Adorable Home Mod Apk 1.24.4 (Unlimited Hearts, Unlimited Money )

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App NameAdorable Home
Latest Version1.24.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money 
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Adorable home is a very lovely, cool, placid, and satisfying game specially designed for people who want to experience how is it to be in love with someone. And how is it to take care of someone closer to your heart?  How are the feelings when you are in a very cute

and lovely relationship? Adorable Home provides you with a virtual understanding of the responsibilities you have to bear while you get married or you are in a romantic relationship with someone else plus it gives an estimate of the joyful and pleasurable emotions you get while being loved.

Adorable Home Mod APK Unlimited Currency

About Information

The game was presented with the simplest and coolest 2D graphics just like a painted love house on a canvas with colors that have not dried up yet. The feeling of freshness while playing the game is another important satisfaction in your mind and you will feel even more relaxed after watching and going through the game. Someone has said, “Houses are built with the foundation of love” and the game adorable home is the true picture of it. Another big aim behind the game is to show care towards non-human creatures around us. That’s why the game will involve the ultimate care of the pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc) and the

garden creatures as well. Overall, the game features are really enjoyable with lots of hidden fun and fun activities during the whole game which will never let you get bored.

Adorable Home Mod APK New Update

The Gameplay of the Adorable Home Mod Apk:

The gameplay of the adorable home is as amazing as any love game could be. The story begins when you choose your partner from a variety of recommended guys, no matter whether it is male or female. You may choose to get one homosexual with you, depending upon your desires. After you have chosen the partner, you will enter the house that you

both will own. The house is very clumsy and filthy at first look but as you start living here you would be the one bringing changes to it. The first scene shows that you have a sitting sofa, a TV table with no TV, and a carpet with very few household items. You may also love to play fallout shelter mod apk.


As the house looks so empty, the very first task you would be asked to do will furnish it. You would be able to buy a TV set with the love currency you would earn. Decorating the house is another big art the homies learn as they begin their lives as couples together. So this game gives you the free hand to decorate and assemble your house including furnishing and painting according to your taste. 

You would also have to do the house chores for your partner and your partner takes care of your needs doing business etc. the simple tasks like washing, doing dishes and making dinner for your partner will be really satisfying because you would be getting love currency in return. The more care you will show, the more hearts you will get as your score. In addition to the house decor, you will decorate and take care of garden accessories like swings, lawn settees, plants, flowers, etc.

The third very important task would be to take care of your pet (dog, cat, or cat)

depending upon which animal are you having. Caring for cats will involve three basic events:

  • Trimming the claws and clipping the nails
  • Bathing the cats with full temperature monitoring 
  • To pat them and give them gentle strokes whenever they want

Note: the cats are very beautiful and seem very humane but if you will make mistakes while doing their basic chores then they would be the angriest creatures toward you.

Adorable Home Mod APK
Adorable Home Mod APK

Features of the Adorable Home Mod Apk:

  • Enjoy unlimited currency all through the game; the currency is in the form of love hearts. You will be given a full supply of unlimited hearts thus playing in a stress-free gaming environment.
  • Buying the accessories for your home will not decrease the money but it will be increased more and also you will be awarded lots of extra prizes as love hearts.
  • Taking care of the pets, doing dishes, or doing other chores will increase the currency.
  • Adorable home mod apk brings about the adorable and the cutest 2D graphical features with an outstanding musical track that changes as you move in different parts of the house accordingly.
  • Doing a breakup with your partner will score you 1000 hearts.
  • You will have the opportunity to customize your looks as well as your partner’s thereby you will be able to buy the dresses, pajamas and this shopping will be obviously free of cost in case of Adorable Home’s latest version 2023 mod apk
  • The hack version of adorable home mod apk gives an extra feature to its users i.e to play games with no ads. The game will never be interrupted by any advertisement; thus, your focus will remain intact.
  • Get all the levels and gates unlocked especially the mod menu giving you access to the unlocked bathroom which is the main key feature.

How to DOWNLOAD Adorable Home Mod Apk 2023 Crack Version?

  • Make sure you are having a stable internet connection for the downloading process.
  • To download the desired version of “Adorable Home mod apk” click the apk link given below. 
  • Allow the download settings to switch to “DOWNLOAD from unknown sources”. And let the third-party app be involved in the process. After the download ends it will move into your download folder.
  • Go to the downloaded apk and click on it. The game will start installing automatically, it may take a little more time.
  • Enjoy the unlimited pleasures and treasures on the go. 
  • To install on pc, follow the same steps.


Love games have been very popular songs for people of all ages, throughout the whole world, especially in an era where true love is barely found. The game is recommended for all mature guys but not for kids that are too immature to understand the related facts. Don’t wait and go install the game!

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The adorable home is ostensibly awesome and the features are bombastic. There you will find unlimited options to decore and develop your home. The hearts you have in the game can be very hard sometimes to collect. In addition, the hearts are spent on purchasing the rooms and dorms. You cannot have enough hearts to get the decorations except by spending real money. The cat love gives hearts but the game of cats is very very glitchy. Watching ads to get hearts is a kind of free resource of hearts. But the ads are too long to spoil your gameplay and bore you. Lastly, you cannot interact much with the partner you have in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get unlimited money on ADORABLE HOME MOD APK?

This does not require much extra effort. Once you install the given version you will be automatically given access to free currency and hearts as well.


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