed of the work so that you can have plenty and save a lot. 
  • Production: the production depends on the type of land. So let researchers test the soil samples and tell you to look for strategies that may help to improve land production in no time. 
  • Cost: as you have to buy the communes, the machinery, and everything you need in the game, ask the researchers to decrease the costs of all the purchases, this is a magical relief but they can obviously do this. 
  • Chance: you will have more chances to win, to raise and harvest the crops after you get this modification by researchers. 
  • Trade: the farm trade is necessary if you want to flourish. Get the investments and pick the cheap and fine collections for your work.

Get Boosts ups: 

The speedups in the communist lands mean you are gouging to increase their speed by 2X. So collect, win or buy them when you need them. 

Win Freights: 

The heavy loaders or bonkers are meant to increase the speed upto 4X. Give them a go and have the speed amazingly helpful in fulfilling a goal. 

Continue to flourish:

So, thus was the whole story about the AdVenture  Communist Mod Apk. you must work hard enough to flourish day by night and get the issues solved. The potato collection or the crop raising was a very humble start, but with time you owe what a delightful businessman looks like. 

The Mod Features of the AdVenture  Communist Mod Apk:

Get ready to have the latest hacked mod version of the game that will lead you to have the following features for free now!

  • Unlimited Gold
  • unlimited money/ currency
  • unlimited everything
  • Mod Menu
  • No Ads
  • unlimited Scientists
  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited Researcher cards
  • Unlimited Capsules
  • Buy everything for free ( communes, scientists, and researchers cards)


The AdVenture  Communist Mod Apk is a beautiful combination of fun and entertainment for busy players. Those who don’t have enough time to play a constant game can enjoy this idol game by just visiting it 2-4 times a day. Plus the game does not require any rocket science to learn the gameplay so kids and seniors may also play it. Get the mod version to avoid all the circulating ads and o collect everything for free in the game. 


The gameplay is cute and fascinating although the real version of the game expresses a lot of ads. The science drops act rarely when they are not enough in your collection. The player never knows how long it will take to complete a certain task on a to-do list. There must be a percentage system to mention it. Last but not the least, the game needs lots of corrections but it must possess a “collect all sciences” button to click and collect all at once. You may also love to play this game Family Farm Adventure Mod APK Unlimited energy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I install the game AdVenture  Communist Mod Apk on my device?

You just need to turn the WiFi on and search for the DOWNLOAD button given on this page. Then follow the instructions given by the game and make your phone install apps from unknown resources. Proceed further to install it finally. Open and create your game ID.

 Is there any reward for returning to the game every time we enter the game?

Yes, this idle game offers you rewards every time you enter the game. Whether it is for the first time or for the twentieth time, you will get the reward. 

Can I turn the ads interference option off without installing the mod version?

Yes, you can but most mobiles don’t have this feature. Just open your phone and reset the settings for receiving ads notifications. Or adjust the ads interference in the same panel. 

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